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Ace Your Math Test series

Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

Enslow Publishers, Inc.

PO Box 398

Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922-0398

9780766037816 $31.93 each (lib. ed.)

Professional mathematics educator Rebecca Wingard-Nelson presents Ace Your Math Test, a five-volume series designed especially for students struggling with the mathematical basics such as fractions or simple geometry (note that more complicated topics such as algebra or trigonometry are beyond the scope of these lessons). Although the Ace Your Math Test series is intended for young adults, readers of all ages will find the step-by-step instructions for solving sample problems invaluable for brushing up on neglected math skills. True to its title, the Ace Your Math Test series is also packed with test-taking tips, tricks and techniques from cover to cover! For example, one hint reads "Put a small mark next to answers you're not sure of or do not finish. When you finish your test, go back to those problems." The Ace Your Math Test series works well for classroom use, home schooling, or individual study, and an absolute "must-have" for middle school library collections. The individual volumes are "Addition and Subtraction" (9780766037786) "Multiplication and Division" (9780766037793), "Fractions and Decimals" (9780766037809), "Percents and Ratios" (9780766037816), and "Geometry" (9780766037830).

The Child's World, Inc.

1980 Lookout DriveMankato, MN 56003

A premier publisher of non-fiction books for young readers and immanently suitable for both school and community library collections, The Child's World edition of 'Animal Migrations' is a twelve volume series showcasing twelve different animals whose life cycle includes traveling over enormous distances. This outstanding series of 32 page, full-color photographically illustrated, reinforced library bound titles include Arctic Tern Migration; Buffalo Migration; Caribou Migration; Dall Sheep Migration; Golden Eagle Migration; Green Sea Turtle Migration; Humpback Whale Migration; Monarch Butterfly Migration; Salmon Migration; wildebeest Migration; and Zebra Migration. Each volume is enhanced with its own table of contents, informative sidebars, detailed migration maps, a glossary, comprehensive index, and internet resources for further study of the featured animal. Specially and deftly written at a third grade reading level and a first through fifth grade interest level, the 'Animal Migration' series is available individually (List $28.50 / Library $19.95), but the highest recommendation is for school and community libraries to acquire the complete twelve volume set (List $342.00 / Library $239.40).

Arkeepers series

W.J. Madsen

Little M Books

Suitable for readers age 9 and up, The Arkeepers is a fantasy series by award-winning author W.J. Madsen. Set in "the Moustachio Universe", a bizarre and amazing place where virtually anything can happen, the Arkeepers series is reminiscent of Lewis Carroll classic flights of imagination "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass". A whimsically adventurous romp through time and space, the Arkeepers series is an excellent gift for inquisitive young readers and a worthy contribution to public or school library collections. The volumes are "Keepers" (9780983048701, $7.95), with renegade ghost knights and a pink elephant; "Angeliks" (9780983048718, $9.30), with a tiara-wearing pig and a lovesick weeping bull; "Darkeepers" (9780983048725, $9.75), with cursed baby pirates and a race across seven seas; and "Guardians" (9780983048732, $10.55), with duplicitous leprechauns and the missing keystone to life itself. Although The Arkeepers is family-friendly, fantasy lovers of all ages will thoroughly enjoy these spirited, reality-transcending adventures. Highly recommended!

Native American Library series

Helen Dwyer, et. al.

Gareth Stevens Publishing

111 East 14th Street, Suite 349

New York, NY 10003

$31.95 each

The six-volume Native American Library series vividly portrays the history and culture of various Native American tribes in plain terms, enhanced with striking full-color photography on almost every page. Chapters cover the origins, a brief history, the traditional way of life, modernday life, and hot-button modern issues pertaining to each tribe. A glossary, timeline, and index round out this excellent, accessible series for young adults, highly recommended especially for grade school and junior high library collections. The volumes are "Mohawk History and Culture" (9781433966682), "Nez Perce History and Culture" (9781433966767), "Sioux History and Culture" (9781433966804), "Cheyenne History and Culture" (9781433966644), "Apache History and Culture" (9781433966613), and "Navajo History and Culture" (9781433966729).

World Mythologies series

The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc.

29 East 21st Street

New York, NY 10010

$39.95 each

Illustrated with full-color photography and artwork on almost every page, the "World Mythologies" series makes traditional cultural myths thoroughly accessible to readers of all ages. The "World Mythologies" series is written in plain text, retelling classic stories and identifying major mythological figures. The individual volumes are "Ancient India's Myths and Beliefs" (9781448859900), "Ancient China's Myths and Beliefs" (9781448859917), "African Myths and Beliefs" (9781448859894), "Native American Myths and Beliefs" (9781448859924), "Ancient Greece and Rome Myths and Beliefs" (9781448859931), and "Ancient Egypt's Myths and Beliefs" (9781448859948). Highly recommended especially for any lay reader interested in familiarizing themselves with the myths of other cultures, as well as for high school and public library collections.

High Noon Books

c/o Academic Therapy Publications

20 Commercial Blvd., Novato, CA 94949-6191

High Noon Books is a premier publisher of high-interest, low-vocabulary books which are ideal reading skills curriculum supplements for classroom teachers and home-schooling parents. Two of their newest five-book pocket-sized series are by D. K. Akers. 'Copper Canyon' features "Bobcat Trail"; "Down The Stream"; "Getting Away"; "Hay Fever"; and "Party Girl". The D. K. Akers' series 'The Fixers' features the adventures of young teenagers Lena and Shane and includes "Missing"; "Hit and Run"; "Looking for a Home"; "Trapped"; and "Throwing the Game". These are short, entertaining, attention grabbing stories that will be especially attractive to 'reading reluctant' students and are highly recommended as supplemental remedial reading curriculum materials. Reading specialist teachers and school librarians would be well advised to visit the High Noon Books web site at for a complete listing of their outstanding high-interest, low-vocabulary series.

Crabtree Publishing

350 - 5th Avenue, 59th Floor

New York NY 10118

New additions to the 'My Path to Math' series provides additional fine titles exploring math concepts to grades K-3, and is a recommendation for all libraries seeking quality math titles. Six new books add to the existing series with BEGINNER WORD PROBLEMS (9780778752745, $15.95), BUILDING SETS OF TEN (9780778752776, $15.95), COMPARING FRACTIONS (9780778752752), PATTERNING (9780778752783, $15.95), PERIMETER (9780778752769, $15.95) and WHAT COMES IN SETS? (9780778752790, $15.95). Each title provides a basic concept or introduction, offering simple discussions and encouraging readers to build an understanding based on recognizing patterns or solving specific problems. These will prove a fine pick for any collection building different approaches to learning basic, elementary math.
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