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Book on orientation and mobility for children.

The newest volume in the Critical Concerns in Blindness Series edited by Ronald J. Ferguson of the Louisiana Center for the Blind was recently released. Independent Movement and Travel in Blind Children: A Promotion Model, edited by Joseph Cutter, is designed to contribute to the understanding of developmental orientation and mobility, and independent movement and travel in children who are blind. According to promotional materials for the book, unlike many books and articles on orientation and mobility for children who are blind, Independent Movement and Travel is not about the effect of blindness on movement. Instead, the book discusses the effect of movement on development and the importance of movement experiences for the development of independent movement and travel in children who are blind. Independent Movement and Travel is intended to promote a positive outlook on their own independent movement and travel; increase the confidence of instructors in interactions with children who are blind; facilitate the setting of age-appropriate movement and travel expectations for these children; offer an alternative "developmental approach" to conventional practices that are considered by the editor to derive from an "adult-centered model"; and be a provocative catalyst for positive change in the field of orientation and mobility. The 331-page book is available in print for a cost of $39.99 (paperback) or $73.25 (hardcover). For more in formation, contact: Information Age Publishing, P.O. Box 79049, Charlotte, NC 28271-7047; phone: 704-752-9125; e-mail: <>; web site: <>.
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Publication:Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness
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Date:Oct 1, 2007
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