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Books received.

This listing includes all books received for review since the last issue of CJUR. If you are interested in reviewing one of these publications for CJUR or would like to suggest a publication for review, please contact the Book Review Editor, Jino Distasio, Canadian Journal of Urban Research, Institute of Urban Studies, 346 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C OC3 or by email at: Book reviews may be submitted in English or French. Books listed in this section may already have been allocated for review.

English Titles:

Andrew, Caroline, Katherine A. Graham and Susan D. Phillips. Urban Affairs: Back on the Policy Agenda. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2002.

Agyeman, Julian, Robert D. Bullard and Bob Evans (ed.). Just Sustainabilities: Development in an Unequal World. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2003.

Blum, Alan. The Imaginative Structure of the City. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2003.

Bridgman, Rae. Safe Haven: The Story of a Shelter for Homeless Women. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003.

Bobo, Lawrence D., Melvin L. Oliver, James H. Johnson Jr. and Abel Valenzuela Jr. (ed.). Prismatic Metropolis: Inequality in Los Angeles. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2000.

Byron, Reginald (ed.). Retrenchment and Regeneration in Rural Newfoundland. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003.

Cashman, Tony. Edmonton." Stories from the River City. Duval House Publishing, 2002.

Danziger, Sheldon H. and Robert H. Haveman. Understanding Poverty. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2002.

Denzin, Norman K. Interpretive Interactionism. 2nd Edition. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2001.

Eckstein, Barbara and James A. Throgmorton (ed.). Story and Sustainability: Planning, Practice, and Possibility for American Cities. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2003.

Einhorn, Robin L. Property Rules. Political Economy in Chicago, 1833-1872. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2002.

Flyvbjerg, Bent. Megaprojects and Risk: An Anatomy of Ambition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Gilbert, Nigel (ed.). Researching Social Life. 2nd edition. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2001.

Giles, Susan L. and Edward J. Blakely. Fundamentals of Economic Development Finance. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2001.

Jackson, John N., John Burtniak and Gregory P. Stein. The Mighty Niagara: One River--Two Frontiers. New York: Prometheus Books, 2003.

Knight, Peter T. Small-Scale Research. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2002.

Leung, Hok-Lin. Land Use Planning Made Plain. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003.

Levitt, Peggy and Mary C. Waters (ed.). The Changing Face of Home: The Transnational Lives of the Second Generation. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2002.

Mukherjee, Amitava. Perspective of the Silent Majority: Air Pollution, Livelihood and Food Security." Indepth studies through PRA methods on community perspectives inurban and peri-urban areas of Varanasi and Faridabad, India. Burlington: Ashgate Publishing Ltd., 2001.

Nelson, William E. Jr. Black Atlantic Politics: Dilemmas of Political Empowerment in Boston and Liverpool. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2000.

Porter, David and Chester L. Mirsky. Megamall on the Hudson." Planning, Wal-mart, and Grassroots Resistance. Victoria: Trafford, 2003.

Rothenberg, David and Wandee J. Pryor (ed.). Writing on Air. Canbridge: The MIT Press, 2003.

Sabloff, Annabelle. Reordering the Natural World." Humans and Animals in the City. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001.

Schneider, Eric C. Vampires, Dragons, and Egyptian Kings." Youth Gangs in Postwar New York. Princeton University Press, 2001.

Scholz, Ronald W. and Olaf Tietje. Embedded Case Study Methods: Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Knowledge. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2002.

Schuster, Mark J. Informing Cultural Policy: The Research and Information Infrastructure. New Brunswick: Center for Urban Policy Research, 2002.

Solomon, Daniel. Global City Blues. Washington: Island Press, 2003.

Starke, Linda (ed.). State of the World 2003." A Worldwatch Institute Report on Progress Toward a Sustainable Society. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2003.

Walker, Richard M., Emma L. Jeanes and Robert O. Rowlands. Managing Public Services Innovation. The experience of English housing associations. Bristol: The Policy Press, 2001.

Weber, Edward P. Bringing Society Back In: Grassroots Ecosystem management, Accountability, and Sustainable Communities. Cambridge: The MIT Press, 2003.

Worldwatch Institute. Vital Signs 2003: The Trends That Are Shaping Our Future. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2003.

Zuberi, Tukufu. Thicker Than Blood. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2001.

French Titles:

Fortin, Andreee, Carole Desprees and Genevieeve Vachon. La banlieue revisitee. Editions Nota Bene, 2002.

Lacaze, Jean-Paul. Renouveler L'urbnisme: prospective et methodes. Presses de l'ecolenationale des Ponts et chaussees, 2000.

Lachapelle, Jacques. Le Fantasme Metropolitain. L'architecture de Ross et Macdonald. Montreal: Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, 2001.

Lemieux, Vincent. Decentralisation, politiques publiques et relations de pouvoir. Montreal: Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, 2001.

Morrisset, Lucie K. La memoire du paysage: histoire de la forme a un centre-ville: Saint Roch, Quebec. Les Presses de l'Universite Laval, 2001.

Poitras, Claire. La cite ou bout du fil. Montreal: Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, 2000.

Rousseau, Louis and Frank W. Remiggi. Atlas Historigue des Pratiques Religieuses: LeSud-Ouest du Quebec au XTX siecle. Ottawa: Les Presses de l'Universite d'Ottawa, 1998.

Sokoloff, Beatrice. Barcelone ou Comment Refaire une ville. Montreal: Les Presses del'Universite de Montreal, 1999.

Toussaint, Jean-Yves and Monique Zimmermann. User, onserver, programmer etfabriquer 'espace public. Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes, 2001.
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