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Articles from Borneo Research Bulletin (January 1, 2004)

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A brief reply. Guerreiro, Antonio Letter to the Editor 429
A rejoinder to Herwig Zahorka's "Basap cave dwellers in Mangkalihat" and some additional notes on the Basap and resettlement in East Kalimantan. Guerreiro, Antonio J. 6737
Acts of Integration, Expressions of Faith: Madness, Death and Ritual in Melanau Ontology. Book Review 359
Ada Pryer, A Decade in Borneo. Sather, Clifford Book Review 2223
Becoming Christian and Dayak: a Study of Christian Conversion among Dayaks in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Book Review 332
Bob Reece, The White Rajahs of Sarawak, a Borneo Dynasty. Steinmayer, Otto Book Review 852
Borders of kinship and ethnicity: cross-border relations between the Kelalan Valley, Sarawak, and the Bawan Valley, East Kalimantan. Chew, Daniel 14417
Borneo bibliography 2004. Bibliography 9329
Brief communications: a letter from Lundu. Steinmayer, Otto 571
Captain Burn and associates: British intelligence-gathering, trade, and litigation in Borneo and beyond during the early nineteenth century. Smith, F. Andrew 12324
Chronicle of a Foreseeable Tragedy: Birds' Nests Management in the Niah Caves (Sarawak). Brief Article 193
Conference announcement. 156
Dissertations on Borneo. Aldrich, Duncan 3943
Fausto Barlocco. Brief Article 148
Gonner, Christian 2002. A Forest Tribe of Borneo: Resource Use among the Dayak Benuaq. Sillander, Kenneth Book Review 1537
Hampatongs in the daily life of the Ngaju Dayaks. Maiullari, Paolo 2966
HGA--Hamburger Gesellschaft fur Austronesistik. Brief Article 98
Ibanic languages in Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia: exploring nomenclature, distribution and characteristics. Collins, James T. 12062
In Indonesia, botanical explorations by the Herbarium Bogoriense are underway in various areas. Brief Article 220
International Conference on Bajau/Sama Communities 2004 (ICBC): 21-23 July, 2004, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. 657
Monica Janowski. The Forest, Source of Life: The Kelabit of Sarawak. Amster, Matthew H. Book Review 1020
Negara Brunei Darussalam: obituaries 2004. Horton, A.V.M. Obituary 4762
Notes from the editor. Editorial 2477
Otto Steinmayer. Jalai Jako' Iban. A Basic Grammar of the Iban Language of Sarawak, 1999. Adelaar, Alexander Book Review 850
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: From the Earliest Times to the Year 2000. Horton, A.V.M. Book Review 1140
Peter Metcalf, They Lie, We Lie: Getting on With Anthropology. Winzeler, Robert L. Book Review 1659
Protagonist of paradise: the life, death, and legacy of Bruno Manser. Kershaw, Roger Book Review 2287
Punitive Expeditions and Divine Revenge: Oral and Colonial Histories of Rebellion and Pacification in Western Borneo, 1886-1902. Brief Article 145
Response to Antonio Guerreiro. Zahorka, Herwig 730
Revival of Borneo Discussion List. 202
Roger Lewis, Anthony Burgess. London: Faber and Faber, 2002. Horton, A.V.M. Book Review 655
Sacred Forest, Hunting, and Conservation in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Book Review 154
Soil Erosion and Slope in Primary and Selectivity Logged Rain Forest in Danum Valley, Malaysia. Book Review 344
The Effects of Land Use Changes on Forest Fires in Major Islands of Indonesia. Brief Article 308
The Function of Adult Male Long Calls in Wild Orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus) (Indonesia). Book Review 372
The mystery of the twin masks on megaliths at Long Pulung in East Kalimantan: prehistoric wax modeling molds for casting bronze moko drums? An interpretative attempt. Zahorka, Herwig 6334
Turbulent times in Sarawak: the end of expatriate influence and the struggle for power over and within the state. Porritt, Vernon L. 6792
Vernon L. Porritt, The Rise and Fall of Communism in Sarawak, 1940-1990. Hardy, Tim Book Review 1088

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