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Books received from Catholic publishers.

>From Sunrise Marian Centre, RR 3, Pictou, Nova Scotia, B0K 1H0.

Bishop J. Faber MacDonald, Awakening to the Mystery of Evil, 2003, $10.00 Cdn, softcover, 96 pages. Those concerned with the disappearing sense of sin and evil in the world might do well to consider Bishop MacDonald's new treatment. This self-published work is a personal response to the "hidden presence of evil, in addictions, in abuse, in those who have suffered trauma, or who feel stuck in shame or guilt." The author is the bishop of Saint John, N.B. Writing from years of pastoral experience, he concludes that entering the humility of Jesus is the only sure means of neutralizing the pride of Satan.

>From Ignatius Press, 2515 McAllister St., San Francisco, CA, 94118 U.S.A. Tel.: (415)387-2324 or 1-(800)651-1531.

Ferdinand Holbock, New Saints and Blesseds of the Catholic Church (vol. 2, 1984-1987), 2003, $14.95 U.S., softcover, 332 pages. One of the many trademarks of Pope John Paul II's pontificate has been a renewed emphasis on the lives of Catholic saints and blesseds. This latest effort by priest and hagiographer Holbock complements earlier dictionaries of saints. The book captures the life and work of forty-nine people beatified and seven saints canonized by Pope John Paul between 1984-87. Among the selections are Saint Edith Stein and Blessed Titus Brandsma, both Carmelites who died in World War II. Each section includes biographic details and the homily given by the pope at the respective beatification or canonization ceremony.

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, God is Near Us--The Eucharist, The Heart of Life, 2003, $12.95 U.S., softcover, 152 pages. Ignatius Press has assembled a collection of lectures, pastoral letters and homilies by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, focusing on the celebration of the Eucharist as the absolute centre of Catholic life and tradition. For the cardinal, a proper appreciation of the Eucharist is key not only to one's personal devotion, but also to a transformation of the world on the social plane.

John P. McClernon (Ed.), Sermon in a Sentence. A Treasury of Quotations on the Spiritual Life: St. Francis de Sales (vol. 2), 2003, $11.95 U.S., hardcover, 176 pages. This is a collection of pithy inspirational messages from St. Francis de Sales, the popular saint and doctor of the Church. The direct quotes from the saint are arranged to correspond with the 15 decade Rosary, allowing the reader a simple way to pray, reflect and examine his conscience. Michael O'Brien, author of the popular Father Elijah novel, calls this collection a treasure house for religious and laity alike.

Henry Dieterich (Ed.), Through the Year with Fulton Sheen, 2003, $13.95 U.S., softcover, 236 pages. History professor and writer Henry Dieterich has assembled a collection of inspiring and insightful recollections by Bishop Fulton Sheen, who became the Church's greatest TV personality in the 1950s for his eloquent and simple presentation of Catholic teaching. There is a homiletic note from Bishop Sheen for every day of the calendar year. This effort is a re-issue of the 1985 edition.

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