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Bartone, Elisa

PEPPE THE LAMPLIGHTER. Il. by Ted Lewin. ISBN 0-688-10268-9. New York: Lothrop, 1993. 32 pp. $14.00. In order to help out his poor family, including his six sisters, Peppe looks throughout Little Italy for a job. Finally he is asked to light the lamps until the regular lamplighter returns from Italy. Peppe's ailing father looks down his nose at this lowly job, however, so Peppe begins to shirk his duties. One night, he doesn't light the lamps and his younger sister doesn't return home. Lewin's dramatic shots of Little Italy, shown mostly in shadow with front lighting, steal the show. Ages 5-9. Reviewed by Tina L. Burke, Media Specialist, Stedwick Elementary, Gaithersburg, MD

Bernhard, Emery, Reteller

SPOTTED EAGLE AND BLACK CROW. Il. by Durga Bernhard. ISBN 0-8234-1007-2. New York: Holiday House, 1993. 32 pp. $15.95. Two Lakota brothers love the same woman, Red Bird. Black Crow abandons his brother, Spotted Eagle, on an eagle's nest and returns to marry Red Bird. Spotted Eagle prays to the Great Spirit to help him return home and face his brother. Told with brevity and restraint, this classic tale has plenty of action to hold a young audience's attention. Drawn in the style of Indian picture writing, the minimal outlines still portray ample expression. A good addition to Native American folklore. Ages 6-10.

Brill, Marlene Targ

ALLEN JAY AND THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD. Il. by Janice Lee Porter. ISBN 0-8714-766-7. Minneapolis, MN: Carolrhoda, 1993. 48 pp. $14.95. Based on a true story, this book tells of an 11-year-old Quaker boy in Ohio in the 1840s who brings food to a runaway slave and drives him through the dark night to the next stop on the road to freedom. Brightly illustrated throughout, this is a tale of courage and history for beginning readers. Ages 6-9. Reviewed by Joan S. Keenan Librarian, St. Peter's School, Washington, DC

Cooper, Susan

THE BOGGART. ISBN 0-689-50576-0. New York: Margaret K. McElderry, 1993. 196 pp. $14.95. A boggart is a small invisible Scottish spirit bent on mischief. Jessup and Emily's parents inherit a Scottish castle and inadvertently bring the boggart back to Canada. Let loose in a world of computers, TVs and electricity, the boggart begins to wreak havoc in a modern world. With this marvelously funny and a little bit sad book, Cooper has once again touched the soul. Ages 10-14.

Coplans, Peta

SPAGHETTI FOR SUZY. Il. by author. ISBN 0-395-65232-4. Boston, MA: Houghton, 1993. Unp. $13.95. Suzy ate only spaghetti, mountains of it. She refused to eat anything else. But on an outing to the park, she encountered three animals who used Suzy's spaghetti for some very unusual purposes. They also opened up new worlds of food delights for Suzy. Coplans makes this an exciting picture book for picky eaters. Ages 4-8. Reviewed by Florence Leonard, Towson State University, MD

Cross Gillian

THE GREAT AMERICAN ELEPHANT CHASE. ISBN 0-8234-1016-1. New York: Holiday House, 1993. 193 pp. $14.95. Nothing Tad does has ever been right, until he falls in with Keenan's traveling show and Khush, the elephant. After Keenan's death, Tad and Cissie flee with the elephant from Pittsburgh to Nebraska, pursued by the evil Mr. Jackson. Strong characters help anchor a complex, action-packed plot. The historical context adds interest and slices of reality. Ages 10-14.

Gray, Libba Moore

MISS TIZZY. Il. by Jada Rowland. ISBN 0-671-77590-0. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993. Unp. $14.00. This is a book of love--the love between Miss Tizzy and the neighborhood children. Each day of the week, she gives them a different kind of joy. When Miss Tizzy becomes ill, the children do the same for her and she loves it. The first book from this author, it tells a story of friendship, love and concern between old and young. The illustrations perfectly capture the feelings in this warm, gentle story. Both old and young readers will be delighted. Ages 4-7. Reviewed by Patricia L. Waters, Towson State University, MD

Haas, Jessie

BEWARE THE MARE. Il. by Martha Haas. ISBN 0-688-11762-7. New York: Greenwillow, 1993. 64 pp. $13.00. Lily's grandfather turns his hand to many things, including horse trading. Knowing Lily has outgrown her stodgy old pony, he brings her a beautiful little mare. He hesitates to let Lily ride the mare, however, until he finds out why the mare is named "Beware." Interesting details of horse care and spirited India ink illustrations combine with this slight mystery to make a very satisfying "girl loves horse" story. Ages 8-10. Reviewed by Helen H. Shelton, Children's Book Specialist, Silver Spring, MD

Hong, Lily Toy

TWO OF EVERYTHING. Il. by author. ISBN 0-8075-8157-7. Morton Grove, IL: Whitman, 1993. Unp. $14.95. In this humorous yet wise Chinese folktale, a magical brass pot brings both good fortune and trouble. The power of the pot is to double its contents. Good fortune comes to Mr. and Mrs. Haktak as they get two of everything they put into the pot. Their last five coins double, and double and double until they have a basket full of gold. Trouble begins when Mrs. Haktak falls into the pot. Two Mrs. Haktaks! The originality of the stylized illustrations enrich the tale and the reader's appreciation of the Chinese culture. Ages 6-10.

Leroe, Ellen

LEAP FROG FRIDAY. Il. by Dee deRosa. ISBN 0-525-67370-9. New York: Dutton, 1993. 56 pp. $12.00. Resentful of his older brother Danny, Oliver uses his new magic rocks to wish his brother into a frog. Overnight, his brother begins to change into a frog and Oliver searches for a way to change Danny back. DeRosa's intriguing illustrations show Danny gradually turning into a human frog. A very funny, appealing chapter book for a beginning reader. Ages 7-10.

McPhail, David

PIGS APLENTY, PIGS GALORE! Il. by author. ISBN 0-525-45079-3. New York: Dutton, 1993. Unp. $13.99. This is the sportive account of what happens when pigs aplenty and pigs galore descend upon the narrator. The rhyming test is playful and will send children into gales of laughter. McPhail is the author-illustrator of the popular books about Emma. Children will fall in love with this fun book. Ages 3-7.

Marx, Trish

HANNA'S COLD WINTER. Il. by Barbara Knutson. ISBN 0-87614-4. Minneapolis, MN: Carolrhoda, 1993. Unp. $18.95. Papa worked hard in the paprika factory in Budapest. On Sundays, however, the whole family visited the city sights, especially the zoo and its famous hippo, Hanna. During an icy winter when soldiers were fighting World War II, food was scarce. Papa devised a plan to save the starving hippos. The people of the city gave 9,000 old straw hats, slippers and doormats for hippo food. The hippos survived the winter and the war. Ages 4-8.

Paxton, Tom

THE ANIMAL'S LULLABY. Il. by Erick Ingraham. ISBN 0-688-10468-X. New York: Morrow, 1993. 40 pp. $15.00. In this delightful bedtime picture book, children listen and watch as Tom Paxton's peaceful lullaby comes to life. Readers watch the little animals get ready for bedtime in Ingraham's lifelike pictures. The soothing goodnight refrain invites whispered goodnights to the animals and finally to the children, snuggled under their cozy quilts. "Goodnight children, goodnight." This book will be cherished through many naps and bedtimes. Ages 2-4. Reviewed by Dee Searing, Teacher, Harford County Public Schools, MD

Stevens, Janet

COYOTE STEALS THE BLANKET: A Ute Tale. Il. by author. ISBN 0-8234-0996-1. New York: Holiday House, 1993. 32 pp. $15.95. Hummingbird vainly tries to rescue Coyote from danger. Slapstick chase scenes and sound effects make Stevens' tale a unique counterpoint to the classic myths exemplified by Goble. Coyote's jaunt will appeal to the boisterous. Ages 6-10.

Stolz, Mary

SAY SOMETHING. Il. by Alexander Koshkin. ISBN 0-06-021158-X. New York: HarperCollins, 1993. Unp. $15.00. A young boy and his father share an afternoon fishing trip and talk about the marvelous, intangible secrets of nature. The story is peaceful and the dialogue between father and son conveys the beauty and wonder of the world. Stolz was twice awarded Newbery honors. Koshkin's illustrations are at once realistic and lyrical. He is well known for his illustrations throughout Europe and his native Russia. Ages 4-8.

Udry, Janice May

IS SUSAN HERE? Il. by Karen Gundersheimer. ISBN 0-06-026143-9. New York: HarperCollins, 1993. Unp. $14.00. One day right after breakfast, Susan disappears. Throughout the day a series of friendly animals arrive to do all of those things that Susan usually does with her parents. But still her mother and father miss her. Who are these animals? Could they possibly be Susan? This joyous portrayal of imaginative play will delight young children and lead them into their own pretending. Bright new illustrations update this charming 1962 title. Ages 3-6.

Vesey, Amanda

HECTOR'S NEW SNEAKERS. Il. by author. ISBN 0-670-84882-4. New York: Viking, 1993. Unp. $13.50. All that the little alligator wants for his birthday is a pair of the "in" sport shoes. Alas, a classmate points out that, though everything else is as it should be, Hector's new shoes have a star instead of the requisite basketball on the ankle. Fortunately for Hector, Leroy, the hero of the school, stands up for stars on sport shoes. Ages 4-8.

Williams, Vera B.

A CHAIR FOR MY MOTHER. Il. by author. ISBN 0-688-12612-X. New York: Morrow, 1993. 32 pp. $18.95. Big Book Edition. This Caldecott Honor book has been put into big-book form to share with a small class. Rosa, her mother and her grandmother work hard to save enough money for a beautiful soft chair after a fire destroys their apartment. The illustrations show sadness in somber colors, and hope and happiness in vivid colors. Ages 4-8.

Wilson, Etta

MUSIC IN THE NIGHT. Il. by Robin Michal Koontz. ISBN 0-525-65113-6. New York: Dutton, 1993. 32 pp. $12.99. One night down on the farm, the big black dog starts barking at the rising moon. The other animals listen to this "music in the night" and decide to sing along. One by one, they join the chorus. The lively pictures and repetitious text invite young readers to join the barnyard fun. Ages 4-8.

Winthrop, Elizabeth

THE BATTLE FOR THE CASTLE. ISBN 0-8234-1010-2. New York: Holiday House, 1993. 211 pp. $14.95. Showing off for his friend, Jason, William takes the two of them back to the castle, which is now haunted by a death ship and bones in the river. This sequel to Castle in the Attic is a solid fantasy adventure scaled up for older teens. Ages 10-14.

Wise, William

TEN SLY PIRANHAS: A Counting Story in Reverse, a Tale of Wickedness--and Worse! Il. by Victoria Chess. ISBN 0-8037-1201-4. New York: Dial, 1993. 32 pp. $14.95. Victoria Chess' wonderful, wicked, pink piranhas swim lazily to a lilting rhyme until it's their turn to eat and be eaten. "And with a gulp and a gurgle," there was one less than before. A vivid South American jungle with its own bug-eyed, sharp-toothed creatures occupies the top half of the page. Readers and listeners will squeal with delight as each sharp-toothed mouth opens. Ages 4-9.


Bial, Raymond

AMISH HOME. Il. with author's photographs. ISBN 0-395-59504-5. Boston: Houghton, 1993. 40 pp. $14.95. This sensitive photo essay respectfully captures the spirit of the modern Amish way of life. Despite the lack of portraits (an Amish request), the color photos of neat gardens, white frame houses, buggies and draft horses, bright quilts, and blue, purple and orange dresses on clotheslines illuminate the clear text and help the young reader appreciate Amish traditions and values. Excellent for schools and family read aloud. Ages 7-11.

Crosher, Judith

ANCIENT EGYPT. ISBN 0-670-84755-0.

Loverance & Wood

ANCIENT GREECE. ISBN 0-670-84754-2. New York: Viking, 1993. 48 pp. $14.99. Each of these oversized volumes in the "See Through History" series is profusely illustrated with pictures of historical artifacts and sculpture, paintings of daily life and four full-page plastic overlays. An extraordinary amount of detailed information is included about social structure, gods and religious beliefs, agriculture, science, crafts and the place of each civilization in history. Final pages give key dates, glossary and index. Very useful for schools and general information. Ages 8-12.

Gibbons, Gail

SPIDERS. Il. by author. ISBN 0-8234-1006-4. New York: Holiday House, 1993. 32 pp. $14.95. True to form, Gibbons answers most young readers' questions about spiders: their size, color, lifestyle and the dangers around them. An excellent two-page spread compares diagrams of a spider's body and an insect's body. Gibbons describes 11 types of spiders and webs, as well as their unique lifestyles. A fact page includes more tips for curious kindergartners. Perfectly suited to its audience. Ages 4-8.

Gibbons, Gail

PUFF . . . FLASH . . . BANG: A Book About Signals. Il. by author. ISBN 0688-07377-8. New York: Morrow, 1993. 32 pp. $15.00. Gibbons describes a wide range of signals used throughout the world. Loosely divided into sight and sound signals, the book ranges from emergency signals, sirens and lighthouse beacons to traffic signals, long-distance communication, smoke signals, drums, hilltop fires and sports events. With little else available for this audience, this is an appealing overview. Ages 5-8.

Harshman, Marc

ONLY ONE. Il. by Barbara Garrison. ISBN 0-525-65116-0. New York: Dutton, 1993. Unp. $12.99. Using a country fair theme, this unique counting book shows how one thing can be made up of many single, similar things. One quilt is made of many patches, one necklace of many jewels and one merry-go-round of many horses. The artwork in this book beautifully depicts these number relationships and challenges the reader to think of other relationships--such as one class of many children, one bouquet of many flowers and one orchestra of many instruments. Ages 5-8.

Kimmel, Eric A., Adapter

THREE SACKS OF TRUTH. Il. by Robert Rayevsky. ISBN 0-8234-0921-X. New York: Holiday, 1993. Unp. $15.95. The youngest of three brothers, Petit Jean is also the kindest and cleverest. It is he, therefore, who succeeds in bringing the king the perfect peach, thus winning the hand of the beautiful princess. When the conniving king gives him additional tasks, Petit Jean succeeds because of the magic given him by an old woman he befriended. He succeeds in a third task through his own cleverness. Vigorous illustrations by a Russian artist. Ages 5-10.

Macy, Sue

A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME. ISBN 0-8050-1942-1. New York: Holt, 1993. 140 pp. $14.95. This is the story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, lately brought to our attention by the movie "A League of Their Own." Taking place in 1943-54, this cannot be considered part of the women's liberation movement, but rather a result of the World War II scarcity of male teams. This outstanding book is the result of seven years of research and a labor of love. Includes photographs and enough statistics to be meaningful, but not numbing. Ages 11-14.

Matthews, Downs

ARCTIC SUMMER. Photos by Dan Guravich. ISBN 0-671-79539-2. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993. Unp. $14.00. According to Eskimo mythology, the Arctic flora and fauna burst into action for three months of the year because the sleeping Frost Giant is wakened by a polar bear cub crawling up his nostril. Expressive dramatic color photographs are accompanied by succinct, but salient, recitals of facts for each Arctic species. Ages 8-12.

Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw

DOGS: The Wolf Within. Photographs by William Munox. ISBN 0-87614-691-4. Minneapolis, MN: Carolrhoda, 1993. 48 pp. $14.96. Patent begins with the wolf, describing its pack instinct and its communication, hunting and parenting behaviors. She traces these behaviors in dogs and shows how selective breeding has altered some innate wolf qualities. Wonderful illustrations, intriguing facts and the basic canine appeal will outweigh the scientific presentation. Ages 9-12.

Sills, Leslie

VISIONS. Stories About Women Artists. ISBN 0-8075-8491-6. Morton Grove, IL: Whitman, 1993. 64 pp. $18.95. Of the four women whose lives and work are discussed here, only Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) will be familiar to most readers. The other
three are Leonora Carrington (1917- ), symbolist and
surrealist painter; Betye Saar (1926- ), African American

creator of sculpture and constructions with "found objects" and

Mary Frank (1933- ), sculptress and painter. As in her earlier, prizewinning volume on women artists (Inspirations, Whitman, 1989), Sills' text leads the reader to think about each artist's work (shown in excellent color photos) in relation to life experiences and artistic intents. Ages 9-13.

Recent Children's Books in Spanish Published in Mexico

Isabel Schon

Director and Founding Faculty Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents California State University, San Marcos


Cardenal, Ernesto

APALKA. (APALKA). Il. by Felipe Davalos. ISBN 968-494-057-2.

Parra, Nicanor

SINFONIA DE CUNA. (CRADLE'S SYMPHONY). Il. by Enrique Martinez. ISBN 968-494-056-4. (En Cuento) Mexico: Cidcli, SA, 1992. Each volume: 27 pp. Paperback. $9.95. This paperback series exposes young readers to notable Spanish-speaking authors. Colorful, witty, full-page spreads add interest to the enjoyable texts. Especially appealing is Nicanor Parra's Sinfonia de Cuna, which shows, in a lighthearted manner, why he is considered the creator of "antipoetry." Ages 9-12.

Erlbruch, Wolf

LEONARDO. (LEONARD). Translated by Silvia Eugenia Castillero. ISBN 968-6445-02-1. Mexico: Petra Ediciones, 1992. 36 pp. Paperback. $9.95. Leonardo, a little boy, knows all about dogs. A kind fairy gives him the power to become a dog, then a boy and, when necessary, a dog again. Dog lovers, as well as those who are afraid of dogs, will symphatize with Leonardo's dilemma. Modernistic illustrations with a strong European flavor definitely capture the mood of this story, originally published in 1991 by Peter Hammer in Verlag, Germany. Ages 7-9.

Santirso, Liliana

ME GUSTA JUGAR CON LOS LIBROS. (I LIKE TO PLAY WITH BOOKS). ISBN 968-6465-48-0 HB; 968-6465-47-2 Paperback.

ME GUSTA LEER. (I LIKE TO READ). ISBN 968-6465-39-1 HB; 968-6465-38-3 Paperback. Each volume: Il. by Leonid Nepomniachi. Mexico: Editorial Amaquemecan, 1991. 124 pp. HB $9.95; paperback $3.95. In these two titles of this easy-to-read and easy-to-understand paperback series, a child tells why she likes to play with and read books. The amusing, two-tone illustrations convey a child's joy in books. The only unfortunate aspect of this upbeat series is its small size--6" x 6"--which limits its potential appeal. Ages 6-8.

Suarez, Maribel

?CUANTOS SON? (HOW MANY?). ISBN 970-05-0284-8.

MIS PRIMERAS PALABRAS. (MY FIRST WORDS). ISBN 970-05-0317-8. Albores, Mexico: Grijalbo, 1992. Each volume: 16 pp. $3.50. Like the previous titles in this unassuming paperback series for young children, these volumes include appealing watercolor illustrations of things the very young can readily identify. Despite their drab covers, these are indeed joyous introductions to a child's first words in Spanish and to the world of mathematics. The laminated pages feel good and will be welcomed by all readers. Ages 3-6.

Suarez, Maribel

MIGUEL Y EL PASTEL. (MIGUEL AND THE CAKE). Il. by author. ISBN 970-05-0148-5. Mexico: Editorial Grijalbo, 1992. 22 pp. Paperback. $4.95. Miguel, a young baker, tells about the secret ingredients and preparation of a chocolate cake, as well as the unforeseen results. The lighthearted watercolor illustrations and amusing, rhyming text make Miguel's baking experiences an unexpected treat. Ages 7-9.

Waber, Bernard

QUIQUE DUERME FUERA DE CASA. (IRA SLEEPS OVER). Translated by Teresa Mlawer. ISBN 968-6579-15-X. Mexico: Sistemas Tecnicos de Edicion, 1991. 48 pp. $16.95. This is a delightful translation of Ira Sleeps Over, originally published in 1972 by Houghton Mifflin. Quique is looking forward to spending the night at his friend's house, but his sister wonders if he will be able to sleep without Chi Chi, his beloved teddy bear. After much thought, Quique decides to leave Chi Chi at home. Listening to a story about ghosts, however, makes him reconsider. Children of all ages will certainly empathize. The unaffected four-tone illustrations convey the tone and spirit of this charming story. Ages 8-10.


NO SERA PURO CUENTO . . .? (PURE FICTION!) ISBN: 968-29-3725-6. (Fomento Cultural) Mexico: Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo, 1991. 82 pp. Paperback. $7.95. Despite its plain presentation, readers/listeners of all ages will thoroughly enjoy this collection of 20 tales from the oral tradition of Mexico. The brief tales--from two to six pages--combine fast pace with ingenious characters and amusing situations. They tell about devils and goblins, peasants and animals, brave men and beautiful women. Pure fun! Ages 11-14.

Ramirez, Arnulfo G., & others

ADIVINANZAS NAHUAS DE AYER Y HOY. (NAHUATL RIDDLES OF YESTERDAY AND TODAY). Il. by Cleofas Ramirez Celestino. ISBN 968-496-223-1. Mexico: Instituto Nacional Indigenista, 1992. 89 pp. Paperback. $19.95. This bilingual (Spanish-Nahuatl) collection of Nahuatl riddles from central Mexico includes some from pre-Colonial times and others that are still in use today. Stunning, detailed watercolor illustrations accompany each riddle. This large-format publication is an enjoyable means of exposing readers to the utensils, instruments, clothes, customs, food and other aspects of Nahuatl culture. Ages 10-15.


Ingpen, Robert, & Margaret Dunkle

CONSERVACION: Una Forma Inteligente de Explicar a Los Ninos--Que es la Conservacion. (CONSERVATION: An Intelligent Way to Explain to Children What Conservation Is). Translated by Hilda Becerril. ISBN 968-847-210-7. Mexico: Editorial Origen, 1991. 138 pp. $13.95. In a direct and easy-to-understand manner, the authors explain the purposes and benefits of conservation. Exquisite, full-page color illustrations on every other page heighten the effect of this well-translated book, originally published in 1987 by Hill of Content, Melbourne, Australia. Ages 8-10.

NUESTRA BANDERA. (OUR FLAG). ISBN 968-29-4033-8. Mexico: Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo, 1992. 39 pp. Paperback. $6.95. The excellent historical and contemporary reproductions and a straightforward narrative introduce readers to the history of the Mexican flag, as well as important do's and don'ts regarding the use of the flag and other national emblems. This attractive paperback publication also could be used as a bird's-eye view of Mexican history, as it includes important dates and commemorations. Ages 9-12.

Royston, Angela

GATITOS. (KITTENS). Photos by Jane Burton. ISBN 968-6579-46-X.

PATITOS. (DUCKS). Photos by Barrie Watts. ISBN 968-6579-44-3.

PERRITOS. (PUPPIES). Photos by Jane Burton. ISBN 968-6579-43-5.

RANITAS. (FROGS). Photos by Kim Taylor & Jane Burton. ISBN 9686-579-45-1. (Mira Como Crecen) Mexico: Sitesa, 1992. Each volume: 21 pp. $9.95. Clear color photographs and a simple, concise text introduce the various stages in the growth and development of kittens, ducks, puppies and frogs. The appealing design and covers of this series, originally published by Dorling Kindersley in Great Britain in 1991, should make it a real winner with children, animal-lovers and others. Ages 6-8.


Aguilar, Luis Miguel

COLEADAS. (PUNS). Il. by German Montalvo. ISBN 968-494-048-3.

Cross, Elsa

EL HIMNO DE LAS RANAS. (THE FROGS' HYMN). Il. by Lucia Zacchi. ISBN: 968-494-052-1.

Del Paso, Fernando

PALETA DE DIEZ COLORES. (TEN-COLOR PALETTE). Il. by Vicente Rojo. ISBN 968-494-053-X.

Forcada, Alberto

DESPERTAR. (TO AWAKEN). Il. by Hermilo Gomez. ISBN 968-494-051-3.

Moscona, Myriam

LAS PREGUNTAS DE NA-TALIA. (NATALIA'S QUESTIONS). Il. by Fernando Medina. ISBN 968-494-049-1. (Reloj de Versos) Mexico: Cidcli, SA, 1991-1992. Each volume: 122 pp. Paperback. $8.95. This series is meant to introduce children to the world of poetry. Younger children will enjoy El himno de las ranas, which shows frogs having fun after a rainstorm; Despertar, which captures the spirit of children's daydreams and wishes; and Las preguntas de Natalia, which features children's questions about words and life. Older children will prefer Coleadas, which humorously examines the meaning of various words, and Paleta de diez colores, which presents colors in a poetic manner. The attractive presentation of this paperback series and the appealing, modernistic illustrations contribute to readers' and listeners' enjoyment. Ages 8-11.

U.S Dealers of Books in Spanish for Children

Aims International Books, Inc., 7709 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45211

Hispanic Book Distributors, Inc., 1665 W. Grant Rd., Tucson, AZ 85745

Iaconi Book Imports, 1110 Mariposa, San Francisco, CA 94107

Lectorum Publications, Inc., 137 W. 14th St., New York, NY 10011
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