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Borneo bibliography 2004.

AVM Horton

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Zelzy Shahar Al-Johary, Awang 2004 Kaedah Pengajaran Dan Pembelajaran Sejarah [Methods in Teaching and Studying History]; 114pp; available from the Literature and Social Science Department, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education, University Brunei Darussalam.. The author is currently a doctoral student at the Institute of Education, University of London (Government of Brunei Darussalam Official Website, online news, Thursday 15 January 2004).


In February 2004 the Pusat Dakwah Islamiah in Bandar Seri Begawan published a collection of sermons by Yang Dimuliakan Pehin Siraja Khatib Dato Paduka Seri Setia Ustaz Haji Awang Yahya. The homilies were delivered on Hari Raya Aidil Fitri between 1405 and 1424 Hijrah. The title of the book is not given (Government of Brunei Darussalam Official Website, online news, Saturday 21 February 2004).

In late February 2004, coinciding with the Brunei Book Fair 2004, Pehin Dato Seri Paduka Doctor Haji Awang Hussein (Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports, NBD) launched ten books by local writers, including Pehin Badaruddin, published by the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka in Bandar Seri Begawan. The titles of the books are not recorded (Government of Brunei Darussalam Official Website, Thursday 26 February 2004).

A bibliography entitled K@Borneo, a collaborative project between Indonesia, Malaysia and NBD, was initiated on Friday 27 February 2004 at Kuching. According to the Borneo Bulletin online (Monday 1 March 2004:h9:htm) the bibliography "contains valuable information on the rich resources of Borneo and is the first of its kind in this region."

On 5 April 2004 by Dr. Haji Ismail bin Haji Duraman, Vice-Chancellor, launched two new titles of the UBD Library, namely Bibliography on Social Issues in Brunei Darussalam by Dayang Methane and Index to UBD Periodicals by Awang Mohammad (Borneo Bulletin online, Tuesday 6 April 2004:h5.htm).

Under an MOU between Memorable Impressions Sdn Bhd and the Brunei Museums Department signed on Monday 19 April 2004 thousands of photographs in the National Archives are to be restored and digitialized (Borneo Bulletin online, Tuesday 20 April 2004:h 10.htm).

On Wednesday 14 July 2004 a "Malay Islamic Monarchy resource book" entitled Brunei Heritage was published by the Curriculum Development Department, Ministry of Education, NBD. The name of the author is not provided (Borneo Bulletin online, Thursday 15 July 2004:h8htm).

On Thursday 2 September 2004 the NBD Museums Department launched a book entitled, Adat Perkahwinan Etnik-Etnik di Negara Brunei Darussalam [Wedding Customs of Brunei Darussalam's Ethnic Groups]. The book is on sale at the Malay Technology Museum for NBD$7.00 (Borneo Bulletin online, Friday 3 September 2004:h7.htm). Once again, the name of the author is not given.

On Tuesday 7 September 2004 the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka signed contracts with twenty-three local Malay writers for the publication of their work with the aim of promoting Malay language, literature, and culture (Borneo Bulletin online, Wednesday 8 September 2004:h8.htm).

The authors and their forthcoming books are as follows: Dr. Ampuan Haji Ibrahim bin Ampuan Haji Tengah (Syair Rajang); Dayang Hajjah Sariani binti Haji Ishak (Puncak Pertama: Suatu Persoalan Bangsa Brunei); Awang Haji Mahadi bin Haji Matarsad (Dari Bintang Ke Bintang); Awang Haji Tapir bin Lambong (Simfoni Batang Buruk); Awang Masri bin Osman (Telah Lama Aku Di Sini); Awang Haji Ahmad bin Arshad (Atu? Ah! Sagainya; Biar Tia); Awang Haji Magon bin Haji Ghafar (Sawah Warisan); Awang Haji Mohsin bin Abu Bakar (Taris Merah Membelah Kabus); Pengiran Haji Tajuddin bin Pengiran Haji Bustaman (Bilan Tanpa Madu); Awang Haji Saidi bin Haji Ahmad (Fajar Kian Hampir); Awang Haji Sulaiman Bin Haji Duraman (Sultan Hashim Jalilul Alam Aqamaddin); Dayang Noraslinawati Binti Haji Magon (Kura Kura Sakti); Awang Abdula Gani bin Haji Daud (Bergotong Royong); Awang Azlan Bin Haji Adam (Anak Arnab Yang Degil); Awang Haji Abu Bakar bin Haji Madin (Irwan Budak Sabar); Dayang Radiani binti Haji Gani (Nasib Dua Beradik); Dayang Raidah binti Juni (Sang Arnab Dan Sang Monyet); Dayang Masni binti Mohd Noor (Semut Merah Yang Angkuh); Awang Suhaimi bin Haji Ladis (Zaiton Dan Perempuan Tua); Awang Rostini binti Haji Suhaili (Dukun Kecil); Awang Abdul Ajihis bin Haji Terawih (Wira Pulau ASYURA); Awang Zulkifli bin Haji Tabib (Kuching Berjasa) and Dayang Noor Aida binti Mohd Hassan (Penggembaraan Tiga Budak Hitam).

On Thursday 21 October 2004 Jambatan Ke Akhirat [Bridge to the Next World] written by Pehin Dato Paduka Seri Setia Ustaz Haji Awang Abdul Aziz, NBD State Mufti, was launched at the State Mufti building in Bandar Seri Begawan. Name of publisher not given. Price NBD$6.00. "The book looks at death from various angles--the meaning of death, remembering death, rights of the dead, and the relationship between the living and the dead" (Borneo Bulletin online, Friday 22 October 2004:h15.htm).

On Saturday 11 December 2004 the Borneo Bulletin (h5.htm) that "Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei are participating in the production of a book showing Islam's progressive side and changing misconceptions about the faith, organisers said on Friday. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, which is spearheading the project, expects the publication to be completed in two years and published in English, Malay and Arabic."


Whilst sole responsibility remains mine, I am grateful to Associate Professor Matthew H. Amster, Mr. Simon Francis, Dr. A. T. Gallop, Dr. V. L. Porritt, Dr. Bernard Sellato, Dr. Reed L. Wadley, and Professor Clifford Sather for their assistance in the preparation of this bibliography.

AVM Horton 29 January 2005.
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