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Books received.


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Du Vair, Guillaume. Premieres oeuvres depidte De Ia saincre Phiosophie, Meditation sur l'Oraison Dominicale, Le Cantique d'Ez~chias, Mdditations sur les Pseaumes. Ed. Bruno Petey-Girard. Paris: Honors Champion ~diteur, 2002. 405 pp. index, append. gloss. bibi. [euro]62. ISBN: 2-7453-0704-5.

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Terrier, Jean. Portraicts des SS Vertus de la Vierge contemplees par feue S.A.S.M Isabelle Clere Eugenie In/ante d'Espagne: A Facsimile Edition with a Critical Introduction by Cordula van Wyhe. Ed. Cordula van Wyhe. Glasgow: Glasgow Emblem Studies, 2002. xl + 180 pp. index, append. illus. n.p. ISBN: n.a.

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Contents: Robert W. Berger, "Introduction"; Jean de Jandun, "A Treatise of the Praises of Paris"; Guillebert de Mets, "The Description of the City of Paris"; Girolamo Lippomano, "A Description of Paris"; Giovanni Paolo Marana, "A Pleasant Critique of Paris"; and Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin, "Letters from Paris."

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Contents: Erika Rummel, "The Reuchlin Affair in Context"; Johann Pfefferkorn, "The Enemy of the Jews" and "The Confessions of the Jews"; Johann Reuchlin, "Report about the Books of the Jews" and "Defence against the Cologne Slanderers."

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Bambach, Carmen ed. Leonardo da Vinci: Master Draftsman. (The Metropolitan Museum of Art.) London and New Haven: Yale University Press, 2003. 800 pp. + 333 col. pls. index. illus. bibl. $65. ISBN: 0-300-09878-2.

Contents: Carmen C. Bambach, "Introduction to Leonardo and His Drawings" and "Leonardo, Left-Handed Draftsman and Writer"; Carlo Vecce, "Word and Image in Leonardo's Writings"; Carlo Pedretti," The Critical Fortune of Leonardo's Drawings"; Francoise Viatte, "The Early Drapery Studies"; Alessandro Cecchi, "New Light on Leonardo's Florentine Patrons"; Martin Kemp, "Drawing The Boundaries"; Pietro C. Marani, "Leonardo's Drawings in Milan and Their Influence On The Graphic Work of Milanese Artists"; Claire Farago, "The Codex Leicester"; Varena Forcione, "Leonardo's Grotesques: Originals and Copies"; and Carmen C. Bambach, "Documented Chronology of Leonardo's Life and Work."

Bamford, Karen, and Alexander Leggatt, eds. Approaches to Teaching English Renaissance Drama. New York: Modern Language Association, 2002. xv + 230 pp. index, append. bibl. $37.50 (cl), $18 (pbk). ISBN: 0-87352-773-9 (cl), 0-87352-774-7(pbk).

Contents: Alexander Leggatt, "Preface"; "Classroom Practice"; Karen Bamford, "Editions, Recommended Reading, Performance, the Internet"; Philippa Sheppard, "A Renaissance Filmography"; Alexander Leggatt, "Introduction: The Strangeness of Renaissance Drama"; Leah S. Marcus, "Texts that Won't Stand Still"; A.R. Braunmuller, "Performance Conditions"; Philippa Sheppard, "Fair Counterfeits: A Bibliography of Visual Aids for Renaissance Drama"; Joseph Candido, "Teaching Texture in Jonson's The Alchemist"; Jayson B. Brown, "The Witch of Edmonton: A Model for Teaching Collaboration in the Renaissance"; Frances Teague, "Responding to Renaissance Drama: One Way of Guiding Students"; James Hirsh, "Vittoria's Secret: Teaching Webster's The White Devil as a Tragedy of Inscrutability"; Theodore B. Leinwand, "Against the Bogeyman in English Renaissance Drama"; Helen Ostovich, "'Our Sport Shall Be to Take What They Mistake': Classroom Performance and Learning"; Laurie Maguire, "Teaching Cary's The Tragedy of Mariam through P erformance"; Ric Knowles, "Teaching History, Teaching Difference, Teaching By Directing Heywood's A Woman Killed with Kindness"; C.E. McGee, "Webbing Webster"; Arthur F. Kinney, "Arden and the Archives"; Jan Stirm, "'This Strumpet Serves Her Own Ends': Teaching Class and Service in Early Modern Drama"; Rebecca Ann Bach, "Teaching the Details of Race and Religious Difference in Renaissance Drama"; Christina Luckyj, "Historicizing Gender: Mapping Cultural Space in Webster's The Duchess of Malfi and Cary's The Tragedy of Mariam"; Lori Schroeder Haslem, "Tragedy and the Female Body A Materialist Approach to Heywod's A Woman Killed With Kindness and Webster's

The Duchess of Malfi"; Mario DiGangi, "Sex Matters"; Phebe Jensen, "Teaching Drama as Festivity: Dekker's The Shoemaker's Holiday and Beaumont's The Knight of the Burning Pestle"; John Hunter, "How Much History is Enough? Overcoming the Alienation of Early Modern Drama"; Judith Weil, "Jonson's Bartholomew Fair and Brueghel's Children's Games"; Randall Ingram, "Pleasure Reconciled to Virtue: Introducing Undergraduates to Stuart Masques and Enjoying It"; Thomas Aksrens, "Contextualizing the Demonic: Marlowe's Dr. Faustus in the Classroom"; and Paul Budra, " Tamburlaine to Tarantino."

Barnard, John and D. F. McKenzie, eds. The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain. (with the assistance of Maureen Bell. vol. 4, 1557-1695.) Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002. xxvii + 891 pp. index, append. illus. this. $140. ISBN: 0-521-66182-X.

Contents: T.A. Birrell, "Sir Roger L'Estrange"; John Barnard, "Introduction"; Arnold Hunt, Alexandra Walsham, and Patrick Collinson, "Religious Publishing in England 1557-1640"; Ian Green and Kate Peters, "Religious Publishing in England 1640-95"; Harold Love, "Oral and Scribal Texts in Early Modern England"; Peter Beal, "John Donne and the Circulation of Manuscripts"; Mary Chan, "Music Books"; Julian Roberts, "The Latin Trade"; Graham Parry, "Patronage and the Printing of Learned Works for the Author"; David McKitterick, "University Printing at Oxford and Cambridge"; Nicholas Barker, "Editing the Past: Classical and Historical Scholarship"; Laurence Worms, "Maps and Atlases"; Michael G. Brennan, "The Literature of Travel"; Adrian Jones, "Science and The Book"; M. Greengrass, "Samuel Hartlib and The Commonwealth of Learning"; Elisabeth Leedham-Green and David McKitterick, "Ownership: Private and Public Libraries"; James P. Carley, "Monastic Collections and Their Dispersal"; John Pitcher, "Literature, The Playhouse and The Public"; Joad Raymond, "Milton"; Paul Hammond, "The Restoration Poetic and Dramatic Cannon"; Nigel Smith, "Non-Conformist Voices and Books"; Maureen Bell, "Women Writing and Women Writers"; B.J. McMullin, "The Bible Trade"; J.H. Baker, "English Law Books and Legal Publishing"; R.C. Simmons, "ABCs, Almanacs, Ballads, Chapbooks, Popular Piety"; Lynette Hunter, "Books for Daily Life: Household, Husbandry, Behaviour"; Carolyn Nelson and Matthew Seccombe, "The Creation of the Periodical Press, 1620-95"; D.R McKenzie, "Printi ng and Publishing 1557-1700: Constraints on the London Book Trades"; James Raven, "The Economic Context"; John Bidwell, "French Paper in English Books"; Nicholas Barker, "The Old English Letter Foundaries"; Mirjam M. Foot, "Bookbinding"; Maureen Bell, "Mise-en-page, Illustration, Expressive Form"; Randall Anderson, "The Rhetoric of Paratext in Early Printed Books"; Peter Campbell, "The Typography of Hobbes' Leviathan"; Nicholas Barker, "The Polyglot Bible"; Harold Love, "The Look of News: Popish Plot Narratives 1678-80"; T.A. Birrell, "Sir Roger L'Estrange: The Journalism of Orality"; Maureen Bell and John Barnard, "The English Provinces"; Jonquil Bevan, "Scotland"; Robert Welch, "The Book in Ireland from the Tudor Re-Conquest to The Battle of the Boyne"; Philip Henry Jones, "Wales"; P.G. Hofrijzer, "British Books Abroad: The Continent"; Hugh Amory, "British Books Abroad: The American Colonies"; and Michael Treadwell, "The Stationers and The Printing Acts at the End of the Seventeenth Century."

Beaulieu, Jean-Philipe, ed. Le simple, le multiple: la disposition du recueil a la Renaissance. (Etudes francaises, 38, 3.) Montreal: Les Presses de l'Universite de Montreal, 2002. 140 pp. n.p. ISBN: 2-7606-2391-2.

Contents: Jean-Philippe Beaulieu, "Compiler, agencer: le gratieux labeur de la disposition"; Edwin M. Duval, "L'Adolescence Celmentine et l'Oeuvre de Clement Marot"; Claude La Charite, "Les Epistres morales et familieres(l545) de Jean Bouchet: de la hierarchie medievale au dialogue humaniste"; Jean-Philippe Beaulieu, "Postures epistolaires et effets de dispositio dans la correspondance entre Marguerite d'Angouleme et Guillaume Briconnet"; Joel Castonguay Belanger, "L'edification d'un Tombeau poetique: du rituel au recueil"; Helene Cazes, "Les mille et une pages D'Henri Estienne et de ses lecteurs: le recueil infini"; Evelyne Berriot-Salvadore, "Une recollection: la disposition des Oeuvres d'Ambroise Pare"; Bruno Meniel, "La disposition des Amores diverses d'Antoine de Nerveze"; and David Decarie, "Theme du traitre et du complot; La mise en scene de Claude Oilier."

Berley, Marc, ed. Reading the Renaissance: Ideas and Idioms from Shakespeare to Milton. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 2003. ix + 278 pp. index. bibl. $60. ISBN: 0-8207-0336-2.

Contents: Mare Berley, "Introduction"; Frank Kermode, "On Certain Verses of Shakespeare"; Mare Berley, "The 'Idea' of King Lear"; Michael Mack, "The Consolidation of Art in the Aeneid"; Louis L. Martz "Donne's Anniversaries: The Powers of the Soul"; Albert C. Labriola, "The Donna Angelicata of Donne's 'Aire and Angels"'; Anne Lake Prescott, "Male Lesbian Voices: Ronsard, Tyard and Donne Play Sappho"; Stanley Stewart, "Reading Donne: Old and New His- and Her- storicisms"; Ernest B. Gilman, "Plague Writing 1603: Jonson's 'On My First Sonne"'; Martin Elsky, "Erich Auerbach's Seltsamkeit: The Seventeenth Century and the History of Feelings"; Anthony Low, "The Fall into Subjectivity: Milton's 'Paradise Within' and 'Abyss of Fears and Horrors"'; and Edward W. Tayler, "Epique: Bugswords."

Beschin, Giovanni, Fabrizio Cambi, and Luca Cristellon, eds. Lutero e i linguaggi dell'Occidente: Atti del convegno tenuto a Trento dal 29 al 31 maggio 2000. Brescia: Editrice Morcelliana, 2002. 470 pp. + 6 col. and 10 b/w pls. illus. tbls. [euro]28.50 ISBN: 88-372-1870-2.

Contents: Luigi Sartori, "Presentazione"; Paul Ricoeur, "Dal Concilio di Trento al Convegno di Trento"; Heiko A. Oberman, "Lutero e la via moderna. La svolta della Riforma e il suo sfondo filosofico"; Alessandro Ghisalberti, "Dalla via moderna alla via antiqua"; Giancarlo Pani, "L'aurografo di Lutero sulla Lettera ai Romain; un progerro di Riforma?"; Sergio Rostagno, "Ontologia e linguaggio nel discorso luterano"; Karl-Heinz zur Muhlen, "L'antropologia di Martin Lurero alla luce dell'escatologia"; Mario Galzignato, "La giustificazione-evangelo negli scritti giovanili di Martin Lutero (1509-1516)"; Emanuele Banfi, "Vicende e politiche linguistiche nell'Europa del periodo della Riforma"; Federico Albano Leoni, "Lutero e la storia della lingua tedesca"; Sebastian Seyfert, "L'influsso delle fonti latine sulla formazione dei testi nelle redazioni della Bibbia di Martin Lutero (1522-1545)"; Heinrich Magirius, "La Riforma di Martin Lurero e I suoi effetti sull'arte dell'epoca"; Johannes Erichsen, "Lutero e le immagi ni"; Jos E. Vercruysse, "Lutero nella reologia e nella storiografia cattolica del Novecento"; Giampiero Bof, "Barth e Lutero"; Andrea Poma, "Leibniz e l'unita' delle chiese"; Marco Ivaldo, "Fichte e la riforma"; Fortunato M. Cacciatore, "Hegel e il protestantesimo. Eticita', religione, filosofia"; Alberto Gallas, "E Lutero un dialettico? L'evoluzione del giudizio di Kirkegaard sul Riformatore di Wittenberg"; Horst Georg Pohlman, "La presenza della lingua di Lutero in Friedrich Nietzsche"; Giuseppe Cantillo, "Luteranesimo e mondo moderno in Ernst Troehsch"; and Marco Gozzi, "Cantus planus e Kirchengesenge Deudtsch, quali dipendenze?"

Bomford, David, ed. Art in the Making: Underdrawings in Renaissance Paintings. London: National Gallery Company Limited, 2002. 192 pp. index, append. illus. bibl. $30. ISBN: 1-85709-987-7.

Contents: David Bomford, "Introduction"; Ashok Roy, Joe Kirby, and Marika Spring, "The Materials of Underdrawing"; Susan Foister, and Lorne Campbell, "The Artists of 'The North': their Drawings and Underdrawings"; Carol Plazzotta and Jill Dunkerton, "Drawing and Design in Italian Renaissance Painting"; Susan Foister, "Stephan Lochner: Saints Matthew, Catherine of Alexandria ana' John the Evangelista"; Jill Dunketton, "Cosimo Tura: SaintJerome" and "Carlo Crivelli: The Dead Christ supported by Two Angels"; Lorne Campbell, "Hans Memling: A Young Man at Prayer" and "Master of the View Of St. Gudula: Portrait of a Young Man"; Susan Foister, "Master of the Life of the Virgin: The Conversion of Saint Hubert" and "Workshop of the Master of Saint Bartholomew Altarpiece: The Virgin and Child with MusicalAngels"; Carol Plazzotta, "Raphael: The Procession to Calvary"; Carol Plazzotta, "Raphael: The Madonna and Child with the Infant Baptist"; Jill Dunkerton, "Giorgione: The Ado ration of the Kings"; Susan Foister, "Lucas Cranach the Elder: Saints Christina and Ottilia"; Carol Plazzotta, "Pontormo: Joseph with Jacob in Egypt"; Susan Foister, "Albrecht Aldorfer: Christ taking Leave of His Mother"; Lorne Campbell. "Workshop of the Master of 1518: The Flight into Egypt"; "Marinus van Reymerswale: Two Tax Gatherers"; and "Pieter Brueghel the Elder: The Adoration of the Kings."

Borgato, Maria Teresa, ed. Giambattista Riccioli e il merito scientifico dei gesuiti nell'eta' barocca. (Biblioteca di Nuncius: Studi e testi, 44.) Florence: Leo S. Olschki, 2002. xviii + 486 pp. index, append. illus. tbls. bibl. [euro]51. ISBN: 88-222-5106-7.

Contents: Ugo Baldini, "Riccioli e Grimaldi"; Alfredo Dinis, "Was Riccioli a Secret Copernican?"; Maria Teresa Borgato, "Riccioli e la caduta dei gravi"; Juan Casanovas, "Riccioli e l'asrronomia dopo Keplero"; Fabrizio Bonoli, "Riccioli e gli strumenti dell'astronomia"; Jacques Gapaillard, "Les Travaux geodesiques de Riccioli"; Renato Raffaelli, "Sulla Prosodia Bononiensis di Riccioli"; Antonino Poppi, "Riccioli e il problema reologico delle distinzioni"; Cesare Preti, "Riccioli e l'inquisizione"; Denise Aric6, "Riccioli nella cultura borghese del suo tempo"; Giacomo Savioli, "Sulle tracce dei Riccioli a Ferrara"; Victor Navarro Brotons, "Riccioli y la renovacion cientifica en la Espanya del siglo XVII"; Alessandra Fiocca, "I gesuiti e ii governo delle acque nel basso Po nel secolo XVII"; Veronica Gavagna, "Le Ceneri dell'Olimpo Ventilate: un dialogo sulla meteorologia di Paolo Casati"; Luigi Pepe, "La biblioteca maggiore e minore del collegio ei gesuiri di Ferrara"; and Giambattista Riccioli, "Primum Mobile Reformatum."

Campi, Emidio, Frank A. James, and Peter Opitz, eds. Peter Martyr Vermigli: Humanism, Republicanism, Reformation. Geneva: Librairie Droz S. A., 2002. 326 pp. index. [euro]80. ISBN: 2-600-00653-2.

Contents: Emidio Campi, "Vorwort"; J. C. McLelland, "From Montreal to Zurich (1949-99): Vermigli Studies Today"; Emidio Campi, "Streifzug Durch Vermiglis Biographie"; Alfred Schindler, "Vermigli und die Kirchenvater"; Frank A. James III, "The Complex of Justification: Peter Martyr Vermigli Versus Albert Pighius"; John Patrick Donnelly, S.J., "Peter Martyr Vermigli's Political Ethics"; Robert M. Kingdon, "Peter Martyr Vermigli on Church Discipline"; Christoph Strohm, "Petrus Martyr Vermiglis Loci Communes und Calvin's Institutio Christianae Religionis"; M. van Wijnkoop Luthi and R. Delisperger, "Peter Martyr Vermigli und Wolfgang Musculus"; Giulio Orazio Bravi, "Ober die Inrellekruellen Wurzeln des Republikanismus Von Petrus Martry Vermigli"; J. Andreas Lowe, "Peter Martyr Vermigli and Richard Smyth's De Votis Monasticis"; Diarmaid MacCulloch, "Peter Martyr Vermigli and Thomas Cranmer"; Fritz Busser, "Vermigli in Zurich"; Michael Baumann, "Petrus Martyr Vermigli: Doctor, Lelirer der Heiligen Schrift und Zurche r. Hinweise Zu Vermiglis Tatgkeit in Zurich"; Thomas Kruger, "Peter Martyr Vermigli Hermeneutik des Alten Testaments Am Beispiel Seines Kommenrars Uber die Konigsbucher"; Andreas Muhling, "Vermigli, Bullinger und das Relionsgesprach von Poissy"; Kurt Jakob Ruetschi, "Gwalther, Wolf und Simlker Als Herausgeber von Vermigli-Werken"; Bruce Gordan, "Peter Martyr Vermigli in Scotland: A Sixteenth-Century Reformer in a Seventeenth-Century Quarrel"; Torrance Kirby, "Vermilius Absconditus? The Iconography of Peter Martry Vermigli"; and Philip M. J. McNair, "Peter Martyr The Preacher A Meditation on John 20:19-23."

Cogswell, Thomas, Richard Cust, and Peter Lake, eds. Politics, Religion and Popularity: Early Stuart Essays in Honour of Conrad Russell. Cambridge, UK and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002. x + 304 pp. + 1 blw pl. index. illus. bibl. $60. ISBN: 0-521-80700-X.

Contents: Richard Cust, Peter Lake, and Thomas Cogswell, "Revision and Its Legacies: the Work of Conrad Russell"; Nicholas Tyacke, "Puritan Politicians and King James VI and 11587-1604"; Lori Anne Ferrell, "The Sacred, the Profane and the Union: politics of sermon and masque at the court wedding of Lord and Lady Hay"; Pauline Croft, "Capital Life: Members of Parliament outside the House"; Andrew Thrush, "The Personal Rule of James I, 1611-20"; David D. Hebb, "Profiting from Misfortune: Corruption and the Admiralty under the Early Stuarts"; Cynthia Herrup, "Negotiating Grace"; J. F. Merritt, "The Pastoral Tightrope: a Puritan Pedagogue in Jacobean London"; Anthony Milton, "The Creation of Laudianism: a NewApproach"; Jacqueline Eales, "Provincial Preaching and Allegiance in the First English Civil War, 1640-6"; Thomas Cogswell, "The People's Love: the Duke of Buckingham and Popularity"; Richard Cust, "Charles I and Popularity"; and Peter Lake, "Puritans, Popularity and Petitions: Local Politics in National Cont ext, Cheshire, 1641."

da Cunha Resende, Aimara, ed. Foreign Accents: Brazilian Readings of Shakespeare. London and Newark: University of Delaware Press/AUP, 2002. 230 PP. index. $46.50. ISBN: 0-87413-753-5.

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