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di Lasso, Orlando. The Complete Motets 2: Sacrae Cantiones (Nuremberg, 1562). Ed. James B. Erb. Middleton, WI: A-R Editions, 2002. xliii + 188 PP. + 4 b/w pls. tbls. $85. ISBN: 0-89579-511-6.

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Minnucci, Giovanni. Alberico Gentili tra mos italicus e mos gallicus: L'inedito commentario ad legem Juliam de adulteriis. Bologna: Monduzzi, 2002. xi + 226 Pp. index, append. [member of]35. ISBN: 88-323-7060-3.

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Isitt, Larry R All the Names in Heaven: A Reference Guide to Milton's Supernatural Names and Epic Similes. Lanham, MD and London: Scarecrow Press, 2002. xxii + 458 pp. $75. ISBN: 0-8108-4304-8.

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DeMaria, Robert, Jr. and Duncan Wu, eds. Poetry from 1660 to 1780: Civil War, Restoration, Revolution. Malden, MA and Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 2002. viii + 184 pp. index. $17.95. ISBN: 0-631-22982-5.

Contents: Duncan Wu, "Introduction"; John Milton, "Paradise Lost Books I-II"; John Dryden, "'To the Memory of Mr. Oldham"'; and '"A Song for St. Cecilia Day"'; John Wilmot, "The Imperfect, Enjoyment"; "A Satyr against Reason and Mankind"; "The Disabled Debauehee"; "Lampoon [On the Women about Town]"; "Signior Dildo"; "A Satyr on Charles II': "A Letter from Artemiza in the Town to Chloe in the Country"; "A Ramble in saint James Park"; "Song"; and "A Song"; Jonathan Swift, "A Description of s City Shower"; "A Description of the Morning"; "Strephon and Chloe"; "The Lady's Dressing Room"; "A Beautiful Young Nymph Going to Bed"; "Caasinus and Peter. A Tragical Elegy"; and "Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D": Alexander Pope, "Epistle to Miss Blount, with the Works of Voiture"; "The Rape of the Lock"; "Eloisa to Abelard": and "Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady"; Samuel Johnson, "The Vanity of Human Wishes"; Thomas Gray, "Sonnet [On the Death of Mr. Richard West]"; and "Ode on the Death of a Favourit e Cat"; William Collins, "Ode to Fear"; and "Ode to Evening"; and Oliver Goldsmith, "The Deserted Village. A Poem."

Findlen, Paula, ed. The Italian Renaissance: The Essential Readings. Maiden, MA and Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 2002. xii + 356 pp. + 12 b/w pls. index. illus. map. $64.95 (cl), $29.95 (pbk). ISBN: 0-631-2228-0 (cl), 0-631-2228-9 (pbk).

Contents: Paula Findlen, "Introduction"; "Understanding the Italian Renaissance"; and "Was There s Renaissance State?"; Gene Brucker, "Civic Traditions in Premodern Italy"; Anthony Molho, "Cosimo de' Medici: Pater Patriae or Padrine?"; Paula Findlen, "Urban Life and Values"; Christian Klapisch-Zuber, "'Kin, Friends, and Neighbors': The Urban Territory of Merchant Family in 1400"; Diane Owen Hughes, "Sumptuary Law and Social Relations in Renaissance Italy"; Edward Muir, "The Virgin on the Street Corner: The Place of the Sacred Italian Cities"; Paula Findlen, "Gender and Society"; Stanley Chojnacki, "'The Most Serious Duty': Motherhood, Gender, and Patrician Culture in Renaissance Venice"; Michael Rocke, "Gender and Sexual Culture in Renaissance Italy"; Paula Findlen, "The Power of Knowledge"; Theodor E. Mommsen, "Petrarch's Conception of the 'Dark Ages"'; Anthony Grafton, "Commerce with the Classics"; Lisa Jardine, "Isotta Nogarola: Women Humanists-Education for What?"; Paula Findlen, "Patronage, Art, and Cult ure"; Melissa Meriam Bollard, "Heroes and Their Workshops: Medici Patronage and the Problem of Shared Agency"; and Rose Marie Juan, "The Court Lady's Dilemma: Isabella d'Este and Art Collecting in the Renaissance.

Rawlings, Helen. Church, Religion and Society in Early Modern Spain. (European Studies Series.) New York: Palgrave/St. Martin's Press, 2002. xviii + 186 pp. index, append. tbls. map. bibl. $19.95. ISBN: 0-333-63695-3.


Allaire, Gloria, ed. The Italian Novella: A Book of Essays. London and New York: Routledge, 2003. viii + 242 pp. + 7 color pls. index. illus. $90. ISBN: 0-415-93725-6.

Contents: Ernesto Virgulti, "Lies My Father Told Me: Boccaccio's Novelletta of Filippo Balducci and His Son"; Susan Gaylard, "The Crisis of Word and Deed in Decameron V, 10"; Cormac O'Cuilleandin, "Master and Servant Roles in the Decameron"; Myriam Swennen Ruthenberg, "Telling Lies, Telling Lives: Giovanni Sercambi between Cronaca and Novella"; Cathy Ann Elias, "Sercambi's Novellere and Croniche as Evidence for Musical Entertainment in the Fourteenth Century"; Maria Bendinelli Predelli, "The Lover Praised by the Husband: A Courtly Tale between Exemplum and Novella"; Michael Papio, "Masuccio Salernirano's Gusto dell'orrido"; Manuela Scarci, "Imitation and Subversion of Models in Agnolo Firenzuola's I Ragionamenti"; Domenico Zanre, "Alterity and Sexual Transgression in the Sixteenth-Century-Tuscan Novella"; Suzanne Magnanini, "Animal Anxieties: Straparola's 'Il re porco'"; and Christopher Nissen, "The Motif of the Woman in the Male Disguise from Boccaccio to Bigolina."

Anderson, Linda Marie and Janis Lull, eds. "A Certain Text's Close Readings and Textual Studies on Shakespeare and Others in Honor of Thomas Clayton. Newark, DE: University of Delaware Press/AUP, 2002. 205 pp. index, append. bibl. $41.50. ISBN: 0-87413-789-6.

Contents: Linda Anderson, Janis Lull, and David Haley, "Introduction"; Richard Proudfoot, "'Modernizing' the Printed Ply-Text in Jacobean London: Some Early reprints of Muceclorus"; David Haley, "'The Cause of This Defect': The Dram of Eale"; Janis Lull, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blooper: Some Notes on the Endless Editing of Richard III; Linda Anderson, "'Who's in, who's out': Stage Directions and Stage Presences in The Merry Wives of Windsor, Q1"; Stephen Booth, "The Physics of Hamlet's 'Rogue and Peasant Slave' Speech"; Jay L. Halio, "The Induction as Clue in The Taming of the Shrew"; Joyce Suthpen, "'Of comfort and Despair': A Shakespesrian Compass"; Achsah Guibbory, "Hesperides. the Hebrew Bible, and Herrick's Christian Identity"; D. M. Hooley, "'But above all he excelleth in a Translation: Ben Jonson's Horace"; and Anatoly Liberman, "A Cobweb of Dwarves and Dweebs (An Exercise in Very Close Reading and Germanic Etymology)."

Bell, Janis C. and Thomas C. Willette, eds. Art History In The Age of Beiori: Scholarship and Cultural Politics in Seventeenth-Century Rome. Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002. xvi + 396 pp. index. illus. bibl. $90. ISBN: 0-521-78248-1.

Contents: Janis Bell, "Introduction"; Giovanna Perini, "Belloriana methodus: A Scholar's Bildungsgeschichte in Seventeenth-Century Rome"; Louis Marchesano, "Antiquarian Modes and Methods: Bellori and Filippo Buonarroti the Younger"; Tomaso Montanan, "Bellori and Christina of Sweden"; Ingo Herklore, "Bellori, Fabretti, and Trajan's Column"; Eugene Dwyer, "Belloni as Iconographer: The Veterum illustrium ... imagines"; Hetty E. Joyce, "From Darkness to Light: Annibale Carracci, Bellori, and Ancient Painting"; Claire Pace and Janis Bell, "The Allegorical Engravings in Bellori's Lives"; Martins Hansmann, "Con modo nuovo li descrive: Bellori's Descriptive Method"; Anthony Colantuono, "Scherzo: Hidden Meaning, Genre, and Generic Criticism in Bellori's Lives"; Janis Bell, "Bellori's Analysis of Colore in Domenichino's Last Communion of St. Jerome"; and Thomas Willette, "The Second Edition of Bellori's Lives: Placing Luca Giordano in the Canon of Moderns."

Cascardi, Anthony J., ed. The Cambridge Companion to Cervantes. Cambridge, UK and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2002. xviii + 242 pp. + 3 b/w pls. index. append. illus. bibl. $60 (cl), $22 (pbk). ISBN: 0-521-66321-0 (cl), 0-52166387-3 (pbk).

Contents: Anthony J. Cascardi, "Introduction"; B.W. Ife, "The Historical and Social Context"; Frederick A. De Armas, "Cervantes and the Italian Renaissance"; Anthony J. Cascardi, "Don

Quixote and the Invention of the Novel"; Alexander Welsh, "The Influence of Cervantes"; Mary Malcolm Gaylord, "Cervantes' Other Fiction"; Malveena McKendrick, "Writings of the Stage"; Adrienne L. Martin, "Humor and Violence in Cervantes"; Anne J. Cruz, "Psyche and Gender in Cervantes"; Diana De Armas Wilson, "Cervantes and the New World"; and Anthony J. Cascardi, "Appendix: List of electronic Resources and Scholarly Editions."

Connell, William J., ed. Society and Individual in Renaissance Florence. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2002. xii + 454 PP. + 2 color pp. index. illus. tbls. map. $65. ISBN: 0-520-23254-2.

Contents: William J. Connell, "Introduction"; F.W. Kent, "'Be rather Loved than Feared': Class Relations in Quattrocento Florence"; John M. Najemy, "Giannozzo and His Elders: Alberti's Critique of Renaissance Patriarchy"; Julius Kirahner, "Li Emergenti Bisogni Matrimoniali in Renaissance Florence"; Dale Kent, "Michele del Giogante's House of Memory"; Thomas Kuehn, "Inheritance and Identity in Early Renaissance Florence. The Estate of Paliano di Falco"; Margery A. Ganz, "Perceived Insults and their Consequences: Acciaiuoli, Neroni, and Medici Relationships in the 1460s"; David S. Peterson, "The War of the Eight Saints in Florentine Memory and Oblivion"; Sharon T. Strocehia, "Naming a Nun: Spiritual Exemplars and Corporate Identity in Florentine Convents, 1450-1530"; Donald Weinstein, "The Prophet as Physician of Souls: Savonarola's Manual for Confessors"; Laura Martines, "Raging against Priests in Italian Renaissance Verse"; William M. Bowaky, "Liturgy for Nonliturgists"; John K. Brackett, "The Florentine Crim inal Underworld: The Underside of the Renaissance"; James R. Banker, "Lay Male Identity in the Institutions of a Tuscan Provincial Town"; Alison Brown, "Insiders and Outsiders: The Changing Boundaries of Exile"; Paula Clarke, "The Identity of the Expatriate: Florentines in Venice in the Late Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries"; and Paul Flemer, "Clement VII and the Crisis of the Sack of Rome."

Cox-Rearick, Janet, ed. Giulio Romano: Master Designer. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1999. 168 pp. + 142 b/w pls. index. illus. bibl. $40. ISBN: 1-885998-21-K

Contents: Janet Cox-Rearick, "Giulio Romano-Master Designer"; Richard Aste, "Giulio Romano and His Master, Raphael 15 16-24"; and "Giulio Romano as Designer of Erotica: I modi 1524-25"; Margareth Schwartz, "Giulio Romano as Court Artist to Federico Gonzaga and Ercole Gonasga in Mantus: Studies for Metalwork, Devices, and Tapestries, 1524-46"; Christine Begley, "Sala imperiale, Palazzo Ducale"; and "Giulio Romano as Court Artist to Federico Gonzaga in the Late 1520s: Studies for Decorations in the Camera di Psiche, the Camera delle Aquile, Camera dei Venti, Palazzo Te; and studies for the Sala Imperiale, Palazzo Duesle"; Valerie Taylor, "Giulia Romano as Court Artist to Federico Gonzaga in the Early 1530s: Studies for Decorations in the Camera di Atrilio Regolo and the Camera dei Giganti, Palazzo Te"; Michael McAuliffe, "ca. 1526-46"; and "Giulio Romano as Court Artist to Federico Gonzaga, the King of France, and the City of Patina: Studies for Fresco and Stucco Decorations, Easel paintings, a Tapestry, and a Festival Decoration"; and Elsa Homberg-Pinassi, "Giulio Romano as Designer of Religious Works in Mantua, 1526-46."

Cracco, Giorgio, ed. Per una storia dei santuari cristiani d'Italia: approcci regionali. Bologna: Societli editrice ii Mulino, 2002. 494 pp. index. [euro]28.50. ISBN: 88-15-08789-3.

Contents: Giorgio Cracco, "Prospettive sui santuari. Dal secolo delle devozioni al secolo delle religioni"; John Scheid, "Prima dei santuari cristiani: il mondo pagano. Progetto di un inventario dei luoghi di culto dell'Iltalia antics"; Andrea Piazza, "Tradizioni eremiticomonastiche e santuari in area subalpina"; Paolo Cozzo, "Santuari del Principe. I santuari subalpini d'eta' oderna nel progetto politico sabaudo"; Caludia Paolocci, "I santuari della Liguria"; Giancarlo Andenna, "I santuari della Lombardia. Brevi note sui dati sinora raccolti"; Leo Andergassen, "Note per una storia dei santuari sudtirolesi"; Emanuele Curzel, "Dal luogo di devozione al santuaria. Per una storia dei santuari trentini"; Giuseppina Dc Sandre Gasparini, Francesca Lomastro Tognato, and Laura Gaffuri, "Santuari veneti: dati e problemi"; Andrea Tilatti, "Santuari del Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Prime note per una interpretazione"; Luigi Canetti, "Prospettive per la ricerca sui santuari cristiani in Emilia Romagna"; Isabella Gagliardi and Anna Benvenuti, "Santuari in Toscana. Primo bilancio per una ricerca in corso"; Mario Tosti, "Per una nuova storia dei santuari crisriani in Umbria";

Giuseppe Cucco, "Santuari marchigiai"; Giorgia Otranto, "Tipologie regionali dei santuari cristiani nell'Italia meridionale"; Luigi Pelegrini, "I santuari d'Abruzzo e Molise. Prime considerazioni su una ricerca in corso"; Ada Campione, Immacolata Aulisa, Maria Stella Calo', Paola De Sanctis, and Giuseppe Di Cagno, "I santuari non mariani in Puglia"; Giovanni Vitolo, "San tuari e pellegrinaggi della Campania Medievale. L'esempio di Montevergine"; Giuseppe Roma, "Il censimento dei santujari cristiani in Calabria. Alcune considerazioni"; Vincenza Milazzo, "Santuari e storia religiosa. La Sicilia orientale"; Olivetta Schena, Maria Giuseppina Mcloni, and Anna Maria Oliva, "I santuari sardi di epoca medievale: primo bilancio di un censimento"; Francesco Scorza Barcellona, "Momenti e problemi della ricerca sui santuari del Lazio"; and Sofia Boesch Gajano, "Postille ad un impresa in itinere."

Gilly, Carlos and Cis van Heertum, eds. Magia, alchimia, scienza dat '400 al '700: L'influsso di Ermete Trismegisto/Magic, Alchemy and Science: The Influence of Hermes Trismegistus. Florence: Centro Di/Edifimi Srl., 2002. 588 pp. index. illus. tbls. bibi. n.p. ISBN: 88-7038-359-8.

Contents: Marino Zorzi, "Prezentaziore"; and "Presentation"; Joost A. Ritman, "Bessarione e l'influenza di Ermetre Trismegisto"; Carlos Gilly, "Schede Delle opere in mostra I Exhibition entries"; and "Bessarion and the influence of Hermes Trismegistus"; Frans A. Janssen, "La galassia ermetica"; and "The Hermetic galaxy"; Carlos Gilly, "Introduzione"; and "Introduction"; Cesare Vasoli, "L'Ermetismo a Venezia. Da Franceaco Giorgio Veneto ad Agostino Steuco"; and "Hermetism in Venice. From Francesco Giorgio Veneto to Agostino Steuco"; Antonio Rigo, "Da Costantinopoli alla biblioreca di Venezia: i libri ermetici di medici, astrologi e maghi dell'ultima Bisanzio"; and "From Constantinople to the library of Venice: the Hermetic books of late Byzantine doctors, astrologers and magicians"; Jean Lettouit, "Hermetisme et alchimie: contribution a l'etude du Marcianus graecus 299 (=M)"; and "Hermetism and alchemy: contribution to the study ofMarcianus graecus 299 (=M)"; Marino Zorzi, "Ermete Trismegisto nelle biblioteche veneziane"; and "Hermes Trismegistus in the Venetian libraries"; Federico Barbierato, "La lerterarura magica di fronte all'Inquisizione veneziana fra '500 e '700"; and "Magical literature and the Venice Inquisition from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries"; Carlos Gilly, "Un bel trattato ermerico del paracelsismo: il Dc tribus facultaribus di Alexander von Suchren"; "Paracelsianism brings forth a fine Hermetical treatise: Suchren's De tribus facultati bus"; "II primo prontuario di magia bianca in Germaia"; "The first book of white magic in Germany"; "Paracelsismo per filosofi: Petrus Severinus"; "Paracelsianian for philosophers: Petrus Severinus"; "Pens di morre per paracelsisti: il grande sogno di Thomas Erastus"; "Capital punishment for Paracelsians: a dear wish of Thomas Erastus"; and "II Theatrum humanae vitae di Theodor Zwinger: da una hisroria naturalis' dell'uomo ad un 'Novum Organum' delle scienze"; Anna Laura Puliafito, "Searching for a new physics: metaphysics of light and ancient knowledge i n Francesco Patrizi da Cherso"; Carlos Gilly, "Theodor Zwinger's Theatrum humanae vitae: from natural anthropology to a 'Novum Organum' of sciences"; "Tra Paracelso, Pelagio e Ganello: l'ermerismo in John Dee"; "Between Paracelsus, Pelagius and Ganellus: Hermetism in John Dee"; "II ritrovamento dell'originale del Calendarium Naturale Magicum Perperuum di GroBschedel"; "The rediscovery of the original of GroBschedel's Calendarium Narurale Magicum Perpetuum"; "Philippe Du Plessis Mornay: ugonotro, dipbomatico ed ermetico"; "Philippe Du Plessis Mornay: Huguenor, diplomat and Hermetist"; "L'Amphirbearrum Sapientiae Aeternae di Heinrich Khunrarh"; "The Amphithearrum Sapienriac Aeternae of Heinrich Khunrsth"; "Ermete o Lutero" Alla riceres del De anriqua philosophia er divina veterum magorum sapientia recuperanda di Johann Arndr"; "Hermes or Luther" The search for Johann Arndt's De anriqus philosophia er divina veterum magorum sapientia recuperanda"; "La 'quinta colonna' nell'ermetismo: Andreas Libavius"; "The 'fif th column' within Hermetiam: Andreas Libavius"; "Sulla genesi del Theatrum Chemicum di L. Zetzner a Strasburgo"; and "On the genesis of L. Zetzner's Thestrum Chemicum in Strasbourg"; Anna Laura Puliafito, "Alla riceres di uns nuova fisica: metafisica dells luce e antics aapienza in Francesco Patrizi da Cherso"; Carlos Gilly, "Ermetismo per turisri, ovvero come fare di Ermete un pezzo da museo: Athanasius Kircher"; and "Hermetism for tourists: Athanasius Kircher makes a museum piece out of Hermes"; and Thomas Hofmeier, "Varianti esoriche dellaTabula smaragdina"; "Exotic variations of the Tabula smaragdina"; "Filologis contro immaginazione: Isaac Casaubon e il mito di Ermete Trismegisto"; "Philology versus imagination: Isaac Casaubon and the myth of Hermes Trismegisrus"; "Cudworth e Casaubon: critics storics contro critics testuale"; and "Cudworth versus Casaubon: historical versus textual criticism."

Helmrath, Johannes, Ulrich Muhlack, and Gerrit Walther, eds. Diffusion des Humanismus: us: Studien zur nationalen Geschichtsschreibung europaischer Humanisten. Gottingen: Wallstein Verlag, 2002. 464 pp. + 19 b/w pls. index. Illus. [euro]35. ISBN: 3-89244-506-0.

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Publication:Renaissance Quarterly
Date:Mar 22, 2003
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