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Bouillon, Robert II de la Marck, Duke de (d. 1536).

French soldier. "Robert the Young," "Wild Boar of the Ardennes." Principal wars: War of the Holy League (1510-1514); First Hapsburg-Valois War (1521-1525). Principal battle: Novara (1513).

The eldest son of Robert I de la Marck, Duke de Bouillon, and his wife Jeanne de Saulcy, Lady de Fleuranges; fought against the supporters of Jean de Horne, the bishop of Liege (1482-c. 1493); engaged in minor border warfare during the 1490s and early 1500s; led a large contingent of landsknechts in the French invasion of Italy (1513); fought with distinction at the battle of Novara, saving the lives of two of his sons (June 6, 1513); allied himself with King Charles I of Spain (the future Emperor Charles V) (1518), but deserted his cause when reconciled with King Francis I of France, and declared war on Charles (1521); invaded Luxembourg and laid siege to Virton (April 1521), thus provoking war between Francis and Charles; defeated and driven from many of his lands, he lost Bouillon itself; restored to his lands by the treaty of Madrid (January 14, 1526), he was unable to recover his holdings before his death (1536).

Aggressive and wily; his nickname "Wild Boar of the Ardennes" sprang from his well-known ferocity in battle. <BL>

Bouillon, Robert de la Marck, Duke de, Histoire des choses memorables
     advenues de regnes de Louis XII et Francois I. Paris, 1820.


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