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Born to rock: heavy drinkers and thinkers.

Not a 'zine, but a book that's a collection of interviews and essays written by Todd Taylor (AKA Retodd), the editor and cofounder of Razorcake 'zine (and a former writer at Flipside and contributor to Thresher). It starts with an autobiograpical piece about his plunge into punk rock, continues with contemporary interviews of bands and people such as Duane Peters, Dillinger Four, Bloodhag, NOFX, Rev Norb, Winston Smith, Mike Diana, Tim Yohannon (RIP) and Jan Angel, Hot Water Music and more, and concludes with an essay on conducting interviews. The interviews are great, well researched and conducted (the interviews with Tim Yo and Duane Peters are must reads), and the editorial writing is spot on. The punk rock movement has spawned so many great writers and this is another fine piece to add to the collection. Pick it up where you can find it, or contact the publisher:

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Title Annotation:Zine Thing
Date:Jul 1, 2004
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