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Bottom line medicine; a layman's guide to evidence-based medicine.


Bottom line medicine; a layman's guide to evidence-based medicine.

Stanzak, Richard K.

Algora Publishing


334 pages




Stanzak, a molecular biologist turned critical care nurse, asks if the term "medical science" is an oxymoron. After years of seeing patients die or have poor medical outcomes despite aggressive and advanced medical care, Stanzak began to question whether that medical care was all that advanced. Here he explains to those who are undergoing that medical care, or whose common sense informs them they will eventually undergo it, that they need not be included in the estimated 250,000 unnecessary deaths of those in care. He gives reasons for exercising due caution and retaining empowerment as he describes how doctors get their information on care, how drug companies must operate to remain profitable, poisons in prescribed drugs, invented diseases, medical malfeasance, antibiotic-proof bugs and defensive medicine lead to marginal benefits, if any, of treatment and a decided avoidance of disease prevention through diet, lifestyle and social factors.

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Date:Dec 1, 2006
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