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Authors and publishers interested in having their books included in Booknotes and considered for inclusion in a book review essay should send two copies to the book review editor. Books listed here may be included in a book review essay later.

Abramson, Mark A., ed. 2001. Memos to the President: Management Advice from the Nation's Top Public Administrators. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

Developed from the work of the Government Performance Coalition and containing 18 memos to President George W. Bush, this volume holds advice on four major management challenges: electronic government, reforming regulations, revitalizing the public service, and performance management.

Bartle, John R., ed. 2001. Evolving Theories of Public Budgeting, Research in Public Administration, vol. 6. New York: JAI Press.

Examining seven theoretical perspectives of public budgeting--incrementalism, budget process, organizational process, median voter, greedy bureaucrat, post-modern, and transaction cost--the contributors detail their weaknesses and strengths. They also address the potential for future research.

Beierle, Thomas C., and Jerry Cayford. 2002. Democracy in Practice: Public Participation in Environmental Decisions. Washington, DC: Resources for the Future.

Using data from 239 cases of public participation in environmental decision making, the authors evaluate whether the cases were successful and examine the factors that determined success. Their conclusion is that public participation not only educates and builds relationships, but also improves environmental policy.

Berman, Evan M. 2002. Essential Statistics for Public Managers and Policy Analysts. Washington, DC: CQ Press.

Providing a textbook, workbook, and CD-ROM (using SPSS data sets), Berman presents basic statistical tools designed to meet the needs of public administration and public policy students. Chapters address such topics as chi-square, measures of association, T-tests, ANOVA, and regression.

Brinkerhoff, Derick W., and Benjamin L. Crosby. 2002. Managing Policy Reform: Concepts and Tools for Decision Makers in Developing and Transitioning Countries. Bloomfield, CT: Kumarian Press.

Offering concepts and tools to enhance democratic governance and economic liberalization in countries engaged in transition, the authors include suggestions for government agencies, donor agencies, nongovernmental organizations, civil society groups, and the private sector. They believe that an overemphasis on technical aspects often results in too little attention being paid to relational aspects.

Collyer, Fran, Jim McMaster, and Roger Wettenhall. 2001. Public Enterprise Divestment: Australian Case Studies. Suva, Fiji: Pacific Institute of Management and Development, University of the South Pacific.

Presenting nine case studies from the period between 1986 and 1995, the authors present stories about the transitions that individual enterprises experienced. Their overall project aims at understanding how privatiza-tion impacted Australia.

Fountain, Jane E. 2001. Building the Virtual State: Information Technology and Institutional Change. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution.

Providing an account of the federal government's experience in adapting and adapting to information technology change, Fountain divides her treatment into sections on theory and practice. She develops a theoretical perspective that addresses the relationship among bureaucratic institutions, information technology, and networks, and she presents three case studies.

Hewlett, Sylvia Ann, Nancy Rankin, and Cornel West, eds. 2002. Taking Parenting Public: The Case for a New Social Movement. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.

Believing that parenting has become seriously undervalued in the United States, the contributors call for a new investment in the challenge of raising children. Contributors come from a variety of fields: economics, political science, public policy, child development, public health, history, and the media.

Kemmis, Daniel. 2001. This Sovereign Land: A New Vision for Governing the West. Washington, DC: Island Press.

Kemmis suggests that shifting sovereignty to local or regional governance structures could alleviate many of the problems involved in managing public lands in the American West. He provides a blueprint and suggestions for intermediate steps toward his vision.

Lehne, Richard. 2001. Government and Business: American Political Economy in Comparative Perspective. New York: Chatham House.

Covering basic theory and current issues, the author addresses corporate activities in the political arena and governmental policies affecting business. He compares the practices of the United States with those of Great Britain, Germany, Japan, and the European Union.

Light, Paul C. 2002. Pathways to Nonprofit Excellence. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution.

Asserting that achieving and sustaining higher performance is the key challenge for nonprofit organizations, Light is concerned that they do not invest sufficiently in evaluation research. He uses data from two nationwide surveys. He also examines the impact of September 11, 2001, on the nonprofit sector.

Nau, Henry R. 2002. At Home Abroad: Identity and Power in American Foreign Policy. Ithaca, NY: Comell University Press.

Nau argues that the United States's perception of itself as different from the "old world" nations leads it into an uneasy relationship with them--sometimes seeking to withdraw from them and sometimes seeking to make the world become more like the United States. He suggests that we are no longer so different and need to adjust our approach to the rest of the world accordingly.

Ross, Bernard H., and Myron A. Levine. 2001. Urban Politics: Power in Metropolitan America, 6th edition. Itasca, IL: F.E. Peacock Publishers.

Mixing classic urban politics literature with more recent developments in urban affairs, the book focuses on community power--the importance of private power and intergovernmental relations, the rise of public-private partnerships, the dynamics of racial and gender issues and the "new" immigration. Specific issues addressed include: women and metropolitan politics, business improvement districts, school vouchers, community policing, empowerment strategies, and globalization.

Russo, J. Edward, and Paul Schoe-maker. 2002. Winning Decisions: Getting It Right the First Time. New York: Currency Doubleday.

The authors believe the speed of today's world requires that professionals make more decisions, more quickly, and with more at stake. They offer a way of addressing this challenge.

Saegert, Susan, J. Phillip Thompson, and Mark Warren, eds. 2001. Social Capital and Poor Communities. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

The contributors show how empowering the poor through involving them actively in revitalizing their neighborhoods can lead to significant results. Examples include cases involving building affordable housing, facilitating small businesses, promoting neighborhood safety, and increasing political participation.

Sproule-Jones, Mark. 2002. Restoration of the Great Lakes: Promises, Practices, Performances. Vancouver, Canada: UBC Press.

The author analyzes how well the natural resources of the Great Lakes are being managed. Using surveys, interviews, and reviews of file documents, he examines how different levels of government are attempting to restore the Great Lakes.

Toole, James F., and Robert J. Joynt, eds. 2001. Presidential Disability: Papers, Discussions, and the Recommendations on the 25th Amendment and Issues of Inability and Disability in Presidents of the United States. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press.

The Working Group on Presidential Disability included medical doctors, politicians, and former members of presidential administrations. This volume contains some of their papers and discussions. It also contains their final report and recommendations.

Weaver, R. Kent, and Paul B. Stares, eds. 2001. Guidance for Governance: Comparing Alternative Sources of Public Policy Advice. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution.

Nongovernmental sources of public policy advice are becoming increasingly important. Contributors from Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Poland, the United Kingdom, and the United States assess the availability and adequacy of these sources. They also offer recommendations.
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