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Book of Daniel.

The title character in NBC's new Friday dramedy The Book of Daniel is a Vicodin-addicted Episcopal priest (Aidan Quinn) who talks to Jesus and has a gay Republican son (Christian Campbell) and a bi-sexual sister-in-law. It's a mixture of religion and sexuality that provoked the ire of the antigay American Family Association--a fact that doesn't faze the show's out creator, Jack Kenny.

How do you deal with the AFA?

The best thing is to ignore them--or make them laugh.

They're especially offended by the "unconventional, white-robed, bearded" Jesus who speaks to Daniel.

Isn't that the most conventional Jesus there is--white-robed and bearded? I always believed you should have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and thought if I did have one, he'd be someone without judgment or finger-wagging.

The Episcopal Church is facing a schism over homosexuality. Will the show address that?

I'm hoping down the line that Peter [Daniel's gay son] will want to get married and have his father perform the ceremony.

Were you raised in a religious family?

Peter is more based on Michael [Kenny's partner of 23 years] than me. In the beginning of our relationship, Michael was nervous about what his family thinks. I was raised in what I call "the '60s Catholic family." We went to church every Sunday, but Dad always sneaked outside to smoke cigarettes.

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Author:Broverman, Neal
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Date:Jan 31, 2006
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