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Boudreaux awarded medal with Combat "V".

LT Bryan J. Boudreaux, USN, was awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal with Combat "V." His citation states: "On 29 January 2005 at 1940 hours, hostile insurgent forces fired a (120mm) surface to surface missile at the U.S. Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq. The rocket struck the roof of the southeast ballroom, entering the room housing the Joint contracting CommandIraq and the Project and Contracting Security Office where LT Boudreaux was coordinating with the Deputy Security Officer 1LT Lomax in the PCO Security Office, next door to the JCC-I office area.

The rocket came through the roof, directly inside the PCO Security Office, literally within six feet of LT Boudreaux and 1LT Lomax. 1LT Lomax was knocked to the ground, LT Boudreaux reacted immediately jumping on top of 1LT Lomax, acting as a human shield to protect him from possible impact of the rocket, as heavy metal light fixtures fell upon him.

The rocket proceeded on its path and entered the JCC-I bull-pen area, bursting through a temporary (plywood) wall and work station area, impacting into the marble floor, breaking into several pieces, then ricocheted in the air, killing two JCC-I military and civilian personnel and wounding five others. Debris from the rocket's path littered the entire room.

Immediately reacting after the impact, among the chaotic aftermath, and without regard for his personal safety, LT Boudreaux stayed calm and began to completely control the situation, routing and assisting confused and dazed personnel out of the immediate area. He assisted in the evacuation of MAJ Cotto to a safe area outside the building, and began applying immediate medical treatment.

Due to the quick response, not only was MAJ Cotto's life spared, but his arms were saved from amputation as well.

After ensuring MAJ Cotto was stabilized, LT Boudreaux, being a former Navy Corpsman, literally risked his very life by re-entering the smoke and dust-filled room to further assess the situation, and continued the search for other surviving military and civilian personnel that had been working in the ballroom. While searching for survivors, he discovered the body of a civilian employee of JCC-1. Upon discovery of the body, he then continued to search for other surviving personnel and assist in their evacuation out of the building.

He assisted several personnel to the Palace clinic for treatment.

As a result of LT Boudreaux's quick reactive nature and expert first responder medical treatment, the lives of MAJ Cotto and others were saved. The heroic act that LT Boudreaux performed in administering first aid and to ensure the safety of those personnel that were injured is a true act of heroism.

The exemplary traits demonstrated by LT Boudreaux are in keeping with the finest traditions of the Navy and also following the U.S. Army's Warrior Ethos."
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Title Annotation:Medals
Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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