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Much Ado About (Practically) Nothing: A History of the Noble Gases

David E. Fisher Delve deep into the far right of the periodic table with a chemist who appreciates noble gases' many uses. Oxford Univ. Press, 2010, 264 p., $24.95.


How to Mollify a Corpse

Vicki Leon Eighty-eight tales tell of science and superstition in the ancient world (including Alexander the Great's mellification, or embalming in honey). Walker, 2010, 308 p., $17.


2030: Technology That Will Change the World

Rutger van Santen, Djan Khoe and Bram Vermeer A survey of science and engineering breakthroughs that may lead to technological leaps. Oxford Univ. Press, 2010, 295 p., $29.95.


Spider Silk

Leslie Brunetta and Catherine L. Craig Arachnid evolution is woven into this history of one of the strongest natural materials. Yale Univ. Press, 2010, 229 p., $30.


The 50 Most Extreme Places in Our Solar System

David Baker and Todd Ratcliff Tour Earth's hottest, coldest, stormiest and stinkiest neighbors, plus the solar system's weirdest phenomena. Harvard Univ. Press, 2010, 290 p., $27.95.

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Date:Oct 9, 2010
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