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Books recently published.

For information about the scope of this column, consult the headline in the September 2008 issue (p. 95 of this volume).


Accardi, Joseph J. Beloit's Club Pop House. Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2008. 127 p. ISBN 9780738552095. ISBN 0738552097. LC 2007-940597.

Images of America

Adinolfi, Francesco. Mondo exotica: sounds, visions, obsessions of the cocktail generation. Ed. and translated by Karen Pinkus with Jason Vivrette. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2008, xii, 361 p. ISBN 9780822341321 (hbk.; alk. paper). ISBN 9780822341567 (pbk.; alk. paper). LC 2007-044860.

Adorno, Theodor W., and Hanns Eisler. Composing for the films. With a new Introduction by Graham McCann. London: Continuum, 2007. xxxvi, 133 p. ISBN 9780826499028 (pbk.). ISBN 0826499023 (pbk.). LC 2008-273628.

Continuum impacts

This ed. originally published: London: Athlone, 1994.

Albrecht, Tamara Makdad. Singing through the church year: a children's choir resource book. St. Louis, MO: MorningStar Music Publishers, 2005. 151 p. ISBN 0944529410. LC 2005-016457.

Alter, Andrew. Dancing with devtas: drums, power and possession in the music of Garhwal, North India. Aldershot, Hants, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2008. xxiii, 277 p. ISBN 9780754656692. LC 2006-032729.

SOAS musicology series

Althen, W. Blake. Brand, buzz & success: your guide to the new music industry. Reston, VA: Human Factor LLC, 2008. xi, 166 p. ISBN 9780981647203. LC 2008-926004.

Ancelet, Barry Jean, and Philip Gould. One generation at a time: biography of a Cajun and Creole music festival. Lafayette: Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2007. xv, 224 p. ISBN 1887366806 (alk. paper). LC 2007-031025.

Andry, Peter, Robin Stringer, and Tony Locantro. Inside the recording studio: working with Callas, Rostropovich, Domingo, and the classical elite. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2008. x, 222 p. ISBN 9780810860261 (pbk.; alk. paper). ISBN 0810860260 (pbk.; alk. paper). LC 2007-041122.

Auxier, Randall E., and Douglas R. Anderson, eds. Bruce Springsteen and philosophy: darkness on the edge of truth. Chicago, IL: Open Court, 2008. xv, 302 p. ISBN 9780812696479 (trade paper; alk. paper). LC 2008-004034.

Popular culture and philosophy, v. 32

Bachmann, Alberto. An encyclopedia of the violin. Translated by Frederick Herman Martens. Ed. by Albert E. Wier. Mineola, NY: Dover, 2008. xiv, 470 p. ISBN 9780486466187. ISBN 0486466183. LC 2007-042787.

Unabridged republication of the edition published by D. Appleton and Company, New York, in 1925.

Baker, Geoffrey. Imposing harmony: music and society in colonial Cuzco. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2008. x, 308 p. ISBN 9780822341369 (hbk.; alk. paper). ISBN 9780822341604 (pbk.; alk. paper). LC 2007-038485.

Bassini, Carlo. Bassini's art of singing: an analytical, physiological and practical system for the cultivation of voice. San Diego, CA: Plural Pub., 2008. xiii, 168 p. ISBN 9781597561921 (hbk.; alk. paper). ISBN 1597561924 (hbk.; alk. paper). LC 2007-020720.

Previously published: Boston: Oliver Ditson, 1857.

Beaujon, Andrew. Body piercing saved my life: inside the phenomenon of Christian rock. Cambridge, MA: Da Capo Press, 2006. ix, 291 p. ISBN 9780306814570 (pbk.; alk. paper). ISBN 0306814579 (pbk.; alk. paper). LC 2006-006254.

Benward, Bruce, and Marilyn Nadine Saker. Music in theory and practice. 8th ed. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill, 2009. v. 1. ISBN 9780073101873 (vol. 1 alk. paper). ISBN 0073101877 (vol.2 alk. paper). ISBN 9780073101880 (vol. 2 alk. paper). ISBN 0073101885 (vol. 2 alk. paper). LC 2008-018491.

Bharali, Rabindra. The forgotten forms of Hindustani music. New Delhi: Kanishka Publishers, Distributors, 2008. xiii, 110 p. ISBN 9788184570229. LC 2007-375880.

Bloustien, Gerry, Margaret Peters, and Susan Luckman, eds. Sonic synergies: music, technology and community, identity. Aldershot, Hampshire, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2008. xxviii, 236 p. ISBN 9780754657217 (alk. paper). LC 2006-103143.

Ashgate popular and folk music series

Bonds, Alexandra B. Beijing opera costumes: the visual communication of character and culture. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2008. xix, 350 p. ISBN 9780824829568 (hbk.; alk. paper). LC 2007-043309.

Boyd, Pattie, and Penny Junor. Wonderful tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and me. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2007. x, 321 p. ISBN 9780307407832. LC 2008-012510.

Brover-Lubovsky, Bella. Tonal space in the music of Antonio Vivaldi. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2008. xix, 357 p. ISBN 9780253351296 (hbk.; alk. paper). LC 2007-045378.

Music and the early modern imagination

Burgess, Charles D., and Bill Nowlin. Love that dirty water: The Standells and the improbable Red Sox victory anthem. Cambridge, MA: Rounder Books, 2007. 176 p. ISBN 9781579401467. ISBN 1579401465. LC 2007-924456.

Burke, Patrick Lawrence. Come in and hear the truth: jazz and race on 52nd Street. Chicago, II.: University of Chicago Press, 2008. xiii, 314 p. ISBN 9780226080710 (hbk.; alk. paper). ISBN 0226080714 (hbk.; alk. paper). LC 2007-035580.

Burns, Amy M. Technology integration in the elementary music classroom. Milwaukee, WI: Hall Leonard, 2008. x, 148 p. ISBN 9781423427575. LC 2007-043516.

Cappelli, Frank. The clarinet: an illustrated step-by-step instructional guide. Pittsburgh, PA: Eldorado Ink, 2007. 112 p. ISBN 9781932904123. ISBN 1932904123. LC 2006-036438.

Learn to play

Cappelli, Frank. The flute: an illustrated step-by-step instructional guide. Pittsburgh, PA: Eldorado Ink, 2007. 112 p. ISBN 9781932904130. ISBN 1932904131. LC 2006-036437.

Learn to play

Cappelli, Frank. The guitar: an illustrated step-by-step instructional guide. Pittsburgh, PA: Eldorado Ink, 2007. 112 p. ISBN 9781932904147. ISBN 193290414X. LC 2006-035578.

Learn to play

Cappelli, Frank. The piano: an illustrated step-by-step instructional guide. Pittsburgh, PA: Eldorado Ink, 2007. 112 p. ISBN 9781932904154. ISBN 1932904158. LC 2006-037089.

Learn to play

Cappelli, Frank. The trumpet. Pittsburgh, PA: Eldorado Ink, 2007. 112 p. ISBN 9781932904161. ISBN 1932904166. LC 2006-036436. Learn to play

Cappelli, Frank. The violin: an illustrated step-by-step instructional guide. Pittsburgh, PA: Eldorado Ink, 2007. 112 p. ISBN 9781932904178. ISBN 1932904174. LC 2006-037094.

Learn to play

Cardamone, Donna G. The canzone villanesca alla napolitana: social, cultural and historical contexts. Aldershot, Hampshire, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2008. ix, 379 p. ISBN 9780754659532 (alk. paper). LC 2007-032355.

Variorum collected studies series, 901

Childs, Hayden. Shoot out the lights. New York: Continuum. 2008. x, 116 p. ISBN 9780826427915 (pbk.; alk. paper). ISBN 082642791X (pbk.; alk. paper). LC 2008-016031.

33 1/3

Coleman, Bertram E., and Judith Sebesta, eds. Women in American musical theatre: essays on composers, lyricists, librettists, arrangers, choreographers, designers, directors, producers and performance artists. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2008. x, 282 p. ISBN 9780786433827 (pbk.; alk. paper). LC 2008-009206.

Collins, Eddie. Mel Bay presents Introduction to bluegrass banjo. Pacific, MO: Mel Bay, 2007. 108 p. + 2 CDs. ISBN 9780786672905. ISBN 0786672900. LC 2008-574985.

Collins, Karen, ed. From Pac-Man to pop music: interactive audio in games and new media. Aldershot, Hampshidre, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2008. xv, 207 p. ISBN 9780754662006 (alk. paper). LC 2007-033749.

Ashgate popular and folk music series

Crouch, Tanja. 100 careers in the music business. 2d ed. Hauppauge, NY: Barron's Educational Series, 2008. viii, 312 p. ISBN 9780764139147. ISBN 0764139142. LC 2008-005034.

Cyr, Mary. Essays on the performance of Baroque music: opera and chamber music in France and England. Aldershot, Hampshire, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2008. xii, 294 p. ISBN 9780754659266 (alk. paper). LC 2007-035236.

Variorum collected studies series

Darnielle, John. Master of reality. New York: Continuum, 2008. 101 p. ISBN 9780826428998 (pbk.; alk. paper). ISBN 0826428991 (pbk.; alk. paper). LC 2007-051279.

33 1/3

David, Marilee. The new voice pedagogy. 2d ed. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2008. xvii, 253 p. ISBN 9780810860421 (hbk.; alk. paper). ISBN 0810860422 (hbk.; alk. paper). LC 2007-046904.

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Dickinson, Kay. Off key: when film and music won't work together. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008. xiii, 247 p. ISBN 9780195326635 (alk. paper). ISBN 9780195326642 (alk. paper). LC 2007-024845.

Edwards, Jane, ed. Music: promoting health and creating community in healthcare contexts. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Pub., 2007. xi, 207 p. ISBN 9781847183514. ISBN 1847183514. LC 2008-411692.

Edwards, Linda Carol, Kathleen M. Bayless, and Marjorie E. Ramsey. Music and movement: a way of life for the young child. 6th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill, 2009. xxii, 227 p. ISBN 9780136013709. LC 2008-008332.

Espejo, Roman, ed. Should music lyrics be censored for violence and exploitation? Detroit, MI: Greenhaven Press, 2008. 137 p. ISBN 9780737740646 (hbk.). ISBN 9780737740653 (pbk.). LC 2007-050857.

At issue

Everett, William A., and Paul R. Laird, eds. The Cambridge companion to the musical. 2d ed. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008. xiv, 412 p. ISBN 9780521862387 (hbk.). ISBN 9780521680844 (pbk.). LC 2007-053042.

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Exhibition catalog.

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33 1/3

Filler, Susan Melanie. Gustav and Alma Mahler: a research and information guide. 2d ed. New York: Routledge, 2008. viii, 408 p. ISBN 9780415943888 (hbk.). ISBN 9780203932858 (ebook). LC 2007-028775.

Routledge music bibliographies

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Music/culture series

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Foreword also in German.

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Gard, Stephen. Nasty noises: error as a compositional element in electro-acoustic music. Saarbrucken: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, 2008. 56 p. ISBN 9783836493529. LC 2008-423124.

Originally presented as doctoral thesis-University, Sydney, 2006.

George, Nelson, and Alan Leeds, eds. The James Brown reader: 50 years of writing about the godfather of soul. New York: Plume, 2008. xxxii, 318 p. ISBN 9780452289468 (trade pbk.). LC 2008-010982.

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Landmarks in music since 1950

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Columbia themes in philosophy, social criticism, and the arts

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SOAS musicology series

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--For dummies

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Snap books. 10 things you need to know about

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Music Library Association technical reports, no. 31

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Music in American life

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A Swedish version of this book was first published by Accent Fosrlag, Sweden.

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Black dog opera library

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The Praeger singer-songwriter collection

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African American life series

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Black Dog opera library

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