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Boost Gillbrook; Your say.

I HAVE read with interest letters published about Redcar & Cleveland Council plans to rationalise Gillbrook and Eston Park schools, but not all the letters were from within the borough and some were as far afield as Linthorpe and Acklam.

These letters may be politically biased or from concerned parents whose children may be affected in their area the same way as our schools are in Redcar & Cleveland.

I agree with Mr J W Higgins (Focus On Facts, 31.01.11) that the council and school governors Cllr Ian Jeffrey is an elected Gillbrook governor and active advocate for St Peter's to close - should move away from their past and present failings, admit that PFI is an expensive lame duck, learn from history and move on.

The council did look to the future with Gillbrook when it was built as a state of the art school, but now it appears to be another expensive council failure under PFI. They should listen to the people, look forward to the future, take a leaf out of Mr Rodgers and Mr Higgins' books and bring Gillbrook to a standard that it once achieved. Instead of being a lame duck, let it rise from the ashes and become a phoenix as St Peter's has.

The council, teachers and governors should not miss this chance for everyone to work and share together skills that can only make all our schools great again so that all our youngsters are spoiled for choice.

JOHN WAKELIN (parent), South Bank
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Feb 16, 2011
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