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Boundaries expanded for FMC site in NY.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is altering the boundaries of the Superfund cleanup site at the FMC Corp. plant to include the entire plant property as well as a parcel FMC sold about 30 years ago.

The announcement said the Superfund site now covers all 102.9 acres of the company's current property, plus 10.5 acres of a former research and development site that adjoins the plant, for a total of 113.4 acres. FMC sold the R&D site in the mid-1980s.

Robert T. Forbes, FMC remediation director, said the redrawing of the lines was "almost a non-event," since environmental investigations have been going on throughout the property. Agricultural chemicals have been produced there since the 1920s. Until 1974, when FMC built its own wastewater treatment plant, industrial chemicals were poured into a pond, which was the centerpiece of the original 15-acre Superfund site.

Forbes said the boundary announcement has no relevance to the planned cleanup of hundreds of homes and the Royalton-Hartland school campus in another effort to remove arsenic in the soil.

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Publication:Hazardous Waste Superfund Alert
Date:Nov 14, 2014
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