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For assistance in the production of this bibliography I am grateful to Dr. G. N. Appell, Professor D. E. Brown, Ms. Joan Bubier, Mr. Simon Francis, Professor Dr. Haji B. A. Hussainmiya, Professor Han Knapen, Mr. Joshua Y. C. Kong, Professor Clifford Sather, Dr. Ian Storey, and Associate Professor Dr. Reed L. Wadley.


On Thursday 2 December 2004 the Department of Agriculture (part of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources in Negara Brunei Darussalam), and the Faculty of Business, Economics and Policy Studies at Universiti Brunei Darussalam signed a MOU to research the multi-functionality of agricultural areas. The fast project under the agreement is to be the production of a book that should explain to the non-technical reader the importance of agriculture's multi-functionality in NBD. The objective is to assess its extent and identify policy initiatives (BBO F.3.12.2004:h19.htm).

The Brunei Darussalam Journal of Special Education (to be issued annually by the Special Education Unit, Ministry of Education, NBD) was launched by Pehin Abdul Rahman, Minister of Education, on Monday 6 June 2005 at Jerudong. The new journal "will serve as an important source of reference and will be of value to educational researchers, practitioners, ministry officials, post-graduate students and members of the public who may be interested in special education issues" (GBOW ON Tu.7.6.2005).

On Wednesday 8 June 2005 it was stated that The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) had issued a report entitled Treasure Island at Risk (no publisher, no place, no date). The group warned that only half of Borneo's forest cover remains, compared with from seventy-five per cent in the mid-1980s. Around 3.25 million acres of forest are destroyed every year, jeopardizing the long-term survival of orangutans and pygmy elephants. Water supplies and tourism might be disrupted. The WWF hoped that NBD, Indonesia and Malaysia would cooperate to conserve more than fifty-five million acres of rainforest in an area known as the "Heart of Borneo" (BBO W.8.6.2005:bl.htm).

On Tuesday 28 June 2005 Pehin Mejar-Jeneral Mohammad Haji Daud, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, launched the ministry's Strategic Planning Framework for the years 2005-2010, which will be used in all progression planning and human resource and physical development, and the Client's Charter Guidebook (TPOR, or Tekad Pemedulian Orang Ramai) (BBO W.29.6.2005:h8.htm).

On Wednesday 19 October 2005 the Islamic Bank of Brunei Berhad (IBB) contributed four thousand copies of Buku Khatam Al-Quran and "Takhtim al-Quran" to the Nuzul Al-Quran Celebration 1426/2005 Committee. The books were to be distributed as souvenirs to guests attending the Nuzul Al-Quran celebrations to be held at the International Convention Centre on the following day (Thursday) (BBO Th.20.10.2005:h11.htm).

On Tuesday 1 November 2005 more than a thousand pictures stored in a compact disc were handed over to the Chairman of the BSB Municipal Board by the Brunei Photographic Society. The pictures included images of the present Bandar Seri Begawan and activities during the 35th anniversary of its inauguration. The Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Board appointed the Brunei Photographic Society to produce the historical images. They will be for the special use of the library of the Municipal Board for future reference and for documentary, exhibition and publishing uses (BBO W.2.11.2005:h28.htm).

Buku Susur Galur Keluarga was launched on 20 November 2005. It comprises an illustrated family history of Pehin Datu Panglima Haji Abu Bakar bin Jambol and his wife, Hajjah Salehah binti Haji Othman, both deceased, and their descendants (BBSO Su.27.11.2005:f3.htm, which is a report by their grandson, Abang Jit Manis). A well-known figure in Tutong District, Haji Abu Bakar was one of the Tujuh Serangkai ('seven branches') group, who played a role in the early stages of planning for Brunei's 1959 Constitution. In 1960 he was granted the title Pehin Penyurat and was promoted Pehin Datu Panglima in 1974. The date of death is not given. His spouse, Hajjah Salehah binti Haji Othman, a housewife, died in 1995, reportedly at the age of 105. The couple was blessed with seven children (BBSO Su.27.11.2005:f3.htm).

A signing ceremony for the joint publication of Primary Mathematics textbooks and workbooks for the new Primary Mathematics Curriculum between the Ministry of Education, NBD, and SNP Publication, Singapore was held in late November. The new system will be implemented in stages and extended to Primary 2 and 5 in 2007. By 2008, it is expected to be extended to Primary 3 and 6 (BBO Tu.29.11.2005:hl 0.htm).

In late November 2005 Bunut Mosque launched three books, namely How to Achieve Status in Heaven Hereafter, Strengthening Islamic Faith in the Global Era, and a second reprint of Acquiring Multiple Merits in a Short Time. The name of the author is not given. A brief introduction to the volumes was presented by Ustaz Haji Ahmad Asri Lubis bin Haji Abusamah (BBO Tu.29.11.2005:h22.htm).

On Tuesday 29 November 2005 an NBD poet, Yahya M.S., otherwise Pehin Dato Ustaz Haji Yahya, was awarded the Malaysian Hadiah Sastera MASTERA 2005 at the Hotel lstana, Kuala Lumpur. The fourth NBD recipient of the honor, he was selected on the basis of his collection of poems entitled Nyanyian Perjalanan Mencari Diri dari Muara ke Arafat

(The Songs of a Journey Looking for Identity from Muara to Arafat) (2004). His latest compilation is Perjalanan Kembali Dua Puluh Musim (2005) (BBO W.30.11.2005:h28.htm).
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