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Born to ride.


When people talk about "living the dream," they might mean a mega-mansion or a first-class ticket to the South of France. We, however, have a few different ideas. Give us a weekend in a simple cabin by the shore, a picnic blanket with a basket of ripe tomatoes, a little corner of a garden in which to turn our faces to the sky. But when it comes to the ultimate Sunset fantasy, one word leaps to mind: Airstream. And that's where Dean and Regina Atkins come in.

"We both liked the idea of being mobile and taking everything with us," says Regina, half of the San Clemente, California-based couple whose Instagram feed (@sunsetmagazinelife) started out as a way to chronicle all the adventures they gleaned from the pages of this magazine. Their trailer of choice: Baby, a custom 1957 Airstream they scored on Craigslist. The original owners had purchased it directly from the factory, taken it on family camping trips for a decade, and then parked it in a bam in the late '60s where it sat, untouched, until the children put it up for sale in 2013. "The dad had really treasured the Airstream--he had kept every receipt, every screw, nut, and bolt. And Dean is the exact same way," Regina adds. "It was almost like he wanted it to go to someone who cared for it just as much."

Despite three children and busy careers (Regina is cofounder of Archive Rentals in Southern California; Dean runs a tile contracting company called Atkins Tile), the duo carves out time to take Baby around the West. "If anything, we're a bit lazy--instead of doing our own footwork, we just follow you guys," Regina tells me. But really, at this point, who's inspiring whom? Dean and Regina, we salute you. Keep living the dream for us all.


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Title Annotation:CONVERSATIONS; Dean and Regina Atkins
Author:Edwards, Irene
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Date:Jul 1, 2016
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