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Books Received.

Amanze, James N., A History of the Ecumenical Movement in Africa, Botswana, Pula Press, 1999, 319pp.

Azariah, Masilamani, A Pastor's Search for Dalit Theology. New Delhi, DLET/ISPCK, 2000, 210pp., Rs. 125.00.

Bruce, Jerome E., Proclaiming the Scandal: Reflections on Postmodern Ministry, Harrisburg, PA, Trinity Press, 2000, 256pp., $30.00.

Daneel, M.L., African Earthkeepers: Environmental Mission and Liberation in Christian Perspective, vol. 2, Pretoria, Univ. of South Africa, 1999, 431pp., R122.77.

D'Costa, Gavin, ed., The Meeting of Religions and the Trinity, Edinburgh, T&T Clark, 2000, 187pp., 13.95 [pounds sterling].

D'Costa, Gavin, Sexing the Trinity: Gender, Culture and the Divine, London, SCM Press, 2000, 280pp., 17.95 [pounds sterling].

Ebaugh, Helen Rose and Saltzman Chafetz, Janet, Religion and the New Immigrants: Continuities and Adaptations in Immigrant Congregations, Walnut Creek, CA, Altamira Press, 2000, 492pp., $69.00.

Evans-Wentz, W.Y., The Tibetan Book of the Dead, New York, NY, Oxford UP, 2000, 357pp., $11.95.

Foss, Michael W., Power Surge: Six Marks of Discipleship for a Changing Church, Minneapolis, MN, Augsburg Fortress, 2000, 184pp., $13.00.

Gonsalves, Francis, Body, Bread, Blood: Eucharistic Perspectives from the Indian Church, New Delhi, ISPCK, 2000, 327pp., Rs. 180.00.

Grigg, Richard, Imaginary Christs: The Challenge of Christological Pluralism, Albany, New York, State University of New York Press, 2000, 142pp., $15.95.

Harrison, Simon, Conceptions of Unity in Recent Ecumenical Discussion: A Philosophical Analysis. Religions and Discourse, Vol. 7. Bern, Peter Lang, 2000, 282pp., Sfr. 68.00.

Hillerbrand, Hans J., Historical Dictionary of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, Lanham, MD, Scarecrow Press, 2000, 304pp., $55.00.

Hurtado, Larry W., At the Origins of Christian Worship: The Context and Character of Earliest Christian Devotion, Grand Rapids, MI, Eerdmans, 2000, 149pp., $16.00.

Jones, Rhidian, The Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England: A Handbook, Edinburgh, T&T Clark, 2000, 153pp.

Kanakaraj, A., The Light Houses of Rural Reconstruction: The History of the YMCA's Integrated Rural Development in South India, New Delhi, ISPCK, 2000, 288pp., Rs.150.00, $15.00, 12.00 [pounds sterling].

Kurian, M., Sarah Chakko: A Voice of Women in the Ecumenical Movement. Thiruvalla, Kerala, Christhava Sahithza Samithy, 1998, 173pp., Rs.80.00, US$6.00.

Lee, Alvin A. and O'Grady, Jean, Northrop Frye on Religion: Collected Words of Northrop Frye, Toronto, Univ. of Toronto Press, 2000, 432pp., cloth $75.00, paper $29.95.

Lienemann-Perrin, Christine; Vroom, Hendrik M.; Weinrich, Michael, eds, Reformed and Ecumenical: On Being Reformed in Ecumenical Encounters. Currents of Encounter. Amsterdam, Atlanta, GA, Rodopi, 2000, 189pp., Hfl.70.00, $38.50.

Muller-Fahrenholz, Geiko, The Kingdom and the Power: The Theology of Jurgen Moltmann, Norwich, UK, SCM-Canterbury, 2000, 262pp., 14.95 [pounds sterling].

Murray, Douglas M., Rebuilding the Kirk: Presbyterian Reunion in Scotland 1909-1929, North Berwick, Scottish Academic Press, 2000, 319pp., 25.00 [pounds sterling].

Sittler, Joseph, Evocations of Grace: Writings on Ecology, Theology, and Ethics. Foreword by Martin E. Marry. Grand Rapids, MI, Eerdmans, 2000, 255pp., $20.00.

Wainwright, Geoffrey, Lesslie Newbigin: A Theological Life, Oxford, Oxford UP, 2000, 472pp., 48.00 [pounds sterling].

Welker, Michael, What Happens in Holy Communion?, Grand Rapids, MI, Eerdmans, 2000, 203pp., $18.00.

Wren, Brian, Praying Twice: The Music and Words of Congregational Song, Louisville, KY, Westminster John Knox, 2000, 422pp.

Other languages


Anderfuhren, Jean, Panorama de l'histoire de l'Eglise : Un regard protestant, Saint-Maurice, Suisse, Editions Saint-Augustin, 2000, 278pp., SFr. 32.00.

Reperes pour la mission chretienne: Cinq siecles de tradition missionnaire. Perspectives cecumeniques. Association francophone oecum6nique de missiologie. Paris, Cerf et Geneve, Labor et Fides, 2000, 512pp., FF. 195.

Theologies de la liberation. Cahiers Alternatives Sud, vol. VII, 2000, 1, Paris, L'Harmattan, 2000, 310pp.


Communion Sanctorum: Die Kirche als Gemeinschaft der Heiligen. Bilaterale Arbeitsgruppe der Deutschen Bischofskonferenz und der Kirchenleitung der Vereinigten Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche Deutschlands. Frankfurt am Main, Verlag Otto Lembeck, 2000, 130pp.

Haberer, Tilmann, Die Thomas Messe: Ein Gottesdienst fur Unglaubige, Zweifler und andere gute Christen, Munchen, Claudius Verlag, 2000, 192pp.

Oeldemann, Johannes, Die Apostolizitat der Kirche im okumenischen Dialog mit der Orthodoxie, Paderborn, Bonifatius, 2000, 434pp., DM 120.00.

Shutte, Heinz, Im Dienst der einen Kirche: Okumenische Uberlegungen zur Reform des Papstamts, Paderborn, Bonifatius and Frankfurt am Main, Lembeck, 2000, 232pp., DM39.80.

Urban, Hans Jorg, "Damit die Welt Glaube", Paderbom, Bonifatius, 2000,302pp., DM58.00.
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