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Boole & Babbage Extends Ensign Client/Server Backup to Enterprise with Stage3.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 2, 1996--Boole & Babbage, Inc. (NASDAQ: BOOL) today announced new capabilities that combine the command and control functions of its Ensign product with its Stage3 solution for direct backup of client/server and networked storage to an MVS mainframe. With this new integration, Ensign can now work seamlessly with Stage3 to back up distributed server data to lower-cost, more-secure, mainframe storage. This complements Ensign's existing ability to perform backups on UNIX network servers to locally attached storage devices.

Ensign is an event management and systems administration solution for heterogeneous client/server environments. From a customizable console, Ensign monitors and responds to system problems, pre-set thresholds and more than 100 other OS events. Through distributed, customizable intelligent agents, Ensign lets central and local administrators monitor, administer, automate and manage complex multiplatform, multisite environments from a distributed control console.

Stage3 is a high-performance LAN-to-mainframe backup solution that takes advantage of mature server-based software and redirects the LAN-based backup to more secure, economical mainframe storage.

As a virtual tape device, Stage3 is an optional destination for backup. Stage3 works cooperatively with Ensign, similar to how it extends the capabilities of local LAN backup software for NetWare, Windows NT and OS/2 environments. Once backed up to the safe haven of the mainframe, files are stored on disk in VSAM files or written directly onto tape as sequential files.

On the mainframe, Stage3 integrates with existing hierarchical storage management systems such as DFSMS, DFHSM, SAMS:DISK, FDR/ABR or CA-ASM2, and takes advantage of the security features provided by packages such as RACF or ACF-2. Stage3 backups are monitored by and backup jobs can be tracked using the customizable Ensign console.

"Extending the local backup capabilities of Ensign to the enterprise gives customers a highly flexible and scalable solution," said Jack Brown, senior marketing director of distributed systems at Boole & Babbage. "Customers can now directly back up local distributed data to a more secure and economical mainframe tape or DASD."

Intelligent Ensign agents perform event management and system administration functions for an expansive array of environments. Ensign currently supports 15 UNIX platforms, Novell NetWare 3.12 and 4.1, and Microsoft Windows NT. Options include integration with Boole & Babbage COMMAND/Post and leading enterprise frameworks, such as HP OpenView.

Pricing and Availability

The new product integration capabilities will be available in Q2 1996 for SPARC machines running the SunSoft Solaris operating system and for HP-9000 machines running the HP-UX operating system. Future plans call for support of additional platforms, including RISC 6000/AIX and SCO UNIX.

Pricing for Stage3, Release 3.0, containing the new Ensign integration, will begin at $7,500 for the mainframe component and $2,900 per backup server.

Ensign Release 3.0, containing the new capabilities for integration with Stage3, is priced from $5,000. For further information, call 800-544-2152.

Boole & Babbage is the worldwide leader in Enterprise Automation solutions for managing distributed systems. The company works in partnership with customers to boost systems availability, reduce overall computing costs and strategically automate the entire IT enterprise. Through advanced interoperability, its proven solutions let customers gain proactive control of their distributed computing environments -- from mainframe to desktop and legacy to client/server. Boole & Babbage products complement Help Desk, data center operations, network and system administration and storage management.

Boole & Babbage has 42 offices in 26 countries, including three data centers and four development labs. The company's products are available through direct channels and a worldwide network of distributors and resellers. Stage3 is developed by Emprise Technologies and marketed by Boole & Babbage Storage Division, Conyers, Georgia. -0-

Note to Editors: Boole & Babbage is a registered trademark of Boole & Babbage, Inc. Ensign and COMMAND/POST are trademarks of Boole & Babbage, Inc. Stage3 is a trademark of Emprise Technologies, L.P. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 2, 1996
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