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BoomerangIt Now Protects Palm Handhelds and Accessories -- and the Irreplaceable Data They Keep -- If Lost or Stolen.

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COMDEX Fall 2001

Booth No. L6155

SAN LEANDRO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 8, 2001

Visitors to the Palm Booth At COMDEX Get BoomerangIt's

Loss Protection Service Free for Six Months for

Their Existing Palm Products

Palm(TM) handheld users can now breathe a little easier if their Palm handhelds and accessories -- as well as the crucial data they keep -- are lost or stolen: BoomerangIt(TM) will help get your items back.

Beginning next spring, Palm expansion cards, keyboards and modems will include the BoomerangIt loss protection service, free for six months with product registration. In addition, all Palm handheld users can get substantial discounts now for the BoomerangIt service, which can be used with all Palm products, by shopping at -- (beginning Nov. 12).

For today's many mobile product users, the BoomerangIt service is an essential, yet inexpensive, security blanket, costing just pennies a year.

Visitors to the Palm, Inc. booth (no. L6155) at COMDEX (Nov. 12-16) in Las Vegas can receive BoomerangIt's loss protection service free for six months for their existing Palm products.

Palm handheld accessories such as expansion cards, keyboards and modems have become as indispensable as the handhelds themselves. Unfortunately, many valuable mobile products such as these will be lost or stolen, left accidentally in meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, rental cars, airports and other public spaces. Each year, a staggering number of items are left behind by visitors, for example: 12,000 at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, 10,000 at Yosemite National Park and 30,000 at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

"By utilizing the BoomerangIt loss protection service, consumers can get lost or stolen items returned more easily and efficiently," said Eddie Orton, founder and CEO of Centric Media, BoomerangIt's parent company. "And Palm handheld users can get great discounts on the service just in time for holiday shopping."

Beginning next spring, Palm expansion cards, keyboards and modems will contain a free BoomerangIt product-protection label to be affixed to the item. To activate the free six-month BoomerangIt service, the consumer will need to register the product online. BoomerangIt packages (including key tags, luggage tags and labels for Palm handhelds and accessories) are available now at discounted prices to owners of existing Palm products. Click here to shop:

Once registered, if the Palm handheld or accessory is lost or stolen, BoomerangIt can help get it back. If the item is lost, anyone who finds it can contact BoomerangIt using the instructions on the label and receive a reward, a free pack of BoomerangIt labels and registrations. The information submitted to activate BoomerangIt service is used to facilitate the return of a lost or stolen Palm handheld or accessory to the rightful owner.

"Thanks to this special offer, our users stand a much better chance of recovering their Palm handhelds, keyboards, expansion cards and other accessories should they ever lose them," said Alan Urban, director of accessories and peripherals at Palm, Inc. "Our customers have come to rely on our products to help them manage their lives and increase their productivity. For a nominal fee, BoomerangIt's service gives our users some peace of mind that their Palm products will be returned quickly to them should they ever lose them."

BoomerangIt not only safeguards the handheld or accessory, but also protects from the loss of irreplaceable data it keeps. BoomerangIt also guards your investment by establishing a permanent record of ownership, acting as a "VIN" system for your item, which is accessible to more than 16,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide.

BoomerangIt works with the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and its "McGruff the Crime Dog" program to help return lost and stolen items to their rightful owners. Most lost items are left in hotels, restaurants, airplanes, and other public places, which have a legal responsibility to hold them in their lost and found departments. In addition to providing rewards to finders, BoomerangIt's extensive outreach and awareness program with hotel, restaurant and transportation industry leaders, plus police departments nationwide, ensures an effective rate of return.

About BoomerangIt(TM)

BoomerangIt (, a Centric Media company based in San Leandro, is an Internet-powered global registration system that works with law enforcement, Good Samaritans and fiduciaries such as restaurants, hotels and airlines, to help return lost and stolen property to its rightful owners. BoomerangIt provides an easy, inexpensive means to label and identify valuable items -- everything from digital cameras to luggage to golf clubs and more -- to facilitate their return if lost or stolen. In addition, the registration service enables you to securely inventory possessions for the purpose of substantiating ownership in case items are lost, damaged or stolen. It's also a theft deterrent, as studies indicate thieves are less likely to steal marked property due to resale difficulties. For more information, please visit the BoomerangIt Web site at or call 1-800-2Boomit (800/226-6648).

Note to Editors: Palm is a trademark of Palm, Inc.
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