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Articles from Borneo Research Bulletin (January 1, 1999)

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'Malay identity': modernity, invented tradition, and forms of knowledge. (Abstracts). Abstract 276
A bridge to the upper world: sacred language of the Ngaju. (Research Notes). Kuhnt-Saptodewo, Jani Sri 7027
A brief history and analysis of Indonesia's forest fire crisis. (Abstracts). Abstract 271
A Life Twice Lived: A Memoir. (Book Reviews). Porritt, Vernon L. Book Review 2363
A note on native land tenure in Sarawak. (Research Notes). Hooker, M.B. 6512
A.W. Nieuwenhuis (1864-1953): explorer of Central Borneo. (Abstracts). Abstract 173
Aloeswood forest and the maritime world. (Abstracts). Abstract 118
Alokasi lahan optimal untuk calon transmigran pada pengembangan padi dengan pola sawit dupa di lahan rawa satu juta hektar di Kalimantan Tengah. (Abstracts). Abstract 218
An ethnological exhibition on Indonesia in Linz, Austria. (Brief Communications). Baier, Martin 317
Archive of 1971-74 and 1985-89 oral literature projects in Sarawak. (Brief Communications). Rubenstein, Carol 1745
Asian roots of Malagasy: a linguistic perspective. (Abstracts). Abstract 100
Bapak Guru Orang Bisaya. A Pioneer in Social Experimentation in Sarawak: Ro Bewsher, 1910-1998. (Book Reviews). Howes, Peter H.H. Book Review 1199
Bibliography. Bibliography 3032
Bill Smythies *. (Memorials). Obituary 1399
Bornean and Sumatran tribal cosmologies. (Abstracts). Abstract 237
Borneo. Jewel in a Jade Rainbow, Letters and Legends from North Borneo Sabah. (Book Reviews). Sather, Clifford Book Review 2731
Carl Bock (1849-1932): explorations and travels in Sumatra, Borne, and Siam. (Abstracts). Abstract 187
Chinese identity in the diaspora: religion and language in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. (Abstracts). Abstract 235
Conservation and the Orang Sungai of the lower Sugut, Sabah: preliminary notes (1, 2). (Research Notes). Wong, Grace 7999
Dance of Life: Popular Music and Politics in Southeast Asia. (Abstracts). Abstract 91
Dayak kings among Malay sultans (1). (Research Notes). Djuweng, Stephanus 2111
Dekat dengan hutan, jauh dari kekuasaan: marjinalitas struktural Orang Bukat dan Punan. (Abstracts). Abstract 284
Dynamics of the frontier world in insular Southeast Asia: an overview. (Abstracts). Abstract 296
Education and research on sustainable land use and Natural Resource Management. a new Danish-Malaysian university program. (Research Notes). Gausset, Quentin 2439
Emas di Kalimantan Barat: ethnohistory untuk arkeologi. (Abstracts). Abstract 117
Environmental Challenges in South-East Asia. (Book Reviews). Wadley, Reed L. Book Review 1702
Ethnic relations and cultural dynamics in East Kalimantan: the case of the Dayak lady. (Abstracts). Abstract 232
Fifth Biennial meetings. 2070
Improving the management of Indonesia's national parks: lessons from two case studies. (Abstracts). Abstract 201
Introduction: headhunting as practice and as trope. (Abstracts). Abstract 208
Is rukun dead? Ethnographic interpretations of social change and Javanese culture. (Abstracts). Abstract 181
Kalimantaan. (Book Reviews). Pybus, Dr. Cassandra Book Review 1756
Koortsachtig koppen tellen in de binnenlanden van Zuidoost-Borneo (1700-1900). (Abstracts). Abstract 161
Lethal diseases in the history of Borneo: mortality and the interplay between disease environment and human geography. (Abstracts). Abstract 147
Long-term ecological research in Indonesia: achieving sustainable forest management. (Abstracts). Abstract 238
Maleiers, Dayak en Javaanse koelies: reacties op westerse invloeden in Z.O.-Borneo (1900-1942). (Abstracts). Abstract 151
Masa Jepun. (Brief Communications). Batty-Smith, William 2346
Masa Jepun. Sarawak Under the Japanese 1941-1945. (Book Reviews). Saunders, Graham Book Review 1955
Mining, environmental impact and dependent communities: the view from below in East Kalimantan. (Abstracts). Abstract 242
Nasals and nasalizations in Borneo. (Abstracts). Abstract 149
Notes from the editor. 908
Papers of the Brookes of Sarawak kept in Rhodes House Library, Oxford (1). (Research Notes). Empson, P.A. Bibliography 6697
Patterns of life: a gateway to understanding Indonesian textiles. (Abstracts). Abstract 177
Pemahaman adaptasi masyarakat transmigran: pendekan antropologi ekologi. (Abstracts). Abstract 248
Pemberdayaan ekonomi masyarakat melahui program HPH Bina Desa Hutan: studi kasus desa Muara Gusik, kecamatan Muara Kedang, kabupaten Kutai, Kaltim. (Abstracts). Abstract 243
Process versus product in Bornean augury: a traditional knowledge system's solution to the problem of knowing. (Abstracts). Abstract 249
Rainforest Politics. (Abstracts). Abstract 86
Research on Bajau communities: maritime people in Southeast Asia. (Abstracts). Abstract 180
Rethinking Indonesian forest policy: beyond the timber barons. (Abstracts). Abstract 213
Roland (Ro) Bewsher, O.B.E. (Memorials). Obituary 832
Rubber booms and peasants on the border: a case from Western Borneo. (Abstracts). Abstract 255
Sarawak news. (Borneo News). 1101
Sarawak. The Rajah's Officers, 1841-1946. (Book Reviews). Sather, Clifford Book Review 2299
Signifying bereavement: forms and context in the analysis of Penan death-names. (Abstracts). Abstract 123
State law and Iban land tenure: a response to Hooker. (Research Notes). Wadley, Reed L. 2119
Structure, litterfall and net primary production in the mangrove forests in East Kalimantan. (Abstracts). Abstract 323
Swinging into the global music scene at the Rainforest World Music Festival, Kuching, Sarawak. (Brief Communications). Gorlinski, Gini 1956
Taxon. (Regional News). 120
Telling violence in the Meratus mountains. (Abstracts). Abstract 201
Temputn: Myths of the Benuaq and Tunjung Dayaks & Ilmu: Magic and Divination amongst the Benuaq and Tunjung Dayak. (Book Reviews). Sillander, Kenneth Book Review 417
The Bajau: future marine park managers in Indonesia? (Abstracts). Abstract 235
The Brooke-Sarawak archive at Rhodes House Library, Oxford. (Research Notes). Reece, Bob 2556
The enigma of the Apo Kayan: megalithic sculptures and sarcophagi in the Apo Kayan area (study of a journey to the south-east of the Apo Kayan in July-August 1994). (Abstracts). Abstract 179
The fate of Donald Hudden. (Brief Communications). Clayre, Beatrice Biography 1349
The kingdom of Ulu are in Borneo's history: a comment. (Research Notes). Sellato, Bernard 1068
The textile industry in Southeast Asia, 1400-1800. (Abstracts). Abstract 130
Tropical peat swamp forests of Southeast Asia: ecology and environmental importance. (Abstracts). Abstract 149
Tuton Kaboy. (Memorials). Obituary 1027
Upstream and downstream networking in seventeenth century Banjarmasin. (Abstracts). Abstract 174
Wet rice cultivation and the Kayanic peoples of East Kalimantan: some possible factors explaining their preference for dry rice cultivation (1). (Research Notes). Okushima, Mika 12399

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