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After a charmed run with comedies, Amazon's first stab at drama, "Bosch," doesn't quite deliver. Adapted from Michael Connelly's LA.-centric novels, the series has the texture and tone of an oldfashioned detective yarn, casting Titus Welliver as an ex-special-forces officer-turned-LAPD detective who's something of a dinosaur in his corner-cutting approach to the job--the kind of role James Garner would have played in his heyday. But the transition from page to screen, overseen by Eric Overmyer, who casts fellow alumni from "The Wire" in key roles, proves too talky in places and clunky in others. Good casting and a strong sense of L.A. noir make the series watchable enough, but four episodes in, this page-turner feels undercooked.

EXEC PRODUCERS: Eric Overmyer, Michael Connelly, Henrik Bastin, Mikkel Bondesen, Jan David Frouman CAST: Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino, Lance Reddick, Annie Wersching, Jason Cedrick

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Author:Lowry, Brian
Article Type:Television program review
Date:Feb 10, 2015
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