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Boulder Beverage Co. Mixers. (Cool Colorado Stuff).

The Boulder Beverage Co. doesn't brew beer and isn't a participant at the 2002 GABF. But after you've quaffed beers of all descriptions, a margarita made with one of the company's specialty mixers can be just the thing to revive the palate. Founded in 1998 by Brian Gansmann and Gil Gonzo (an ad man and a chef in their previous careers), the company moved from Boulder to Boulder Street in Denver in 1999 as the company began its steep upward growth curve. After noting that a trend towards premium liquors was paralleled by a vacuum in premium mixers, "We decided to put a Bloody Mary mix in a different bottle than everybody else" -- an Italian milk bottle -- "and make a higher-quality product," said Gansmann. The market responded, and the company expanded into margarita mixes (now offering five flavors and a four-liter 'Margaritas On Tap' product), juices and the only Cosmopolitan mixes on the market. $3.99 a liter retail.

Made by the Boulder Beverage Co. Inc., Denver, (303) 455-3940,
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Author:Peterson, Eric
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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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