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Bound by a boycott. (Society).

Continuing the grand tradition of such right-wing boycott campaigns as those against Disney and Wal-Mart, some religious-right groups are now targeting hotels that host conferences for groups that practice "alternative sexuality." On April 4 the Southern Baptist Convention urged its members to boycott Howard Johnson hotels because St. Louis Leather and Lace, a group for bondage and S/M enthusiasm, planned to hold its annual meeting, "Beat Me in St. Louis," at a local Howard Johnson hotel. The American Decency Association jumped on the bandwagon shortly thereafter, calling on its members to withhold business from Marriott hotels because a Manhattan Beach, Calif., Marriott hosted the annual Leather Leadership Conference.

In response, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom stepped up its Wright campaign to help such organizations fight back. "These religious political extremists must understand that there are legal penalties for defaming and interfering with legal contracts," said NCSF spokesperson Susan Wright.
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Title Annotation:hotels hosting bondage meetings boycotted by religious groups
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:May 28, 2002
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