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Books recently published.

For information about the scope of this column, consult the headnote in the September 2004 issue (p. 153 of this volume).


Adams, Chris. Turquoise days: the weird world of Echo & The Bunnymen. New York: Soft Skull; London: Turnaround, 2002. vi, 322 p. ISBN 1-887128-89-1. LC 2004-302847.

Adams, John Luther. Winter music: composing the North. Foreword by Kyle Gann. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press, c2004. xxiv, 204 p. + 1 CD. ISBN 0-8195-6742-6 (hbk.: alk. paper). LC 2004-009749.

Adlington, Robert. Louis Andriessen, De staat. Aldershot, Hants, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, c2004. xi, 167 p. + 1 CD. ISBN 0-7546-0925-1 (alk. paper). LC 2003-059519.

Landmarks in music since 1950

Allman, Barbara. Musical genius: a story about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Illus. by Janet Hamlin. Minneapolis, MN: Carolrhoda Books, c2004. 64 p. ISBN 1-57505-604-6 (lib. bdg.: alk. paper). LC 2003-015088.

A creative minds biography

Anderton, Craig, and Christian Deinhardt. Cubase SX/SL: mixing & mastering. New York: Amsco Publications, c2003. 496 p. + 1 CD-ROM. ISBN 0-8256-2720-6. LC 2004-558905.

Anderton, Craig. Sonar insider. New York: Schirmer Trade Books, c2004. 192 p. ISBN 0-8256-7314-3 (pbk.: alk. paper). LC 2004-009100.

Ansell, Gwen. Soweto blues: jazz, polular [sic.] music, and politics in South Africa. New York: Continuum, 2004. viii. 350 p. ISBN 0-8264-1662-4 (hbk.: alk. paper). LC 2004-011875.

Ardley, Neil. Music. Rev. ed. New York: DK Publishing, 2004. 72 p. ISBN 0-7566-0708-6. ISBN 0-7566-0709-4. LC 2004-302391.

Evewitness (DK Publishing, Inc.)

Eyewitness books (DK Publishing, Inc.)

Ashley, Susan. Yo-Yo Ma. Milwaukee, WI: World Almanac Library, 2005. 48 p. ISBN 0-8368-5497-7 (lib. bdg.). ISBN 0-8368-5266-4 (pbk.). LC 2004-041294.

Trailblazers of the modern world

Audio culture: readings in modern music. Ed. by Christoph Cox and Daniel Warner. New York: Continuum, 2004. xvii, 454 p. ISBN 0-8264-1614-4 (hbk.: alk. paper). ISBN 0-8264-1615-2 (pbk.: alk. paper). LC 2004-009124.

Awagean, Hayk. Album of selected recordings of Aram Khatchaturian's works. Cairo: n.p., 2004. 169 p. LC 2004-335270.

Babbitt, Milton. The collected essays of Milton Babbitt. Ed. by Stephen Peles ... et al. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, c2003. xi, 517 p. ISBN 0-691-08966-3 (alk. paper). LC 2003-044496.

Bancroft, Tony. Growing your musician: a practical guide for band and orchestra parents. Reston, VA: MENC, c2004. x, 118 p. ISBN 1-56545-160-0. LC 2004-302800.

Bankston, John. Bow Wow. Hockessin, DE: Mitchell Lane Publishers, c2004. 32 p. ISBN 1-58415-220-6 (library bound). LC 2003-024036.

A blue banner biography

Bankston, John. Ja Rule. Hockessin, DE: Mitchell Lane Publishers, c2004. 32 p. ISBN 1-58415-221-4 (library bound). LC 2003-024039.

A blue banner biography

Bankston, John. Jay-Z. Hockessin, DE: Mitchell Lane Publishers, c2004. 32 p. ISBN 1-58415-223-0 (library bound). LC 2003-024040.

A blue banner biography

Bankston, John. The life and times of Duke Ellington. Hockessin, DE: Mitchell Lane Publishers, c2005. 48 p. ISBN 1-58415-248-6 (library bound). LC 2003-024123.

Masters of music

Bankston, John. Missy Elliott. Hochessin, DE: Mitchell Lane Publishers, c2004. 32 p. ISBN 1-58415-219-2 (library bound). LC 2003-024037.

A blue banner biography

Barbour, J. Murray. Tuning and temperament: a historical survey. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 2004. xii, 228 p. ISBN 0-486-43406-0 (pbk.). LC 2004-043835.

Originally published: East Lansing: Michigan State College Press, 1951.

Barrow, Lee G. Ottorino Respighi (1879-1936), an annotated bibliography. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2004. viii, 247 p. ISBN 0-8108-5140-7 (alk. paper). LC 2004-054738.

Barrow, Steve, and Peter Dalton. The Rough guide to Reggae. Photographs by Adrian Boot ... et al. 3rd ed., expanded and completely rev. London: Rough Guides; 2004. 484 p. ISBN 1-84353-329-4. LC 2004-558939.

Rough guides music series

The Beatles. David M. Haugen, book ed. Detroit, MI: Greenhaven Press, c2005. 203 p. ISBN 0-7377-2595-8 (alk. paper). ISBN 0-7377-2596-6 (pbk.: alk. paper). LC 2004-040596.

People who made history

The Beatles: ten years that shook the world. Editor-in-chief, Paul Trynka; foreword by Brian Wilson. London: Dorling Kindersley, 2004. 456 p. ISBN 0-7566-0670-5. ISBN 1-40530-691-2. LC 2004-302857.

Becker, Kerstin H. Through these doors: the history of the University of Massachusetts Minuteman marching band, 1863-2003. Amherst, MA: Old Chapel Press, c2004. 210 p. ISBN 0-9747553-0-3. LC 2003-115896.

The Beethoven violin sonatas: history, criticism, performance. Ed. by Lewis Lockwood and Mark Kroll. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, c2004. vii, 164 p. ISBN 0-252-02932-1 (hbk.: alk. paper). LC 2003-026966.

Bellingham, Dave. Logic Audio workshop. New York: Amsco Pub., c2003. 315 p. + 1 CD. LC 2004-558916.

Wizoo guide

Bendikas, Kristina. The opera theatre of Jean-Pierre Ponnelle. Lewiston, NY: E. Mellen Press, c2004. vi, 199 p. ISBN 0-7734-6485-9. LC 2004-044934.

Studies in the history and interpretation of music, v. 105

Beyond structural listening?: postmodern modes of hearing. Ed. by Andrew Dell'Antonio. Berkeley: University of California Press, c2004. viii, 335 p. ISBN 0-520-23757-9 (hbk.: alk. paper). ISBN 0-520-23760-9 (pbk.: alk. paper). LC 2004-001751.

Bhattacharya, Sabyasachi. Vande mataram: the biography of a song. New Delhi; New York, NY: Penguin Books, 2003. xv, 136 p. ISBN 0-14-303055-8. LC 2003-323554.

Black Wall Street: the next generation of independent billionaires: the C.E.O. manual. United States: J.T. the Bigga Figga, c2003. 1 v. LC 2004-556906.

Bohlman, Philip Vilas. The music of European nationalism: cultural identity and modern history. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, c2004. 423 p. + 1 CD. ISBN 1-57607-270-3 (hbk.: alk. paper). LC 2004-005429.

ABC-CLIO world music series

Boone, Mary. Lindsay Lohan: a star on the rise. Chicago: Triumph Entertainment, c2004. 80 p. ISBN 1-57243-689-1. LC 2004-303245.

Boone, Mary. Raven: a star from the start. Chicago: Triumph Books, c2004. 79 p. ISBN 1-57243-643-3 (pbk.). LC 2004-303244.

Borchmeyer, Dieter. Drama and the world of Richard Wagner. Trans. by Daphne Ellis. Princeton: Princeton University Press, c2003. x. 391 p. ISBN 0-691-11497-8 (alk. paper). LC 2003-043394.

Bove, Tony. The GarageBand book. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Pub., c2004. 328 p. ISBN 0-7645-7322-5 (pbk.). LC 2004-112338.

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Boykan, Martin. Silence and slow time: studies in musical narrative. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2004. ix, 255 p. ISBN 0-8108-4751-5 (alk. paper). LC 2003-004767.

Breslin, Herbert H., and Anne Midgette. The king and I: the uncensored tale of Luciano Pavarotti's rise to fame by his manager, friend, and sometime adversary. New York: Doubleday: 2004. 308 p. ISBN 0-385-50972-3. LC 2004-045508.

Brown, Monica. My name is Celia: the life of Celia Cruz = Me Ilamo Celia: la vida de Celia Cruz. Illus. by Rafael Lopez. Flagstaff, AZ: Rising Moon, 2004. 1 v. ISBN 0-87358-872-X (hbk.). LC 2004-004883.

Bilingual: English and Spanish.

The Cambridge companion to Rossini. Ed. by Emanuele Senici. Cambridge: New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004. xv, 264 p. ISBN 0-521-80736-0. ISBN 0-521-00195-1 (pbk.). LC 2003-048560.

Cambridge companions to music

The Cambridge companion to the Lied. Ed. by James Parsons. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004. xxxviii, 399 p. ISBN 0-521-80027-7 (hbk.). ISBN 0-521-80471-X (pbk.). LC 2003-051229.

Cambridge companions to music

Campbell, Murray, Clive Greated, and Arnold Myers. Musical instruments: history, technology, and performance of instruments of western music. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2004. ix, 510 p. ISBN 0-19-816504-8. LC 2004-303547.

Cantello, Matthew. Communing with music: practicing the art of conscious listening. Camarillo, CA: DeVorss Publications, 2004. xvi, 154 p. ISBN 0-87516-792-6. LC 2004-055110.

Careers in focus. Music. New York: Ferguson, c2004. 218 p. ISBN 0-8160-5555-6 (alk. paper). LC 2004-003322.

Focus on

Carlin, Bob. String bands in the North Carolina Piedmont. With a foreword by Steve Terr Jefferson, NC: McFarland, c2004. vii, 267 p. ISBN 0-7864-1826-5 (pbk.: alk. paper). LC 2004-012124.

Childs, T. Mike. Rocklopedia fakebandica. New York: St. Martin's Griffin, 2004. viii, 243 p. ISBN 0-312-32944-X. LC 2004-009860.

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American history through music

Cross, Jonathan. Identity and difference: essays on music, language and time. Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2004. 190 p. ISBN 9058674134. LC 2004-476505.

Collected writings of the Orpheus Institute

Davis, Eileen. Sing French: diction for singers. With a foreword by Thomas Grubb. Columbus, OH: Eclaire Press, c2003. 327 p. + 3 CD-ROMs. ISBN 0-9710879-2-X. LC 2002-091414.

Dickerson, James. The fabulous Vaughan Brothers: Jimmie and Stevie Ray. Lanham, MD: Taylor Trade Pub., c2004. x, 208 p. ISBN 1-58979-116-9 (hbk.: alk. paper). LC 2003-024505.

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Get real books

Dignam, Christy. This is ... with Neil Fetherstonhaugh. Dublin: Merlin Pub., 2004. 296 p. ISBN 1-903582-56-3. LC 2004-426781.

Dressler, John Clay. Alan Rawsthorne: a bio-bibliography. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004. xiii, 363 p. ISBN 0-313-30589-7. LC 2004-053431.

Bio-bibliographies in music, no. 97

Dudley-Smith, Timothy. A house of praise: collected hymns 1961-2001. Oxford; Carol Stream, IL: Oxford University Press/Hope Pub., c2003. 562 p. ISBN 0-916642-74-7. LC 2003-108657.

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Landmarks in music since 1950

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Studies in the history and interpretation of music, v. 109

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Classical composers

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Classical composers

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Classical composers

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Global music series

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33 1/3

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Collegeville ministry series

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Repertoire international de la presse musicale

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Eastman studies in music

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Ashgate popular and folk music series

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Great life stories

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