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Borneo bibliography 2008.


Special thanks are due to Professor Clifford Sather, who supplied most of the entries for this bibliography, and to the late Dr. Reed L. Wadley.

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According to this paper ir is not easy for Brunei Malay pupils, who use their own dialect, to master standard Malay.

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UK doctoral research on Borneo (in progress): ASEASUK News appears to have ceased publishing an annual directory (cf. BRB 2005:308 and BRB 2006:308).

The Borneo Dissertations Project (Winzeler database) had 541 items as at 1344h GMT on 13 January 2009; but none of these was dated either 2007 or 2008.

At the time of going to press the latest available issue of the Sabah Society, Journal was still that for 2004 (cf. BRB 2006:308).

Sutera 2007, published in conjunction with the sixty-first anniversary of the birth of HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, was officially launched on 2 July 2007 by Pehin Adanan Mohd Yusof, Minister of Home Affairs. The book aimed to disseminate information on the royal birthday activities and celebrations at the national and district levels to enliven the atmosphere (BBO Tu.3.7.2007). Similarly, Sutera 2008 marking Hari Keputeraan 62 appeared on l July 2008. A website ( had been established to enable public sector employees to post congratulatory messages (BBO W.2.7.2008).

On 8 August 2007 it was reported that a group of literary figures (including Muslim Burmat) had "recently" met Pehin Mejar-Jeneral (Bersara) Mohammad bin Haji Mohd Daud, Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports, and a senior government officer, Dato Paduka Haji Mahmud bin Haji Bakyr, to press for major works of local writers to be translated so that their books could be promoted globally. The ultimate goal was to see an NBD writer receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature within twenty years (BBO W.8.8.2007).

Thirty-six textbooks for schools of islamic religion from Primary 1 until Primary 6 had been produced by various principals and teachers. Twelve of the books had been printed already, whilst the others were in press ready for use in 2008 (BBSO 26.8. 2007).

A Brunei Book Festival with the theme "Books and ICT Enhancing the Nation's Competitiveness' was held from 27 August to 5 September at the Brunei-Muara District Office in conjunction with Hari Keputeraan 61. Supported by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the aim of the event was to "encourage and nurture the reading habit among members of the public" (BBO F.3.8.2007). At the official opening on 27 August, Pehin Mejar-Jeneral (B) Mohammad, Minister of Culture, stated that all members of the community, especially youth, "should make books their primary source of information"; they should not rely solely on the internet (BBO Tu.28.8.2007).

Brunei Reading Year 2008 would coincide the Silver Jubilee of the DBP's Reading Competition. In working towards a reading culture and a more educated community, the DBP provided a mobile library, seminars, and a carnival. All schools were urged to create a "reading club" (BBO F.26.10.2007).

Remember, Remember.... the 8th of December (with a Foreword by HM the Sultan; Brunei Press Sdn Bhd, 2007; hbk, pbk) by HRH the Pengiran Perdana Wazir (Prince Mohamed Bolkiah) was officially launched by HRH Pengiran Anak Isteri Zariah at the Balai Penghadapan on 12 November 2007. The book comprises a study of the 1962 Brunei Revolt. Five hundred copies were sold in the first two days. A Special Edition of thirty copies, presented in a slip case and autographed by the author, was also available (BBO W. 14.7.2007).

On 13 November 2007 Pehin Mohammad Haji Daud, Minister of Culture, opened the Brunei Writers' Meeting at the DBP in Berakas. First held in 2001, the gathering attracted more than one hundred authors from throughout the sultanate. The fourth such conference ended on 15 November with a seven-point resolution:

1. Literature experts were expected to forge their creative minds in cultural diversification, high morals, without compromising Islamic and conservative values.

2. A "National Interpretation [?Translation] Bureau" was required to implement the "interpretation" of local writers' books. A degree course in "interpretation" should be introduced at a local university.

3. A database or website that stored current information on the country's literature needed to be activated to expand networking, discussion, and idea exchange between local and international writers.

4. The implementation of guidelines on laws or regulations in the use of electronic media and an evaluation association, with international standards for local writers.

5. The development of research on literature in the local arena.

6. A prestigious national Islamic literature award was suggested.

7. The Education Ministry was advised to emphasize literature as part of the curriculum (BBO F.16.11.2007).

On 14 November HRH the Crown Prince (Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah) launched The Report: Brunei Darussalam 2007 by the Oxford Business Group (price 105 [pounds sterling] at The book provided a comprehensive overview of Brunei's political and macroeconomic environment targeted at foreign investors. Fifteen thousand copies were to be circulated within the sultanate and a further sixty-seven thousand were to be distributed worldwide (BBO Th.15.11.2007). On 29 May 2008 an MOU was signed between the government and the OBG to publish an updated second edition entitled The Report: Brunei Darussalam 2008 (BBO F.30.5.2008), which duly appeared before the end of the year.

On 26 November a delegation departed from NBD for Kuala Lumpur. Dayang Aminah binti Haji Momin, Deputy Director of the DBP, was due to present a paper entitled "Literature and History: Tradition and Continuity in Mahkota Berdarah" at the International Seminar on South-East Asian Literature (SAKAT) 2007. Likewise, Dr Haji Morsidi bin Haji Mohammad (Head, Malay Literature Department, UBD) delivered a paper entitled "History-Based Literature from Brunei: A Discussion on Reality and Imagination." Two other officers from the DBP, Suip Haji Wahab (acting Secretary-General of the South-East Asia Literature Council, MASTERA) and Hajjah Shaharah binti Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Wahab were also in the delegation; they were due to attend a MASTERA secretariat meeting in addition to SAKAT 2007 (BBO Tu.27.11.2007).

On 28 November 2007 Dato Paduka Haji Muslim bin Haji Burut ("Muslim Burmat"), received the fifth Hadiah Sastera MASTERA 2007 (NBD section), comprising RM10,000 in cash, a plaque, and a certificate, for Ntaidu, his eleventh novel (BBO Tu.27.11.2007; BBO F.30.11.2007). "MASTERA" is somewhat grandly named, however, given that it covers only Indonesia, Malaysia, and NBD, with Singapore enjoying "observer" status.

Shaikh Mahmud bin Shaikh Haji Ibrahim took first prize in the Civil Service Institute's Essay-Writing Competition (2007) for his "Analisis Keperluan Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan Awam Negara Brunei Darussalam," which analyzed the training needs of the NBD Civil Service. Twenty-three essays were to be collected in a journal to be published by the IPA in due course (BBO W.28.11.2007).

The acting Director of Curriculum Development at the Ministry of Education, AH Matassan bin Haji Bungso, called on all book dealers to observe the prices fixed by the government for school textbooks and work books. Officers from the JPK [Jabatan Perkembangan Kurikulum] would be making spot-checks to ensure that the regulations were being obeyed (BBO M.10.12.2007).

From January to November 2007 the Malaysian government seized 11,159 copies of Islamic religious publications worth RM 166,960.80 throughout the country for violations under the Quran Text Printing Act (1986). The worst offender was Penang, followed by Pahang, Kedah/Perlis, Putrajaya, and Sabah (BBO Sa.29.12.2007).

Dr Mataim Bakar, Director of the DBE was present as the chief guest at the commencement of a three-day Literature Writing Workshop organized by the Tutong Writers' Group with the cooperation of the Language and Literature Bureau. Thirty-five persons attended. Parents tended to regard Bahasa Melaya and Malay Literature as second-class subjects: writers needed to change this mindset (BBO Sa. 19. 1.2008).

On 19 January 2008 the Department of Economic Planning and Development at the Prime Minister's Office announced the publication of the Brunei Darussalam Long-Term Development Plan.

A book on customer care from an Islamic perspective (Pemedulian Pelanggan. Menurut Perspektif Islam) by the State Mufli, Pehin Abdul Aziz Juned, was launched 28 January 2008 at the Brunei International Airport Departure Hall. The book was published by the State Mufti Department (BBO Tu.29.1.2008).

On 6 February 2008 the Syariah Court published Sejarah Penubuhan Mahkamah Syariah Negara Brunei Darussalam. Edited by Dato Ustaz Metussin Baki, the book carries eleven papers by judges, historians, lawyers, and academicians (BBO Th.7.2.2008).

The ten-day Brunei Book Fair 2008, organised by the DBE ran from 27 February until 7 March 2008, with the theme "Books are the Future." This year there were nearly 120 sections with more than sixty companies selling local and international books, compared to only ninety sections and fifty companies the previous year. Among the new books launched at the festival was The Phonotactics of Brunei Malay: An Optimality, Theoretic Account, by Dr Mataim Bakar (BBO Th.28.2.2008; and cf. BRB 2007:301).

More libraries were being built in NBD to inculcate reading habits. The latest addition, at Sengkurong in Brunei-Muara District--was expected to open some time during 2008. It was the fourth after Kampong Pandan (Belait), Muara, and Kampong Lambak Kanan, which were all situated within "village areas." The construction of the building had been completed, but the actual date of the opening was not yet known. The establishment of such facilities was in line with the government's aspiration to create a knowledge-based society. The DBP had also set up "'recently" a reading comer at Mendaram Besar Longhouse in Labi (BBO Tu.8.4.2008).

Ustazah Hajjah Fatimah Ghani, Assistant Director of Islamic Education in NBD, stated on 10 April 2008, that there should have been more than enough new textbooks for schools of Islamic religion in the country. This was in response to a report on 3 April concerning a "shortage." Following an investigation it was found that several greedy schools had purchased more copies than needed, which led to difficulties for other establishments. To solve the problem she urged the guilty headmasters to return the surplus books. The department would continue to upgrade their monitoring process to ensure better distribution and to prevent any recurrence of the problem (BBO F.11.4.2008).

Anne Fine, an award-winning British novelist, spoke to parents and teachers about the craft of writing when she visited Jerudong International School on 15 April 2008. Fine, who has written more than fifty novels since she took up her pen in 1971, is most famous for Mrs Doubtfire, which was made into a film. She maintains that writing has to be carried out "in absolute silence, in absolute secrecy." A former "Children's Laureate" in the United Kingdom, Fine possesses "great judgement and a beautiful voice" (BBO F.11.4.2008; BBO W. 16.4.2008; DT Tu.2.12.2008:32).

The Borneo Bulletin Brunei Year Book 2008, the fifteenth edition of the annual publication, was published free-of-charge on 14 April 2008. This year's theme was "The Heart of Borneo." With a "user-friendly format" and up-to-date information, it was (the publisher claimed) "the ultimate guide to the A-Z of NBD" (BBO M.14.4.2008).

The Strategic Plan Book of the Ministry of Communications was issued on 28 April 2008 (BBO Tu.29.4.2008).

A book written by the indefatigable State Mufti, Pehin Abdul Aziz Juned, Orang Sembahyang Ditangisi oleh Tempat Sujudnya (197pp, B$8.00, 27 May 2008), aimed to heighten the commitment of Muslims to prayer (BBO W.28.5.2008).

An awareness-raising event on the archiving and preservation of books and local published works was held on 28 May 2008 at the Art Gallery of the Royal Customs and Excise Building in the capital. Proceedings were conducted by the Museum Department in conjunction with International Museum Day. Similar gatherings were planned for Tutong District (11-12 June), Belait (2-3 July), and Temburong (28-29 July) (BBO Th.29.5.2008).

In June 2008 the DBP was negotiating with the Google search engine to make it easier to purchase books published by the bureau. The DBP had already achieved its target of one hundred titles annually and has significantly increased the range of topics involved; the idea now was to increase readership and sales (BTO Tu.3.6.2008).

A Memorandum of Understanding between the DBP and Rafiqun Information Telecommunications Services (RITS) was signed on Thursday 10 July 2008 with the aim of disseminating DBP products to a wide public using modem techniques. The MOU aims to introduce the service using hand phones to receive a list of terminology and a Brunei Malay dictionary through the short messaging service. DSTcom customers can the dictionary fast and easily (BBO F.11.7.2008).

The DBP staged a "reading month" in June 2008. Various activities were held in the four districts, aimed at instilling a habit of reading among the people. It was also hoped that the initiative would encourage the use of libraries as a source of knowledge. Parents were advised not to depend solely on teachers to do all the work. Combined efforts could create a generation with better knowledge, qualifications, and talent; this could lead to a culture that could hold its own in a competitive world (BBSO 6.7.2008).

Gold Pages 2008/2009 (second edition) was launched on 6 July 2008. A guide to business, commerce and industry in NBD, it would be available in print form (one hundred thousand free copies) and on the internet at (BBO M.7.7.2008).

The ASEAN Good Agricultural Practices Seminar was held at the Pengkalan Batu Mukim Community Hall of the Taman Mini Perayaan Kampong Parit on 11 July 2008 with a book launched as a guideline to ASEAN GAP standards covering worker health and safety, food safety, and environmental management (BBO Sa.12.7.2008).

On 5 August 2008 a prize-giving was held for various competitions staged in conjunction with the Hari Keputeraan 62 Knowledge Convention (2008). The categories comprised: story for children, short story, articles, and jawi calligraphy. In his address the energetic Dr. Mataim Bakar said that the numbers of people participating in additional competitions have been encouraging over the years. The competition saw more seasoned writers putting up a tough fight against stiff competition from fresh writers (BBO W.6.8.2008).

The Kreatif Bahana DBP-BSP 2007 competition held its prize-giving on 16 August 2008 on 16 August 2008 at the DBP in Berakas (BBSO 17.8.2008).

Pengiran Dato Seri Setia Dr. Haji Mohammad bin Pengiran Haji Abdul Rahman, Deputy Minister of Education, was selected by the NBD Judging Committee to be the twenty-third recipient of the South-East Asia Write [sic] Award 2008 for the sultanate. A prolific poet using the pen-name Zairis MS, Pengiran Dato Mohammad was chosen on the basis of his anthology of poems entitled Rinduku (DBP, 2008). Taking inspiration from the surrounding environment, his personal thoughts, and current affairs, Rinduku comprises fifty poems, originally published in 1985 in Kuala Lumpur, but re-published by the DBP in NBD in 2008. The Deputy Minister added his voice to the pressure for the best ASEAN works to be translated into universal languages, such as English and Arabic (BBO Th.2.10.2008). He has written three other books of poems--Harga Waktu, Salam Takwa, and Madah Remaja (BBO W.27.8.2008). The Deputy Minister departed for Bangkok on 25 September (BBO F.26.9.2008) and received his prize from HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on Tuesday 30 September (BBO Th.2.10.2008).

The winner for the sultanate in 2007 was K. Manis (b 1937) and in 2006 Haji Shawal Rajab (1950-2007). On the latter, vide supra, NBD obituaries. "K. Manis" is the pen-name used by Haji Moksin bin Haji Abdul Kadir, a teacher and poet from the Tutong District who has been involved in creative writing for half a century. He received another award on Hari Guru in 2008.

It was reported on 27 August 2008 that a Chinese[-language?] book entitled Brunei Darussalam (B$10.00) had been published "recently." Edited by Mr. Sng Teck Ann, Chairman of the Chinese Writers' Association in NBD, the collection comprised the perspectives of twenty writers from throughout the world, including Australia, the PRC, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the USA.

The finals of the eleventh national syair-recital competition for schools and colleges in conjunction with Hari Guru were held on 28 August 2008 at the DBP in Berakas. Fifty schools entered the event but only twelve pupils (six boys and six girls) won through to the last round. The event aimed at re-introducing traditional Brunei literature and also to encourage appreciation of the country's heritage to the younger generation and to present a platform for the newer generation to hone their skills and interest in traditional literature (BBO F.29.8.2008).

On 28 August 2008 the Survey Department (Ministry of Development) in collaboration with Brunei Press Sdn Bhd launched the Brunei Darussalam Street Directory (B$14.90, 144pp) in a ceremony at the Ministry of Development. The Minister (Pehin Abdullah Bakar) said that HM's Government was "aware of the importance of geospatial information as one of the main forces for the progress of a nation"; the new directory was one of the many good examples of cooperation between the government and the private sector. A similar publication had been made twelve years earlier; but the country had developed fast since then. Dr. Kazimierz Becek, a senior lecturer at UBD and a cartographer with twenty-five years of professional experience, took two years to create the maps (BBO F.29.8.2008).

The SME [small and medium sized enterprise] share of employment is fifty-nine per cent in NBD compared to 49.5 per cent in Canada, 43.l per cent in Singapore, and 41.5 per cent in the USA. It appears that a Brunei SME Business Directory was "launched" on 30 August 2008. Ten thousand complimentary copies of the directory and CD ROMs were to be distributed to SMEs, government ministries, government departments and agencies, MNCs, large corporations, and overseas, it is not entirely clear from the report whether the book was available immediately or whether it was to be published in January 2009 forthcoming (BBSO 31.8.2008).

On 17 September 2008 the State Mufti's Office launched Other People Bank, We Also Bank: We Bank by Aqidah, Syariah, and Ibadah, written by Pehin Abdul Aziz Juned. Ten thousand copies were printed (BBO W. 17.9.2008). The government's official website (GBOW ON Tu.30.9.2008) stated that the book was entitled Orang Berbank Kita Juga Berbank, or Other People Have Banks, So Do We. The book contained a wealth of useful information designed to boost Islamic banking.

The MASTERA Awards were presented on 21 September 2008 at a ceremony held at the Rizqun International Hotel in Gadong. The prize-giving took place in conjunction with the fourteenth MASTERA meeting in NBD. The winner for NBD was Profesor Madya Dr. Haji Hashim bin Haji Hamid (BBO M.21.9.2008).

The fourteenth Conference of the Literature Council of South-East Asia (MASTERA) ended on 21 September 2008 after a three-day meeting in NBD. MASTERA was formed in 1995 to elevate the Malay literature to a higher international status. Chaired by Dr. Mataim Bakar (Director of the DBP doubling as Chairman of the NBD section of MASTERA), heads of missions from member nations of Indonesia, Malaysia and NBD signed a number of resolutions at the final session designed to elevate the status and quality of Malay literature to world standards by carrying out various activities such as comparative literature lectures in member countries (BBO M.22.9.2008).

On 16 October the State Mufti's Department together with Darussalam Holdings Sdn Bhd published a book entitled Haj and Umrah (294pp) at the State Council building. The book comprised more than eighty fat was of the State Mufti of Brunei/NBD from 1964 to 2005; it would serve as a work of reference for prospective pilgrims in performing their religious duties and assist officers and administrators in solving problems faced in carrying out their duties in Mecca and Medina (BBO F.17.10.2008).

Foreign diplomats in NBD "recently" attended a Hari Raya open house hosted by the National Development Party at its headquarters located at Limbaruh Hijau, Simpang 323, of Jalan Jerudong. A book entitled Ilmu Politik dalam Islam: Orientasi NDP, written by Haji Antin Ahad, the party's Vice-President, was launched by M Yasin Affandy, NDP President (BBO M.20.10.2008).

The Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation (YSHHB) was introducing an "Award in Islamic Literature." The prize was to be presented every three years with the first one scheduled for 5 November 2008 at the ICC. The idea was to encourage writers who had produced high quality literature based on Islam and to spread Islam among people in the region through literature (BBO Th.30.10.2008). The winner in 2008 was Pehin Siraja Khatib Yahya Ibrahim, the former Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs, for his work entitled Perjalanan Anakku Terakhir Yang Hilang. At the same time Sultan Haji Omar 'Ali Saifuddien Sa'adul Khairi Waddien (1914-86) was recognized as the "Eminent Islamic Scholar of Brunei" while Pengiran Shahbandar Mohd Salleh ibn Pengiran Sharmayuda (d 1858) was declared to be the "Pioneer of the Modern Literature of Brunei" (BTO Th.6.11.2008). When announcing the awards, HRH the Crown highlighted the problem of non-Muslim authors who had published works on Islam without the benefit of a true understanding of the religion.

More than eighty teachers attended the launch in Berakas on 18 November 2008 of two books published by the Academy of Brunei Studies, namely Masyarakat Pribumi Cemerlang dan Masalah Sosial and the ninth edition of Pembarigaan Jurnal Janang.
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Carl Bock (1849-1932): explorations and travels in Sumatra, Borne, and Siam. (Abstracts).
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Ornithological Monographs: Ornithology of Sabah: History, Gazetteer, Annotated Checklist and Bibliography.
The complete directory for pediatric disorders 2008, 4th ed.
Integrating literature in the content areas; enhancing adolescent learning & literacy.
Inscribing South Asian Muslim women; an annotated bibliography & research guide.
A companion to Kant's Critique of pure reason.
Reading Jonathan Edwards; an annotated bibliography in three parts, 1729-2005.
Jay and Ellsworth, the first courts; justices, rulings and legacy.
More than silence; a bibliography of Thomas Merton.

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