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Bosch Packaging Technology.

Bosch Packaging Technology has announced that it has expanded its portfolio of horizontal form, fill, and seal machines with its new Pack 301 LD (Long Dwell) flow wrapper. Bosch says, "The machine's revolving (long-dwell) sealing system allows for longer sealing times compared with traditional rotary cutting heads, which results in airtight sealed seams. Applicable for a great variety of products, the Pack 301 LD is particularly ideal for fresh, perishable goods where Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is requested. Also, products packed in thick film such as medical goods can be easily realized." The company adds: "With a sealing time of up to one second, the flow wrapper provides a longer sealing time and provides hermetically sealed seams while ensuring equally high productivity. Thanks to continuous sealing, the Pack 301 LD is able to produce 150 packages per minute. Seal quality is further ensured through a feature that allows temperature to be independently controlled on both the top and bottom sealing jaws.


"To allow for simplified maintenance and maximum uptime, the Pack 301 LD has been designed based on the principle of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). The machine has been reduced to a mini mum number of parts and is highly operator friendly. Operators, for instance, can change and clean knives without tools and easily exchange the transport belt at the cutting head for rapid cleaning. Format changes and cleaning of crimpers are further simplified by easy jaw alignment."

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Title Annotation:industry NEWS and NOTES
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Oct 1, 2011
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