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Boomer Market Advisor CE test.

Boomer Market Advisor offers the following quiz for continuing education credit. One CE hour will be awarded for individuals who correctly score 70 percent or better. Passing scores will be forwarded to the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards for credit. To take the test, visit Contact John Sullivan at with issues and concerns. Please note, for logistical reasons, past tests will be archived for six months.

1 From "Psychological well-being increases after 50" (Page 12)

Stress and anger declined over lifetimes but--remained steady until age 50?

[] Money

[] Worry

[] Disease

[] Sadness

2 From "Boomers should invest in dividend-paying value stocks (Page 12) According to a report by Catherine Avery Investment Management, a growth-oriented portfolio is cheaper and safer than a value portfolio.

[] True

[] False

3 according to the report, boomers need dividends to stay on top of what?

[] Monthly expenses

[] Inflation

[] Medical expenses

[] Utilities


4 From "Ages 55 to 64 most aggressive time for retirement savings" (Page 13) More than half of respondents surveyed by MetLife for the "Retirement Readiness Index" said they were behind in retirement planning and one-quarter said they were "significantly behind."

[] True

[] False

5 One-third of respondents have thought about how much they'd like to work in retirement, and how to strike a balance between work and leisure.

[] True

[] False

6 From "The latest 'wrap' on 401(k) guarantees" (Page 19)

The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College estimates that --percent of American households are at risk of being unable to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living in retirement, even if they work to age 65.

[] 25

[] 33

[] 51

[] 68

7 According to Hewitt Associates, which tracks workplace benefits, just--percent of 401(k) plans currently offer a guaranteed income insurance or annuity solution within the construct of their plans.

[] 7

[] 9

[] 12

[] 15

8 About 50 percent of the plan sponsors served by John Hancock are opting to include Guaranteed Income for Life as an optional plan feature.

[] True

[] False

9 About--percent of overall assets in plans that offer that feature are now "wrapped" by the income guarantee.

[] 5

[] 10

[] 15

[] 20

10 From "Too much annuity talk, too little action" (Page 32) The mortality credit of income annuities grows as clients age, eventually delivering higher yields than either bonds or stocks.

[] True

[] False
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Date:Jun 18, 2010
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