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Books received from various publishers.

From Encounter Books, 665 Third St., Suite 330, San Francisco, CA, 94107-1951. Tel: (415)538-1460.

Steven E. Rhoads, Taking Sex Differences Seriously, 2004, $27.95 U.S. or $41.95 Cdn, hardcover, 374 pages. The author uses scientific evidence to break down myths such as that girls are feminine and boys are masculine because they are conditioned this way by society, or that men and women are virtually interchangeable--as proponents of feminist thought would have us believe. Rhoads proves that sex distinctions area deeply rooted part of human nature and these differences are beneficial to society. In fact, the suppression of natural biological realities in the modern day has brought about much suffering and evil. While upholding nature the author discourages certain natural tendencies in both men and women, which ought to be overcome by self-discipline.

From John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 22 Worcester Rd., Toronto, ON, M9IV 1L1.

Marc Kielburger and Craig Kielburger, Me to we: turning self-help on its head, 2004, $19.99 Cdn, softcover, 142 pages. The authors discourage the self-centred approach, and show that it does not bring true satisfaction. Through a variety of examples they encourage the practice of small, selfless actions which reach out to others. They argue that our lives, both professional and personal, can be positively transformed, and that we are helping ourselves when we help other.
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Title Annotation:Book notes; Taking Sex Differences Seriously; Me to We: Turning Self-Help on its Head
Publication:Catholic Insight
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 2004
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