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Boston Beer Co. debuts cream stout.

Boston celebrated St. Patrick's Day this year with a new brew from the Boston Beer Co. In honor of the holiday, which is observed with great enthusiasm in Boston, a limited quantity of Samuel Adams Cream Stout has been produced.

The brew is accentuated with its own stout image of Samuel Adams featured on the label. According to Jim Koch, brewery president, Ben Luce, the illustrator of the original, was commissioned to re-draw a stouter version of the patriot. As as result, the familiar image of Samuel Adams now "sports a more robust figure." "After all," Koch explained, "I've brewed over 400,000 barrels of Samuel Adams since 1985 After 400,000 barrels of beer, it's only natural that Samuel Adams has gained a few pounds.

According to Koch, this smooth, hearty stout depends of the generous addition of heavily-roasted chocolate malt along with roasted unmalted barley for a rich, brown color and full-bodied, coffee-like flavor. Kock added that classic ale hops are used in the recipe.

Stout-lovers will be able to sample Cream Stout for the next few months in only a few selected bars, Koch commented, since only 150 barrels have been produced.
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Title Annotation:Samuel Adams Cream Stout
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 16, 1992
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