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Bound by the cursor. (In Session).

A Massachusetts judge is set to rule on a breach of contract suit that could establish email messages as binding agreements for real estate deals.

Plymouth Superior Court Judge Ernest B. Murphy has already refused to dismiss the breach of contract suit, in which plaintiff Jonathan P. Shattuck alleges defendant David K. Klotzbach reneged on a legal agreement to sell his multimillion-dollar Massachusetts home. Via e-mail the two sides reached an agreed upon purchase price of $ 1.825 million and discussed plans to sign a purchase and sale agreement. However, after six months of negotiations, Klotzbach pulled out of the deal and argues the e-mails are not equivalent to signed documents and don't constitute binding agreements.

Judge Murphy already ruled that since the e-mails concluded with the senders' typewritten names, they could be taken as legally binding purchase and sales agreements.
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Title Annotation:email contracts
Publication:Journal of Property Management
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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