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Boris Nemtsov: Liberal Martyr.

The political atmosphere and debate in Russia is increasingly one-sided, and those who challenge Vladimir Putin's authoritarian ways can expect a spew of aggressive, hateful, unchecked comments Boris Nemtsov was one of the few Russian politicians courageous enough to criticize Putin, and he was assassinated while walking near the well-guarded Kremlin. "Given the level of security in the vicinity of the Kremlin, it is hard to imagine why Mr Nemtsov's killers would have picked that spot for the shooting, unless they had reason to believe they would be able to escape," notes the Economist. The article describes the physicist as charismatic, smart, honest, an enthusiastic supporter of an open style of governance and reforms. "He was the first politician to label the new Russian tycoons as "oligarchs", seeing in them one of the main threats to Russian democracy. He challenged their influence, but soon lost his post as deputy prime minister." Thousands mourn, and the Economist expresses concern that Russia may be entering a new era of political terrorism and corruption. - YaleGlobal

Russia's rising political hatred claims a victim: Boris Nemtsov, a scrupulously honest reformist leader

The Economist, 3 March 2015

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Date:Mar 3, 2015
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