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Borland Announces Paradox 7 for Windows 95 & Windows NT; Database Power Made Easy for Users and Developers.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 31, 1995--Borland International Inc. today announced Paradox 7 for Windows 95 & Windows NT. The new database, which is scheduled to ship in December, offers unmatched levels of ease-of-use, speed, and office suite integration, as well as new developer tools and a smooth transition for existing Paradox users to Windows 95.

"Paradox for Windows 95 and Windows NT continues Borland's commitment to providing database users and developers with tools that take full advantage of the newest operating systems," said Gary Wetsel, president of Borland International. "The roll-out of Paradox 7 and our other 32-bit tools will establish Borland as a leading provider of products for these new platforms."

What's New in Paradox 7

Paradox 7 breaks new ground in end user ease-of-use with new Experts that automate virtually every common database task and a range of usability enhancements that help beginning users start working with their data immediately. It also offers superb database integration with Novell's PerfectOffice 7 and Microsoft Office 95. In addition, the database includes new visual productivity tools that allow power users and professional application developers to easily extend the Paradox environment to deliver the most advanced Windows database applications.

Smooth Transition to Windows 95

"Paradox 7 is an excellent example of Borland's overall mission to provide our customers with the industry's smoothest transition to Windows 95," said Richard Gorman, Borland's vice president of products. "Unlike some of our competition, the new Paradox will support virtually all existing applications and data created with the previous Windows 3.x version, as well as be able to co-exist and share data with those applications on the same network server. This allows organizations to migrate smoothly to Windows 95 at their own pace -- extending their investment by incrementally migrating their users while building new, feature-rich Windows 95 applications."

As a Windows 95 logo-compatible database, Paradox 7 will also take full advantage of the 32-bit architecture and high performance of Windows 95 and Windows NT, as well as the new user interface enhancements and functionality of Windows 95, such as:

o Common Windows 95 dialog boxes

o Long filenames

o Send Mail and other MAPI functionality

o Drag-and-drop OCX controls

o Tabbed notebooks and property sheets

o OLE 2.0 Automation -- Controller and Server

o Tool Tips

o Floating and dockable toolbars

o Right-click context-sensitive menus

o Windows 95 Explorer integration

The Easiest to Use Windows 95 Database

Based upon hundreds of man-hours of end-user testing in Borland's state-of-the-art usability labs, the Paradox development team has simplified nearly every part of the product to make it the easiest Windows 95 database to learn and use. Paradox's powerful features are now much more accessible, and common database tasks have been further streamlined -- so every user will be more productive immediately. From creating tables and ready-to-use, customized applications, to performing mail merges and making mailing labels, Paradox 7 has been enhanced with many new Experts and other tools for greater ease of use.

"Borland has done an incredible job implementing user feedback into this product -- it really shows in Paradox 7's ease-of-use," said Ty Brown, a database developer based in Huntington Beach, California. "With the new Experts and other usability improvements, end users will now be able to go far building a database all by themselves. Paradox 7 is one cool tool."

Experts for End Users:

Paradox 7 introduces a number of new Experts to help automate the most-common database tasks and makes it easier to save the Experts' work for repetitive jobs, such as a report that is run every week. The new scrollable Expert control panel gives users easy access to all of the Experts in Paradox 7.

o The new Quick Start Expert provides first-time users a way to get started quickly and easily with Paradox 7. With no previous knowledge of Paradox or database concepts, new users can be productive immediately by following this Expert's step-by-step instructions.

o The new Database Expert allows novice users to create ready-to-use database applications the first time they use the product -- complete with tables, forms, and reports. By answering a series of questions, users are able to customize one of many pre-defined applications to fit their specific needs and get their database up-and-running fast.

o The new Table Expert gives users guidance in creating new tables. Users follow the step-by-step process to choose common table structures and field definitions. The Table Expert also allows users to customize their new tables by mixing and matching fields from any of the pre-defined tables or custom tables that can be added.

o The new Mail Merge Expert helps users automatically create mail merge documents using popular word processors like Novell's WordPerfect or Microsoft Word, or the Paradox Report writer.

o The new Chart Expert provides users with a step-by-step process for creating graphical views of their data. Users can choose from 18 different graph types.

o The new Import Expert allows users to import ASCII data simply by answering the Expert's questions. Data can be imported as fixed-length or delimited, and users have the option to save import settings in order to save time on repetitive tasks.

o Improvements to the Form, Report, and Mailing Label Experts have increased the functionality of each of these powerful tools. All three Experts are now even easier and more powerful.

"The new Experts are a great mechanism for getting users started using a database for the first time -- they have blossomed into extremely useful tools," said Leon Chalnick of Professional Information Consulting in Long Beach, California. "The ready-to-use mini-applications that the Database Expert creates will be quite useful for beginners right-off-the-bat. They can also serve as really great `launching pads' as users become more experienced."

Other End-User Enhancements:

Other additions have been made to Paradox 7 to make it the easiest database for Windows 95, such as:

o The Paradox 7 CD Quick Tour is an animated tour designed to acquaint users with the product's new features and functionality.

o Windows 95 User Interface and Menu System -- Through customer feedback and extensive usability testing, Borland has streamlined and reorganized Paradox's intuitive user interface and menus to make navigating through the product smoother than ever. Because much of the interface is based on the Windows 95 style, users will be much more productive since they are already familiar with using the operating system. For users new to Windows 95, the learning curve will be simplified because skills that have been learned about the operating system can also be applied to Paradox.

Office Suite Integration

Paradox 7 has many new improvements that make it a better database choice for use with Novell's PerfectOffice 7, Microsoft Office 95 and other popular business programs:

o New Act-alike Menus allow PerfectOffice and Microsoft Office users to apply skills they have already learned in their suite product to Paradox 7.

o Microsoft & Novell Suite Toolbar options have been added to allow Paradox to show up as an icon on the Microsoft Office and Novell PerfectOffice toolbars. This saves suite users time in switching programs and closely integrates Paradox 7 into these two popular suites.

o The New Mail Merge Expert helps users create mail merge documents using either suites' popular word processor -- Novell's WordPerfect or Microsoft Word.

o New OLE Automation Controller & Server functionality allows greater use of Paradox 7 with other OLE Automation-enabled products. This allows Paradox to automatically drive tasks in other applications, or have other applications automatically drive Paradox tasks.

"Suite users will feel comfortable using Paradox 7 -- regardless of which suite they are using," said Frederick Felman, Borland's group product manager for Paradox. "It gives customers both maximum desktop productivity and full freedom of choice."

Developer Productivity Tools

Ease-of-use for database developers is also a major focus of Paradox 7. Borland has added many enhancements that allow developers to quickly deliver the most advanced Windows 95 database applications. These tools include powerful new Experts and other visual productivity tools, as well as many additions to the Paradox Application Language, ObjectPAL.

Experts for Bridging the Gap Between Interactive Use and Development:

o The Application Launcher assists developers in delivering complete applications. After the developer defines a list of Paradox files to be distributed to users -- such as tables, forms, reports, queries, etc. -- the Launcher will package them into a tabbed visual interface that allows users to easily navigate throughout the application.

o The New Button Expert generates buttons on forms that can perform common database tasks, such as printing reports, inserting records, or opening a form -- all without coding.

o The New Text Expert adds text to forms, including special effects like auto-centering, flashing, shadowing, and rotating marquee effects. Just like the Button Expert, all of this is done without coding -- just point-and-click.

Other Developer Productivity Tools and ObjectPAL Enhancements:

o The New Object Explorer allows developers to visually add, inspect or modify the objects on a Paradox form or report. Based upon the Windows 95 Explorer metaphor, the Paradox Object Explorer allows for easy access to Methods, Events and Properties all in one place. Icons can even be drag-and-dropped onto the Explorer's "Object Tree" view.

o New Support for OCX controls gives developers the ability to extend the power of Paradox and their applications through the addition of third-party OLE 2.0 (OCX) controls, such as grid controls, communications packages, even Internet Web browsers. Manipulated with ObjectPAL, these controls can be completely integrated with Paradox 7.

o The new ObjectPAL Editor with functionality from Borland C++ and Delphi has been added to Paradox 7 to provide greater ease in programming and editing applications. Features include color syntax highlighting, indenting and outdenting, keyboard recording, incremental search, keyboard mapping (CUA, Brief, Epsilon), bookmarks, block marking, changeable fonts, and multilevel undo and redo. These features allow Paradox developers to create applications in an environment similar to that of high-level programming languages and provide them with powerful tools that have not been previously been available to desktop database programmers.

o Over 100 new ObjectPAL methods have been added to Paradox 7 to provide developers with greater control in incorporating electronic mail, toolbars, OLE Automation, OCXs, and other functionality in their database applications.

"Paradox 7 is a great tool for end users -- and an even better tool for developers. It's much more user friendly, but tools like the Object Explorer make it even more powerful," said Dana Kaufman, a Senior Consultant with Apogee Information Systems, Inc. of Marlboro, Massachusetts. "For client/server development, the new SQL enhancements will definitely give us more speed out of the corporate servers we connect to."

Client/Server Development with Paradox 7

Paradox has set industry standards for its ability to work with the broadest range of data types of any desktop database on the market. Founded upon the powerful new 32-bit Borland Database Engine, which provides both speed and flexibility for all types of data access, Paradox also supports industry-standard ODBC drivers, and works with Borland SQL Links to provide lightning-swift native links to popular server platforms like Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQLServer, Informix, and InterBase. Paradox 7's additions to this already-robust data connectivity include:

o An improved ANSI SQL '92 local SQL engine provides developers with an industry-standard SQL engine for local and remote use.

o Full integration of an SQL query model into the product that allows users to use a SQL query as the basis of a form or report, just as they would use a local query. As with previous versions of Paradox, optimized SQL statements can be automatically generated by the Query-By-Example (QBE) designer. This allows anyone to harness the power of the SQL language without having to know proper SQL syntax.

Pricing and Availability

Paradox 7 is scheduled to be available in December from Borland and through all major distribution channels. The estimated street price (ESP) for a new-user version of Paradox 7 is $299. Owners of previous versions of Paradox can upgrade to Paradox 7 for an ESP of $89 (including manufacturer's rebate). A special upgrade offer will also be available for owners of competitive database products and application suites at an ESP of $99. For more information or to place orders, customers can call Borland at 800-233-2444, or contact their local reseller. All estimated prices are in U.S. dollars and apply only in the United States and Canada. Dealer prices may vary.

System Requirements

Paradox 7 requires a 386-based (or higher) personal computer running Windows 95 or Windows NT, with 8 megabytes of RAM, and a hard disk with 30 megabytes of free space for full install. Borland recommends 12 megabytes or more of RAM for best performance. Windows NT may require 16 megabytes of RAM.

Borland: Making Development Easier

Borland International Inc. (NASDAQ:BORL) is a leading provider of products and services targeted to software developers. Borland is distinguished for its high-quality software development tools, which include Delphi, Delphi Client/Server, Borland C++, Visual dBASE, Paradox and InterBase. Borland's award-winning products are supported through comprehensive programs for small- and large-sized software developers, corporate developers, value added resellers and systems integrators. Founded in 1983, Borland is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California. -0-

Note to Editors: Copies of previous Borland press releases and additional corporate and product information are available on Borland's Internet World Wide Web (WWW) site, at

CONTACT: Borland International Inc.

Steve Curry, 408/431-4863


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