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Boring mill for the long run.

Boring mill for the long run

If you're looking for someone to machine really big parts, Remmele Engineering can help. The firm has several multiaxis machines, including two LeBlond-Makino five-axis machining centers with capacity for parts up to 71" x 51" x 39" in size. These machines are equipped with 60-tool changers and 15,000-rpm spindles. The machine in the photo, however, is much bigger and more dramatic. It's a Pama (from Italy), and the part shown is tooling for producing aircraft spars.

The Pama floor-type five-axis horizontal boring mill travels 46 ft on the X axis and covers 15 ft on the Y axis. The spindle and ram extend 83" with a standard tool. The 7" spindle, with a speed range from 2 rpm to 1200 rpm, has 105 hp. A nutating head, shown in the photo, rotates 360 deg and moves 93 deg in either direction to provide true five-axis simultaneous activity from the adaptive CNC control. A part probe is available.

"The accuracy of this machine astounded us," says Bert Casper, a VP of the firm. "We checked it with lasers after completing installation and discovered that, in the X axis, positioning is accurate to [+ or -]0.0004" over 45 ft. We believe that this is the largest, most accurate five-axis machine available in any American job shop.

"The job shown incorporates many of the special services provided to our customers. The data for making this 60-ft-long tool, and many similar to it, were provided to us on digital tape directly from our customer's CAD output. We loaded the data into our five-axis NCL CAD/CAM system, added multiaxis tool motions, etc, and downloaded the data to out machine. Project management and programming were able to manage this complex job to effect on-time delivery, which was very critical for our customer."

Casper added that manufacturing this tool also required some unique capabilities besides machining. The welding and assembly processes are complex and require special skills. Inspection and quality assurance are also critical. Even the packaging and shipping requirements are special.

In addition to the five-axis capabilities indicated here, the firm provides even larger machining capacity on a Mitsubishi horizontal mill with 100 ft of travel. This CNC machine incorporates a rotary table with a slide, also under CNC control. Several 6" G & L's and numerous smaller machines are also available. All NC equipment is incorporated into a DNC network, including an LK G80 Microvector coordinate measuring machine with capacity for parts up to 117" x 58" x 38", and a DEC MicroVAX 2000 computer. Aircraft and aerospace customers have approved Remmele as a qualified CMM inspection house for forming tools.
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Date:Sep 1, 1990
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