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Book lauds Principles of Brewing Science.

Book lauds Principles of Brewing Science

Dr. George Fix, a professor at the University of Texas, Arlington, has authored a stand-alone guide to the biochemistry and chemistry of brewing. Published by Brewers Publications, Principles of Brewing Science expounds on the compounds relevant to brewing, the chemical reactions in brewing and the biochemistry of brewing.

"We are very excited about this book," said Charlie Papazian, president, Assn. of Brewers. "Principles of Brewing Science will become as popular as Greg Noonon's book, Brewing Lager Beer. It's such a complete coverage of material not usually available to the average brewer."

In his examination of the components of brewing, Fix gives particular attention to reactions that take place within the elements of water, malt and grain, hops and other beer constituents. His critical eye examines the salts used, as well as seasonal grain variations. He also tours the compounds that emerge during fermentation.

As Fix examines the chemical reactions in brewing, he concentrates on the end result, the sensory appreciation of beer. He reviews the breakdown of starch also of proteins. He discusses the mechanisms and constituents that create hop essence. Brownin greactions, chill haze, staling and sulfur are all looked at in length, detailing their origins and favorable and unfavorable qualities.

"I've been waiting for the publication of this book. Dr. Fix is not only craft brewing's preeminent academic researcher, but also contributes the results of his own lab research and practical brewing experience," said Greg Noonan. "Every serious craft brewer should own this."
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Title Annotation:book about chemistry of brewing
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Apr 2, 1990
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