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www. e-huawang, com (2006-) NBD's own Chinese language website.

Zahorka, Herwig 2006 Kerayan--ein unzugaengliehes Hochland im Inneren Borneos mit Megalithen, Nassreiskulturen und Missionierung aus der Luft. TRIBUS (55):221-45.

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2003 Archaeology in Malaysia. Penang: Centre for Archaeological Research Malaysia. This one is cited in SMJ 2005:29.


There is no change from last year in the "current postgraduate directory" (see BRB 2005:308). One new research project of possible relevance is:

Harlina Sharif: "Malay Mosque Architecture: Origins and Influences." Ph.D. (Art History). University of London: SOAS. Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Moore. Initial registration: 2006 (ASEASUKNews, No 40, Autumn 2006:43).


I am particularly grateful to Professor Sather for assistance with the preparation of this bibliography. Thanks also to Dr. Roger Kershaw and Professor R.H.W. Reece.


No entries dated 2006 appear in the Winzeler database of Borneo dissertations (as of 1 February 2007).

On the same date the latest available issue of the Sabah Society Journal was that for 2004.

On Thursday 19 January 2006 twenty-two writers signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP, or Language and Literature Bureau) in NBD. The forthcoming books include Sidang Burung (Birds' Conference), a novel by Muslim Burmat, a collection of poems entitled Istighfar (Forgiveness) by Haji Mohd Jais Haji Mohd; and Dang Gelagah Ketulangan by Aminah Haji Momin, a senior language officer at the DBP (Borneo Bulletin, online, F.20.1.2006:h7.htm).

There were also to be five scholarly works, namely: Fonologi Dialek Melayu Brunei: Satu Analisis Berdasarkan Teori Standard Fonologi Generatif (Brunei Malay Dialect Phonology: An Analysis Based on Standard Generative Phonology), by Dr. Mataim bin Bakar; Fungsi Sastera (Functions of Literature), by Ampuan Dr. Haji Brahim bin Ampuan Haji Tengah; Al-Quran Penawar Histeria (The Quran: An Antidote to Hysteria), by Dr. Haji Muhamad Adi Zaky bin Haji Matasim; .4 dverbial: Satu Tinjauan dari Sudut Wancana [thus] (1) (Adverbial: An Observation from a Dialogue [thus] Perspective), by Dr. Azmi bin Abdullah; and Preposisi Bahasa Dusun dan Bahasa Melayu (Prepositions of Dusun and Malay Language), by Dr. Aini binti Haji Karim.

The remaining fourteen titles comprised picture books for children. The aim was to build a culture of reading among the young generation (BBO F.20.1.2006:h7.htm).

A book entitled Possession: Treatment and Prevention ('Kerasukan: Merawat dan Mencegahnya) written by the State Mutti, Pehin Dato Ustaz Haji Abdul Aziz, was put on sale at his office on Saturday 4 February 2006 at a cover price of NBD$5.00. Evil spirits are aiming to deviate the ummah from Islamic teachings. This book, therefore, describes ways and means to eliminate such phantoms and to protect people from becoming possessed in the first place. Information is provided for persons who treat the victims (BBSO 5.2.2006:h3 .htm). The first two editions sold out within days (BBO M. 10.4.2006:h24.htm).

Shukri Zain: Pioneer of Modern Islamic Poetry m Brunei Darussalam (211 pp), by Dr. Arif Karkhi Abukhudairi, an Associate Professor of Literature at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, is written in Arabic and was published in Cairo in January 2006 by the Maktabat Al-Adab (BBSO Su.26.2.2006:h13.htm).

IPA Jurnal (No 15) was launched on Saturday 25 February 2006 at Rimba by D. P. Haji Eusoff Agaki bin Haji Ismail, Deputy Minister. This issue of the Civil Service Institute's journal comprises seven papers, including one on "The Impact of Quality Control Circles" by DH Siti Madam binti Awang Haji Md Jaafar; "Training Needs Analysis: A Study on Multinational Pharmaceutical Company" [sic] by Awang Aminuddin bin Awang Haji Buntar; "The Art of Management" by Dayang Hajjah Ilyasuriani binti DP AH Hamdani; and "Mewujudkan Budaya Kerja yang Cekap lagi Mantap menurut Perspektif Islam" by Dr. Khaerudin Rofi'i (BBSO Su.26.2.2006:h14.htm).

On 1 April 2006 the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a Strategic Planning Book (2005-25). The aim was to clarify the mission and values of the ministry by creating a Strategic Planning blueprint in line with the principles of national development. It was to be a point of reference for all staff at the Ministry for the next twenty years. The Ministry's vision (insofar as the report is comprehensible) includes national unity, peace, security, and capability in national defense, as well as balanced socio-economic development (BBSO Su.2.4.2006:h16.htm).

A book entitled Makanan Halal Sumber Pembentukan Syakhsiah Mulia was launched by the Islamic Dakwah Centre of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, NBD, on Tuesday 11 April 2006 in conjunction with Maulud. Islam takes food consumption very seriously, differentiating sharply between halal and haram varieties. The volume under review is a compilation of information taken from the Quran and ahadith, along with comments and analysis to enable readers to get a better understanding of the points at issue (BBO W. 12.4.2006:h20.htm).

On Monday 22 May 2006 HRH the Crown Prince officiated at the Mushaf Brunei 2006 reprinting ceremony at the Government Printing Department, Prime Minister's Office. The sacred volume is to be used in religious schools in the sultanate (BBO Tu.23.5.2006:h4.htm).

The Mushaf, i.e., the Holy Quran handwritten by a khat (special Jawi writing) expert, was originally published in 1992 to coincide with celebrations surrounding the Silver Jubilee of His Majesty's accession to the throne (PBA 21.10.1992:1; PBA 24.3.1999:1; Mani 1993:96).

On Tuesday 30 May HRH Princess Hajjah Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah and her husband launched a compact disc, entitled Rentak 914 (Volume 2), a compilation album comprising fifteen of NBD's most requested locally-composed songs, issued by Pelangi Network, a radio station in NBD. Singers featured on the album include Awangku Amilin, Putri Norizah, and various others. The In'st volume was released in 2004 (BBO Th. 1.6.2006:h12.htm).

In June 2006 the DBP held a mini book fair at their library in Bandar Seri Begawan. The aim was to inculcate a "reading culture" and to "develop good reading habits." Discounts of 10-50 percent were being offered on books. The DBP operates libraries elsewhere in the sultanate, namely at Kampong Pandan (Kuala Belait), Muara Town, Lorong Bolkiah (Seria), Jalan Padang (Kuala Belait), Kampong Sungai Basong Tutong and Gadong Baru Temburong (BBO Tu.20.6.2006:h14.htm).

A compact disc entitled Dirgahayu 60 was issued on Friday 30 June 2006 in conjunction with the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of riM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan ofNegara Brunei Darussalam. Pehin Haji Adanan bin BPSK Mohd Yussof, Minister of Home Affairs, argued that music is an effective medium for conveying messages to the listener; these songs, he said, would generate loyalty as well as love for the Ruler, country and motherland. The album comprises thirteen tracks, including Lagu Nasyid Puja Usia by Ustaz Haji Abdul Kadir and Lagu Dirgahayu by the late Haji Idris Haji Mohammad (BBO Sa.1.7.2006:h17.htm).

On Saturday 6 July 2006 Sutera 2006 was launched by the Information Department. Sutera, the Malay word for 'silk', is also an acronym for Sambutan Ulang Tahun Keputeraan. This volume reportedly contained information about the events lined up for the festivities in the four districts marking the sixtieth anniversary of His Majesty's birth; features about the previous year's carnival; and lists of administrative committee members. It also included messages of goodwill from members of the public. Eight types of poster were also available (BBSO 9.7.2006:h13.htm).

On Monday 31 July 2006 Malaysia, Indonesia and NBD agreed to look into the possibility of facilitating a freer movement of books among them. Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, the Minister of Education in Malaysia, said this was decided at a ministerial-level meeting in Indonesia. It is also hoped to strengthen the international status of the Malay language (BBO F.4.8.2006: h8.htm).

On Thursday 14 September 2006 twenty-six local writers signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Director of Language and Literature Bureau, Dr Mataim bin Bakar, to have their books published. Three novels, one book of knowledge, and twenty-one story books were to be published by the DBP in its effort to become the biggest publishing agent for local writers in the Sultanate. Among the established authors involved are Dato Paduka Awang Haji Muslim, Awang Haji Mohd Salleh bin Abdul Latif and Awang Haji Sawal bin Rajab (BBO F. 15.9.2006:h34.htm).

On Tuesday 14 November 2006 Pengiran Dato Dr. Haji Mohammad, Deputy Minister of Education, opened a two-day seminar on the theme of "Understanding the Past, Strengthening National Identity" at the UBD Chancellor Hall. He argued that historians need to write more about Brunei's economy prior to the commercial discovery of oil in 1929. The youth of today is so used to the easy lifestyle, he explained, that they are unable to understand the hardship of the pre-oil era. The Minister's main concern seems to be to encourage Malay entrepreneurship in the present day (8BO Th. 16.11.2006:h 18.htm).

On Tuesday 21 November 2006 the Borneo Bulletin online reported the launch of www. e-huawang, corn, NBD's own Chinese language website. In a press conference, Mr Michael Jan and Mr Sire Chong Siang, the persons in charge, said the idea of the website was to serve as a link for PRC investors in NBD following the cementing of ties between the two countries. The website, the first of its kind, was created solely for the purpose of promoting NBD. It also contains valuable information on Chinese non-governmental organizations in the sultanate and daily news relating to the country. Prominent figures in the local Chinese community are featured. It also has links to the RTB-Chinese channel as well as information for investors on the manufacturing, agricultural, fishing, and fanning sectors. The website had been more than three months in preparation and will he constantly upgraded (BBO Tu.21.11.2006:h25.htm).

On Wednesday 29 November 2006 the Survey Department launched Buku Panduan Sempadan Mukim dan Kampung Negara Brunei Darussalam, a guidebook to define clearly the borders of mukim and villages as part of a drive to expand the use of the Geographical Information System (GIS). The guidebook will help community leaders identify their area's borders and ensure better administration. In conjunction with the World GIS Day, which NBD was celebrating for the first time, Pehin Dato Abdullah (Minister of Development) called on the Survey Department and other agencies to play a proactive role in implementing GIS in the country (880 Th.30.11.2006:h4.htm).

(1) Not in Kamus Dewan or Kamus Times.
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