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Bouncers attack shock; Video 'shows man beaten outside by three pub doormen'.


THIS video shows the moment a young man was allegedly beaten by three bouncers outside a popular nightclub.

The footage was taken by a 21-year-old named only as Eoin on Sunday night.

A security boss admitted he was "not entirely informed of the circumstances of the incident" but claimed the man had been "very aggressive" towards his staff.

Eoin started recording when he claims he saw two bouncers punching the punter in the face outside Dicey's on Harcourt Street in Dublin.

RTE's Liveline alleged that in the video the man was first kicked and then punched to the ground.

He then gets up and wipes blood from his face and throws it at the bouncers.

It is claimed two men in hi-vis jackets then pin him down while a third punches him and knees him in the chest. At one point, one bouncer allegedly pressed down on his neck Finally, the man appears to be punched again in his already bloodied face. Paramedics then took him to hospital.

The manager of BC Security, the firm which employs the bouncers, said the punter "was brought out because there was an b incident inside the venue".

Named only as Victor, he added: "He was very aggressive towards security and he had a bit of a bloody nose and decided to start spitting and throwing blood at security staff."

Victor maintained the video he received did not have the violent images described by Liveline. He refused to say whether Eoin's phone was confiscated by security staff.

When contacted by the Irish Mirror, Dicey's refused to comment on the video.

He was brought out because there was an incident in the venue SECURITY BOSS DUBLIN YESTERDAY


DISPUTE Footage appears to show man being assaulted

ROW Video of incident in Dublin

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUIR
Date:Jun 11, 2016
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