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Bosch and WOOLITE(R) Partner to Protect Consumers' Valuables Better Than Ever; Bosch Nexxt(TM) Laundry System and WOOLITE(R) Work Together to Deliver Gentle Care and Superior Cleaning to Fine Washables.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. -- Bosch, a global leader in high efficiency laundry, and WOOLITE(R), the trusted name in fine fabric care, have partnered together to provide consumers with the ultimate cleaning solution for their delicate clothes. The partnership pairs Bosch's award-winning front-loading Nexxt Laundry System with WOOLITE's High Efficiency (HE) detergent line - a winning combination for consumers.

"This is an ideal partnership as both Bosch and WOOLITE are known for providing superior, energy-efficient cleaning with gentle care," said Danyel Tiefenbacher, brand manager for Bosch home appliances. "Our combined strengths will allow our consumers to save time, energy and money while protecting their fine washables."

The partnership includes co-op print advertisements, running in home magazines through April 2006, featuring the Bosch Nexxt Washer and Dryer and WOOLITE's HE laundry detergent, along with the slogan, "Bosch and WOOLITE(R). Protecting your valuables better than ever." In addition to these advertisements, Bosch will share its expertise in caring for clothes by contributing to WOOLITE's monthly e-newsletter, Home Solutions News, as well as other consumer education initiatives.

"Consumers appreciate the convenience of machine washing their delicate clothes," says Mike Italia, Brand Manager for WOOLITE. "By pairing WOOLITE and the Bosch Nexxt line of high-efficiency washers, we are providing consumers with a complete fine-fabric-care solution."

Bosch Nexxt Laundry System

Likened to a spa for your clothes, Bosch Nexxt Washers offer an unmatched array of exclusive features and smart engineering that provide unrivaled results to get clothes cleaner than previously imagined. The high-efficiency Bosch Nexxt Washer combines sensor-controlled wash cycles and precise temperatures to produce the perfect wash. With its SENSOTRONIC Plus(TM) wash system, the Nexxt Washer digitally monitors and maintains water temperatures for up to 15 different washing programs.

While getting clothes their cleanest, the Nexxt Laundry System pampers clothes during every phase of washing. The Washer's ingenious Archimedic or "Archie" paddles have a special curved shape to create better, gentler lifting and tumbling for superior garment movement, water distribution and water saturation. The stainless steel horizontal drum, which eliminates the agitator that can be so rough on clothes, has 4107 holes for fast penetration of water and efficient water extraction during the spin cycle. The durable, smooth material of the drums resists nicks and chips that can snag and harm clothing. Even delicate items such as silks, cashmere and lace are safe in these machines.

WOOLITE(R) High Efficiency Fabric Wash

WOOLITE(R) High Efficiency Fabric Wash was developed for customers who have made the leap to high efficiency washers. WOOLITE HE helps keep clothes looking like new, while its Low Sudsing Formula is just as gentle on HE machines. WOOLITE(R), the most trusted name in fabric care, is specially formulated to care for clothes in the washing machine.

About Reckitt Benckiser

Reckitt Benckiser Inc. is a subsidiary of U.K.-based Reckitt Benckiser plc, a global consumer products company with leading brands in household cleaning, as well as health and personal care. Reckitt Benckiser Inc. manufactures, markets and sells household cleaning and specialty food products in North America. In addition to WOOLITE(R) Fabric Wash, these products include Lysol(R) cleaners and disinfectants, Air Wick(R) air fresheners, Electrasol(R) automatic dishwasher detergent, Easy-Off(R) cooking surface cleaners, Spray 'n Wash(R) laundry stain removers, Resolve(R) cleaners, Jet-Dry(R) rinse agent, and Veet(R) depilatory, as well as French's(R) foods, including mustard, Frank's RedHot(R) sauce, Cattlemen's(R) Barbeque Sauce, and GourMayo(TM). For additional information about Reckitt Benckiser, visit For additional information on WOOLITE(R), visit

About Bosch

Bosch home appliances is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a fully-owned subsidiary of Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate, GmbH, the third largest home appliance manufacturer in the world. Inspired by the lifestyle of today's discerning consumers, all Bosch products combine superior performance and excellent quality with unrivaled ease-of-use. Opened in 1997, the company's appliance park in New Bern, North Carolina is comprised of state-of-the-art factories for washers, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens and cooktops. The leader in environmentally friendly home appliances, Bosch manufactures products that regularly receive industry and consumer awards and its dishwashers are consistently top-ranked by leading consumer magazines. For more information, please visit or call 800.921.9622 to request a catalog. Nexxt and SENSOTRONIC Plus are trademarks of BSH Home Appliances Corporation.
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