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* Quail Hunting In America


By Tom Huggler

How and where to hunt America's second most popular game birds. Chronicles a year's worth of field research hunting every kind of quail in every quail hunting area of the States, in addition to being a highly readable account of Huggler's experiences. (288 pages, 6" x 9")

$22.95 Code G1022

* Hey Pup, Fetch It Up!


By Bill Tarrant

A large, comprehensive retriever-training guide and more, the book covers everything from choosing a pup to detailed training techniques and includes solutions to many problems. (500 pages, 6" x 9")

$29.95 Code G1011

* Do-It Yourself Gun Repair


By Bill Tarrant

Diagnose and repair a broad selection of popular hunting firearms with this authoritative guide to maintaining, repairing, and improving rifles, shotguns, and handguns. (232 pages)

$14.95 Code 1BGADGR

* Hunting Ducks and Geese


By Steve Smith

Hunting Ducks and Geese is a no-nonsense book for the contemporary waterfowler. Whether you're just getting your feet wet or have years of experience, you'll find a wealth of information and tactics to improve your waterfowling success. (150 pages, 6" x 9")

$19.95 Code G1012

* Bird Dog


By Ben O. Williams

Ben O. Williams has become legendary for his hard-charging, bold, and obedient hunting dogs. Bird Dog reveals the Ben O. Williams Instinctive Training Method that is not only easy but fun for both owner and dog. (192 pages) soft cover

$29.95 Code 1BGDBD

* Retriever Hunt Tests


By James B. Spencer

Spencer has done it again--filling the void in the literature with a wealth of in formation for the hunt test handler. A must for the beginner, it is also a perfect refresher for even the most experienced and skillful handler--this is the definitive book for hunt test handlers at every level. Soft cover, 164 pages

$13.95 Code 1BGDRHT

* Retriever Training Drills For Marking


By James B. Spencer

This comprehensive collection of drills was devised specifically for amateurs training their own dogs for hunting or hunt test. Each Drill is diagramed, with a careful explanation of the purpose, pre-requisites, necessary equipment and pitfalls to avoid. (189 pages, 6" x 9")

$18.95 Code G1025

* The Orvis Wing-Shooting Handbook


By Bruce Bowlen

Long-time Orvis Shooting School instructor Bruce Bowlen tells you what you need to know to become a more effective shooter. (83 pages, 6" x 9")

$10.95 Code G1017

* Outdoor Yarns and Outright Lies


By Gene Hill and Steve Smith

Fifty or so stories by two good sports. Successful outdoor story teller Gene Hill and Steve Smith have created a light-hearted book that shows both the humor and warmth often found in outdoor activities. (168 pages, 6" x 9")

$19.95 Code G1018

* 10 Minute Retriever


By John and Amy Dahl

New from John and Amy Dahl, national retriever training experts and dog-handling champions, this book details their methods for daily ten-minute training sessions that lead to rapid learning for retrievers. (256 pages) paperback.

24.95 Code 1BGDTR

* Retriever Training Drills For Blind Retrieves


By James B. Spencer

This book contains the necessary drills to develop your retriever into a brilliant performer! For the first time the secrets of professional field trial trainers is available to you. (187 pages, 6" x 9")

$18.95 Code G1024

* The Best Way to Train Your Gun Dog: The Delmar Smith Method


By Bill Tarrantt

One of the soundest training books ever. This book's strength lies in its honest approach to working with puppies. If you're buying your first pup or trying to give your next his best chance, this book is essential. (188 pages, 6" x 9")

$22.00 Code G1002

* Old Wildfowling Tales, Volumes I & II


Available again! Old Wildfowling Tales Volume I and Volume II has been reprinted after being sold out for several years combining both books into one. Worth Mathewson brings us a series of stories from 1870-1910 about duck and goose shooting in years gone by written in the style of the times by the hunters of the day. A must reading for every dedicated wildfowler. (240 pages, 6"x 9") hardcover

$29.95 Code 1BWFWT12

* Gun Dog


By Richard A. Wolters

Gun Dog is in its thirtieth printing and going strong. It's becoming the classic for the training of pointing dogs. Gun Dog explains the importance of proper early training. (150 pages, 7" x 9")

$25.95 Code G1007

* HUP! Training Flushing Spaniels The American Way


By James B. Spencer

This 2nd edition comprehensive guide to selecting, training and enjoying working spaniels. Spencer explains the job of the flushing spaniel and helps you decide which breed to choose. Then he leads you step by step through training-from puppy basics to the finished hunting or trial dog. Soft cover, 288 pages

$24.95 Code 1BGDHUP

* American Wingshooting


By Ben Williams

In an elegant and beautifully photographed celebration of upland bird hunting now and as it once existed, celebrated outdoor writer, dog trainer, and naturalist Ben Williams emphasizes contemporary conditions and techniques for what many consider "The Second Golden Age" of bird hunting in American Wingshooting. Hard cover, 160 pages

$35.00 Code 1BWFAW

* Retriever Training Tests


By James B. Spencer

This revised edition of Spencer's earlier work will help you and your retriever excel in trials, tests and actual hunting. It provides descriptions and diagrams of various training tests with explanations of wind, terrain, cover and the placement and sequence of falls. (200 pages, 6"x9") paperback

$16.95 Code G1026

* Gun-Dog Training Pointing Dogs


By Kenneth C. Roebuck

This companion volume to Gun-Dog Training Spaniels and Retrievers is a comprehensive book giving dog owners, hunters and prospective trainers a reliable source of proven methods for handling pointing dogs. (192 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2")

$18.95 Code G1009

* Gun-Dog Training Spaniels and Retrievers


By Kenneth C. Roebuck

The first book ever to devote itself exclusively to the flushing breeds, as well as the first book to cover training retrievers for upland game work. (192 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2")

$18.95 Code G1010

* Water Dog


By Richard A. Wolters

Water Dog is written for the amateur trainer who has one dog who must be trained for field and family. (179 pages, 7" x 9")

$25.95 Code G1035

* Guide to Ducks and Geese


By Chuck Hagner

Common, numerous, and often easy to observe, ducks and geese are nonetheless sometimes difficult to identify. This straightforward introduction will help you put a name to almost every duck or goose you'll find in the wild. It offers large, colorful photos and accompanying text of almost every species found in North America.Soft cover, 116 pages

$21.95 Code 1BWFGDG

Tri-Tronics Retriever Training


By Jim and Phyllis Dobbs

A step-by-step explanation of the proper use of electronic collars in training retrievers. Emphasizes humane methods, based on a solid foundation of canine psychology, to not impair the dog's enthusiasm and style. (249 pages, 81/2" x 11")

$29.95 Code G1031

* Wing & Shot


By Robert G. Wehle

Considered by many the ultimate pointing dog training book. Wing & Shot tells it all--from picking a pup to perfecting the finished shooting dog. Illustrated with sketches and photos of "Elhew" pointers. (190 pages, 7 1/2" x 10")

$25.00 Code G1039

* Pocket Waterfowl ID Guide, The LeMaster Method


By Richard Le Master

This comprehensive, full-color guide introduces new ways to identify waterfowl. It keys duck and geese, male and female, by bill, head, feet, wings and in flight. This is easily the best pocket waterfowl guide available. (75 pages, 41/2" x 7 1/4")

$10.00 Code G1020

* Flyways, a Celebration of Waterfowl and Wetlands


Former US Fish and Wildlife Service refuge manager and award winning wildlife photographer Gary Kramer takes readers on a photographic journey across North America, following the ebb and flow of waterfowl and other wildlife as they travel along these ancestral travel routes. (117 pages, 10" x 8") soft cover

$21.95 Code 1BWFFW

* Drummer in the Woods


By Burton L. Spiller

A classic returns! Twenty-one wonderful stories about grouse shooting by "the Poet Laureate of Grouse." Keen observations on the birds, gun dogs, hunting and hunters, as well as advice on cover, training grouse dogs and selecting guns and loads. (239 pages, 6" x 9") paperback

$16.95 Code G1004

* Big December Canvasbacks


By Worth Mathewson

A unique collection of tales by one of the best waterfowling writers of our time. Features many beautiful pencil sketches by Dave Hagerbaumer. A beautifully bound classic of traditional waterfowling. (172 pages, 7" x 10")

$20.00 Code G1003

* Training Retrievers for Marsh Meadows


By James B. Spencer

This revised edition conclusively demonstrates that the all-around retriever can be trained by an amateur. Spencer explains how and why retriever owners should "do it themselves." (231 pages, 6" x 9")

$34.95 Code G1029

Point! Training The All-Seasons Birddog


By James B. Spencer

Learn what to expect from the various pointing breeds based on their structure and temperament, and follow Spencer's clear instruction for early training all the way to competitive and non-competitive events. This book is for all birddog enthusiasts who like to hunt with their pointer. Soft cover, 288 pages

$22.95 Code 1BGDPAB

Editor's choice-Books & DVDs



The book captures, with indelible clarity, the true beauty of wildfowling. Author Jack Hirt shares the sensations and life lessons unique to the world of wildfowling. 206 pages Harcover $29.95 Code 1BWFSG

* Tom Dokken's Retriever Training


In Tom Dokken's Retriever Training, one of America's leading trainers helps you channel your hunting dog's huge ambition so he works for you, the way you want, and does so happily. 255 pages Softcover $19.95 Code 1BGDTDRT

* Waterfowling Boats, Blinds & Related Gear


Chuck Lichon's comprehensive book provides materials lists, construction notes and designs for building blinds, boats, and rigs to fit every need. 120 pgs $19.95 Code G1040

* Gun Dog with Charles T. Jurney


A concise training method made from the book by Richard A. Wolters. An instructional video using the rapid and revolutionary training methods, proven over the past 35 years. An outstanding blend of the late master's techniques and the modern trainer's application. Approx. 60 min. $37.95 Code G2017D-DVD

* Water Dog with Charles Jurney


Jurney has produced a video version of Richard A. Wolters' classic book, featuring the simple techniques used to take a seven-week-old puppy to finished waterfowl retriever. Approx. 82 min. $37.95 Code G2030D-DVD

* Game Dog with Charles T. Jurney


The video version of Richard A. Wolters' famous book--often called the retriever trainer's bible. Charles T. Jurney follows Wolters' method of training retrievers, from puppies to finished dogs, for upland birds and waterfowl. Approx. 60 min. $37.95 Code G2007D-DVD
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