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Boozing does not send animals batty.

A study by Canadian biologists has found that bats have an astounding ability to fly under the influence of alcohol.

Eating fermented fruit and nectars from the forest, tropical bats of Central and South America could still fly effortlessly - even when their blood-alcohol level greatly exceeded the legal limits for people.

With 106 bats of five species from Belize, the flying mammals were able to manoeuvre around obstacles without incident, even with a blood alcohol content of 0.3 per cent. It's illegal to drive in the UK with 0.08 per cent or more.

Using echolocation, where emitted sound waves are bounced off objects to help bats sense prey and navigate, the drunk mammals remained good pilots.

Q I have two guinea pigs that live together outside. In winter we put a bit of perspex over the wire mesh to keep draf ts out. I am worried about all the cold weather. At what temperature should guinea pigs be brought into the house?

A Guinea pigs are hardy little creatures as long as they have a hutch with a section where they can escape the cold. Raise the hutch off the ground and insulate it by covering it with some old carpet or polythene to help keep the warmth in. Or place a heat lamp in the dry, bedded section of the hutch.
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Date:Mar 7, 2010
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