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Book review.

Russell the Sheep

Rob Scotton

Harper-Collins pounds 4.99

Russell is a very sad sheep with a stripey hat who, no matter how he tries, just cannot get to sleep and is running out of things he can do about it while the rest of his flock snooze. When counting all the stars in the sky doesn't work he decides to count sheep instead ( but will that do the trick?

This is the best book ever written for teaching small children about getting ready for bed and falling asleep. Russell is a cute character who seems almost human and you can't help feeling for him. The pictures are full of very funny details ( you'll spot more every time.




RED FOX pounds 5.99

A weird and very witty story about an action man hero who wanders around the house always on the lookout for his next adventure with his trusty sidekick, Scrubbing Brush. Every adventure calls for a different outfit too ( latex spacesuit and rocket boots to save the toys, fluorescent flippers to rescue the lost wreck of the sieve in the sink and, best of all, an all-in-one green knitted romper suit from Granny which threatens to remove his magic powers.

The details and facial expressions in the pictures, as well as the wacky plot, make this a story you'll want to read again and again. Traction Man is great.




CHRYSALIS pounds 9.99

Little Red goes off to see his grandmother and ignores all the warnings his parents have given him about straying off the path through the woods.The wolf decides to steal Little Red's coat and makes an evil plan. He will take Little Red's place and gobble up Grandmother. Little Red himself is next on the greedy wolf's menu but decides to try to save himself with a barrel of the fizziest ginger beer. The dark, scratchy cartoon-like illustrations really complement the funny twist to this traditional scary fairytale.

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 29, 2006
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