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Books The Institute Stephen King []; Staying in Your home 36 SUNDAY MIRROR SUNDAY 08.09.2019.


The Institute Stephen King Hodder & Stoughton. Out Tuesday

When it comes to creating compelling fiction about children with special powers, King obviously has form - and with this high-concept, multi-themed novel, the legendary author has delivered a cracker. The parents of psychically-gifted children are being murdered in the dead of night and the youngsters taken to a sinister facility deep in a forest. Subjected to gruelling experiments that aim to harness their power, they have no hope of escape until, of course, the fightback begins - led by hero Luke, who is only 12 but who is blessed with exceptional intelligence. DEIRDRE O'BRIEN

A Single Thread Tracy Chevalier HarperCollins. Out now

It's 1932, and Violet is one of the "surplus women" - her fiance dead in the trenches, she is left caring for her awful mother. But a move to Winchester, where she becomes involved with the cathedral embroiderers, brings excitement.

My Last Supper Jay Rayner Faber. Out now

Contemplating the question of what he'd choose for his Death Row meal, although still very much alive and kicking, the ultimate gourmet sets out to plan a showpiece final meal. Along the way, he shares his memories, and some fascinating foodie insights. Absolutely delicious.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 8, 2019
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