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Border project may flood Maya sites.

Border project may flood Maya sites

A coalition of Mexican scientists and others concerned withecological issues, known as the Group of 100, announced last week that the governments of Mexico and Guatemala are planning to build a series of dams along their border that would destroy two Classic-era Maya archaeological sites. The dams would be built along the Usumacinta River and its tributaries and would create a lake that would immerse the ruins at Yaxchilan and Piedras Negras, according to the group. The discovery of other nearby Maya sites in the remote jungle, it added, would be prevented by such flooding.

Yaxchilan and Piedras Negras were major centers during theClassic period. They were first investigated about a century ago, and it is now recognized that artwork discovered among their ruins provides clear evidence for the Maya preoccupation with battle and blood offerings. Numerous temples, palaces and other structures also have been uncovered at the two sites.

Locations for the proposed dams are still being consideredby government officials. Yaxchilan and Piedras Negras lie in impoverished areas that both governments have promised to help develop.
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Title Annotation:proposed dam project on Mexico-Guatemala border
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Date:Apr 4, 1987
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