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Books: ROMANCE; Mrs Zhivago of Queen's Park by Olivia Lichtenstein (Orion Books, pounds 9.99).

Byline: Julie Chamberlain

CHLOE is a well-off married mum living in a nice London house and with a successful career as a psychotherapist and a lesbian au pair - what more could she want?

Well, she's a bit bored with her husband and as soon as she thinks that, of course, up pops Ivan, an exciting Russian, to provide all the temptation she needs.

Then she has to wonder whether she can bear to destroy her family or if she should stick to her friend Ruthie's rules for affairs.

She hardly lives a normal life as it is - dad's a successful composer, and brother lives in a teepee in Spain where she can flit off to for a dirty weekend with her lover.

Despite all the allusions to Russian literature, frequent lessons in Jewish cookery and tradition and occasional genuinely emotional moment thrown in, it's still chick lit for slightly more grown up chicks. *****
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Feb 17, 2007
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