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Super Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

Cy Tymony


Put your engineering skills to the test with this guide to building gadgets from common household items. Andrews McMeel, 2011, 145 p., $12.99

The Fossil Chronicles

Dean Falk


A scientist who studies brain evolution examines fossil finds--the Taung child and hobbits--that are changing views of human evolution. Univ. of California, 2011, 259 p., $34.95

Frozen Planet

Alastair Fothergill and Vanessa Berlowitz


Journey with four polar denizens--polar bear, Arctic fox, Adelie penguin and wandering albatross--through seasonal changes in this companion to a BBC television series. Firefly Books, 2011, 312 p., $39.95

Galileo's Muse

Mark A. Peterson


A physicist and mathematician argues that Renaissance art spurred the scientific revolution that laid the foundations of modern science. Harvard Univ., 2011, 336 p., $28.95

An Engineer's Alphabet

Henry Petroski


A selection of quotations, anecdotes and other engineering trivia is arranged into a mini-encyclopedia of the profession. Cambridge Univ., 2011, 360 p., $21.99
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Title Annotation:books about engineering, brain evolution, Arctic animals and Renaissance art
Publication:Science News
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Date:Dec 31, 2011
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