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Articles from Borneo Research Bulletin (January 1, 2008)

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A fresh look at shifting cultivation: fallow length an uncertain indicator of productivity. Mertz, O.; Wadley, R.L.; Nielsen, U.; Bruun, T.B.; Colfer, C.J.P.; de Neergaard, A.; Jepsen, M.R.; M 205
A grammar of West Coast Bajau. Miller, Mark T. 240
A preliminary report on the University of the Philippines' anthropological research in Kota Belud, Sabah. Castro, Nestor T. 2300
A social monogamy, extra-pair paternity, and dispersal in the large treeshrew (Tupaia tana). Munshi-South, Jason 354
Aceh Research Training Institute. 120
An interview with Dr. Hj. Zaini Ahmad, Kuala Lumpur, 1985. Reece, Bob Interview 7693
Assessing trade-offs in multiple-objective tropical forest management. Blate, Geoffrey Michael 358
Blood, timber, and the state in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. van Klinken, Gerry 169
Borneo bibliography 2008. Horton, A.V.M. Bibliography 12597
Borneo Research Council 9th Biennial International Conference (BRC 2008) at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Conference news 475
Brokering authority: translating knowledge, policy and practice in forestry institutions in Indonesia. Rhee, Steve 370
Burning issues: control of fire management in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Dolcemascolo, Glenn Phillip Author abstract 248
Calvin R. Rensch, Carolyn M. Rensch, Jonas Noeb and Robert Sulis Ridu, 2006, The Bidayuh language: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Adelaar, Alexander Book review 2135
Can oil palm plantations be made more hospitable for forest butterflies and birds? Koh, Lian Pin 252
Charles Clarke and Ch'ien Lee, 2004, Pitcher Plants of Sarawak. Brearley, Francis Book review 448
Christopher Hugh Gallop, Man and Society in the Novels of Muslim Burmat: A Critical Analysis. Horton, A.V.M. Book review 1377
Climatic and lithogenic controls on soil organic matter-mineral associations. Wagai, Rota 363
Conference: South and Southeast Asian Association for the study of culture and religion, 3-6 June 2009. Brief article 104
Conklin, Harold C., 2007, Fine Description: Ethnographic and Linguistic Essays. Sather, Clifford Book review 2690
Contesting convention in Malay-world historiography. Kershaw, Roger Book review 2930
Daniel Smith's last seven years: hardships in country trade in the East Indies in the early nineteenth century. Smith, F. Andrew 10459
Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA)/UNESCO Multilingual Education Pilot Project. 564
Desire for Progress: the Kelabit Experience with Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Rural Development in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Bala, Poline 381
Educational discourses and literacy in Brunei Darussalam. Martin, Peter 184
Essays on health and labor supply in developing countries. McKee, Douglas Marshall 355
Ethnohistory of the Kayanic peoples in Northeast Borneo (Part 2): expansion, regional alliance groups, and Segai disturbances in the colonial era. Okushima, Mika Report 21475
Evolutionary history of Philippine birds. Jones, Andrew Wayne 233
Fadzilah Majid Cooke, editor. Asia-Pacific Monograph 1: State, Communities and Forests in Contemporary Borneo. Armstrong, M.M. Ann Book review 1386
Gunners in Borneo: artillery during Indonesian confrontation, 1962-1966. Smith, Alan H. 105
Impact of India-Asia collision on SE Asia: the record in Borneo. Hall, Robert; van Hattum, Marco W.A.; Spakman, Wim Author abstract 290
Impacts of rainforest logging on non-volant small mammal assemblages in Borneo. Wells, Konstans 293
Impacts of selective logging on tropical-forest butterflies of Borneo. Dumbrell, Alexander Joseph 323
In 2004 A.N. Muellner and C.M. Pannell conducted botanical fieldwork in Brunei, mainly collecting species of Aglaia. Brief article 108
In August 2007 Royal Brunei Airlines sponsored two Sabahans to fly to Sydney for the Sandakan Memorial Dedication at Burwood Park in Sydney. 128
In honor of Reed Lee Wadley. Colfer, Carol 1119
In search of Simon [Sindurang Bulakang]: a pioneer defender of Kadazan rights in colonial North Borneo. Ken, Danny Wong Tze Report 9928
Is Iban hunting a costly signal? An evaluation of the scale and context of costly signal production. Pomianek, Christina N. 234
Jamie S. Davidson 2008, From Rebellion to Riots: Collective Violence on Indonesian Borneo. Crain, Jay Book review 878
K. S. Jomo and others, 2004, Deforesting Malaysia: The Political Economy and Social Ecology of Agricultural Expansion and Commercial Logging. Baer, A. Book review 728
Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre. 254
Letter from Lundu 10 February 2009. Steinmayer, Otto 1491
Ling How Kee, 2007, Indigenising Social Work: Research and Practice in Sarawak. Baer, A. Book review 560
March 14-27, 2006, L.A. Sukamto, A. Sugiri, Sujadi and T. Uji searched for the medicinal plant Brucea and its relatives in Tumpang Sari village, Kahayan Hulu Utara, Gunung Mas District, Central Kalimantan. 342
Materials from the Dutch colonial archives deposited by Reed L. Wadley in the Tun Jugah Foundation Archives, Kuching, Sarawak. Sather, Clifford 955
Matrix to mosaic: habitat fragmentation from 1982-1999 in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Tanner, Dawn; Kirk, Ryan 4655
Morphological analysis of the human burial series at Niah Cave: implications for late Pleistocene-Holocene Southeast Asian human evolution. Manser, Jessica M. 361
Mrs. Jean Knappett, 80, daughter of the US novelist, Agnes Keith, paid a visit to Sabah in August 2007 at the invitation of the state government. 112
Negara Brunei Darussalam: obituary 2008. Horton, A.V.M. 8006
Notes from the editor. 7969
Notes on an Iban community in Danau Sentarum National Park. Minarchek, Matthew 960
Past meets future: a trans-border forum for a sustainable future for the highlands of Borneo. Eghenter, Cristina; Langub, Jayl Report 3044
Patterns of local mobility in an Iban community of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Patterson, Katherine-Anne V. Author abstract 297
Penan and the Pulong Tau National Park: historical links and contemporary life. Langub, Jayl Company overview 15388
Phylogenetics and phylogeography of the South Pacific alpine plant Oreomyrrhis: Insights into global alpine biogeography. Kuo-Fang, Chung Author abstract 364
Professor V.T. King. Brief article 87
Pulong Tau National Park. 241
R. A. Cramb, 2007, Land and Longhouse: Agrarian Transformation in the Uplands of Sarawak. Wadley, Reed L. Book review 1015
Ramy Bulan (with Amy Locklear), Legal Perspectives on Native Customary Land Rights in Sarawak. Sather, Clifford Book review 1678
Reconstructing neolithic groups in Sarawak, Malaysia through lead and strontium isotope analysis. Valentine, Benjamin; Kamenov, George D.; Krigbaum, John 153
Reed L. Wadley: 1962-2008. Appell, G.N. 2340
Rejoinder brief comments on: Iban Art: Sexual Selection and Severed Heads--Weaving, Sculpture, Tattooing and Other Arts of the Iban of Borneo. Gavin, Traude Book review 2038
Remembering Reed Wadley--"... and you will.". Pomianek, Christina In memoriam 418
Robert John Barrett: 1949-2007. Chur-Hansen, Anna In memoriam 3603
Social fabric: circulating pua kumbu textiles of the indigenous Dayak Iban people in Sarawak, Malaysia. Low, Audrey 407
Social Sciences in Asia Monograph Series, Brill. 154
Space, repetition anal collective interlocution: psychiatric interviews in a Borneo longhouse. Barrett, Robert J. Author abstract 160
Summary of Professor Robert Barrett's data held in the University of Adelaide Barr Smith Library special collection archives. Chur-Hansen, Anna 467
Supplemental grants for the collection of oral literature. 243
The complex agroforests of the Iban in West Kalimantan, and their possible role in fallow management and forest regeneration. In: voices from the forest: integrating indigenous knowledge into sustainable farming. Wadley, Reed L. 160
The demise of swidden in Southeast Asia? Local realities and regional ambiguities. Padoch, Christine; Coffey, Kevin; Mertz, Ole; Leisz, Stephen J.; Fox, Jefferson; Wadley, Reed L. 198
The evolution of the East Java Basin, Indonesia. Shields, Martin L. 359
The labor brokering state: the Philippine state and the globalization of Philippine citizen-workers. Rodriguez, Robyn Magalit 313
The Lahanan of the Balui, 1963-2006. Alexander, Jennifer Report 10311
The persistence and conservation of Borneo's mammals in lowland rain forests managed for timber: observations, overviews and opportunities. Meijaard, E.; Sheil, D. 192
The Punan Vuhang belief system: cosmology and rituals. Chan, Henry 8647
The strange case of the missing village rights to land: G.C. Woolley's compilation of customary law in the colony of North Borneo. Appell, G.N. 7178
The Tenth Biennial International Conference of the Borneo Research Council: Curtin University of Technology Campus Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia 19-21 July 2010. Conference news 210
TuN Mustapha DatU Harun. Brief article 117
Wong, Danny Tze Ken, 2004, Historical Sabah: Community and Society. Sather, Clifford Book review 1448

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